Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm not well

I'm SICK. I have migraine again (for 2 days straight, TMD)... and my stomach is giving me the same old problem(F***m sleepless night again). Maybe I'm dying but no one cares.

I played a game which I have never played before in my entire life because I don't believe in poking into people's personal things/space but played for the sake of entertainment. I got a question which I will not ask anyone and I do not want to be asked that question, because whatever the answer I said, which is true will not be believed and it's an uncomfortable question. It's not about nothing to hide question, it's a personal space problem. Whatever answer I gave, which I didn't give and left the blank for your own interpretation. A person once asked, and I replied, "If I said yes, will you be insulted? So good-bye" And I owe no one an explanation expect my parents and him.

I always leave a question for myself. What's my purpose on Earth? Only when there's trouble, then I'm needed? Ok, to a certain extend it's an honour because I'm a known trust worthy person though my outlook appears to be cheerful and bubbly. But only when talking advices are needed I'm called for? I prefer shopping 1000% more than pubbing and clubbing though I love to dance. BTW, I haven't dance for a DAMN long time.

It's such a F***ed feeling that I have to ensure the happiness of one to ensure my own happiness. Then, when a person don't want to answer does not mean ANYTHING. I'm not an open minded person, and I am uncomfortable with "open aired" questions. I appear to be open minded, I am open to decent occasions, but not to personal matters. IT'S NOT OK. I do not share things I DO NOT WANT.

Just a tip? Do not judge a book by its cover. It will apply well for all...