Wednesday, May 25, 2011

good bye

Today-10.16pm, he says I go ahead with my blogshop business & seperate, go our own way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still crying...

Why? I hate this feeling. I feel miserable.


You asked if I want to watch Harry Potter. Even though I said no, my heart is dying to say yes. I'm hurt, I want us but I'm hurt that my brain is saying no to you. Each letter typed, I feel so pain that eye droplets are about to drop anytime. And we never fail to watch Harry Potter together. I want to watch Fast 5. And you know I always look forward to any non horror movies with you. Now I want to watch Fast 5, I only think of you to watch with. I guess I will miss Pirates of the Carribean. I really asking myself, did I enjoy gathering with my friends without you? I really don't think so. That time you were too busy to join us, and I even left them halfway to look for you. I'm so confused.

Lost and lonely

I didn't say I don't want to follow you, but I only want to have the option to be able to travel back frequent to spot check on my young business. I'm so sad, even at this stage I'm told I'm under your consideration even after the proposal. Did I really treat you badly? I really didn't unless when we argued and I need cooling time and ignored you. How can you say you do not have friends? I thought if we can buy a house here soon, we can settle down. But I'm wrong. To you it's just like living in a pigeon hole. I really don't need you to spend money to buy me a car. I only want a home for the both of us. It's a simple request that all girls want. Sigh... Am writing this pathetic post when I'm on the train going home. I'm already so used to having you around. I look forward to our long awaited holiday to Melbourne. The Hokaiido trip to see sakura and lavender, and so many surrounding things here reminds me of you. No wherebyo vent my sorrow except this pathetic old blog. It's so diffiult to look happy but I'm dying internally. I haven't slept well. My eyes are too tired. I think I'm fated to remain like this forever.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Personal blogs

Dear Readers,

I'm writing my blog to this blog would still be around, but more for music purpose. :)

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Why does it hurt even trying to move on?

Sunday, March 07, 2010



星期一没做什么。。。 回来玩电脑游戏。
星期二,跟同事一起去学煮日本餐。。。 我报名这课的时候,我们还没吵架。还以为未来可以一起煮。叫一些好友来撤撤热闹。。。
星期三,像每个星期三一样,打羽毛球。。。 我没有兴趣跟他们喝水,聊天。 搭了地铁车,巴士回家。不知为什么,我的眼觉得很累。心也不懂跑去那里了。:(
星期四,我跟秋萍和 Marcus, 一起吃晚餐。我介绍 Marcus 给了秋萍。秋萍正在找房。Marcus 问我,及时我要找我的。。。我不能回他。
星期五,秋萍来了我的家, 给她一些笔, 她不用买。我有很多笔,从大学毕业没用完。我们也玩facebook游戏。。。 本来,我想找Chin Fee, 去跳 salsa 舞。可是,我没有心想去,我的心很累,眼也很累。我又继续玩 facebook。我也看到了许多不该看的。另一个朋友申请了HLE, 准备买房。。。 咳。。。 :(
星期六,我跟了同事去唱KTV, 吃海鲜晚餐。一天就这样的过去。跟她们时,有觉的一点快乐。最后,也回了老心情。咳。。。

我也不年轻了,没有那么多力气想了, 心也累了,眼也因为哭了太多,也累了。。。 就让父母帮我吧。。。