Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm not well

I'm SICK. I have migraine again (for 2 days straight, TMD)... and my stomach is giving me the same old problem(F***m sleepless night again). Maybe I'm dying but no one cares.

I played a game which I have never played before in my entire life because I don't believe in poking into people's personal things/space but played for the sake of entertainment. I got a question which I will not ask anyone and I do not want to be asked that question, because whatever the answer I said, which is true will not be believed and it's an uncomfortable question. It's not about nothing to hide question, it's a personal space problem. Whatever answer I gave, which I didn't give and left the blank for your own interpretation. A person once asked, and I replied, "If I said yes, will you be insulted? So good-bye" And I owe no one an explanation expect my parents and him.

I always leave a question for myself. What's my purpose on Earth? Only when there's trouble, then I'm needed? Ok, to a certain extend it's an honour because I'm a known trust worthy person though my outlook appears to be cheerful and bubbly. But only when talking advices are needed I'm called for? I prefer shopping 1000% more than pubbing and clubbing though I love to dance. BTW, I haven't dance for a DAMN long time.

It's such a F***ed feeling that I have to ensure the happiness of one to ensure my own happiness. Then, when a person don't want to answer does not mean ANYTHING. I'm not an open minded person, and I am uncomfortable with "open aired" questions. I appear to be open minded, I am open to decent occasions, but not to personal matters. IT'S NOT OK. I do not share things I DO NOT WANT.

Just a tip? Do not judge a book by its cover. It will apply well for all...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where am I headed this weekend?

Redang! Celebrating one and only soul/sole mate's birthday. No one can stand in our way.

*muackies* Baby! :*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Filing

I am actually not suppose to blog at this time because... I'm in the office. haha..

Anyway, I had lunch in because my lunch break was taken up for some maintenance job. And I surfed the net and lunch at the same time.

I realised, I haven't been blogging for such a long time! :D Yes I know I didn't blog for a period of time, but I didn't realised that it's been so long. Anyway, if you're curious to know what I've been up to, I'm still working as an MIS Executive at the same company.

Oh yeah, my title... I didn't receive my tax form yet. Hmmm either that I don't have to fill in. Or... I'm exempted to fill in because my salary hasn't changed for 2 freaking years. (Yeah, I'm looking into better pasture to gaze on. Have 2 recommendations already, but somehow, I like my job here. Oh what the hell right?)

Tax phone lines are busy... busy... busy... Panic Panic Panic... How I know? Yeah, I know I'm suppose to pay tax, I know I'm suppose to have a letter.. But where the hell is mine? And only realised that today is the last day. Grrrrrrrrrrr

hai... I shall end here and think of what to do first.

Blog again... another time... (if I remember)