Thursday, September 28, 2006

15 Sept- MOS night with colleagues

Heee... This entry is very the late... But never the less, I guess it's a little worth mentioning. Had a good time with my colleagues, but I didn't like MOS that much. The music and crowd not exactly to my liking.

Anyway, we were playing with their camera phones and as usual, I stole the pictures from Chiawling with permission. Hehehehe. As you can see, the pictures are more or less modified to her blog. I don't have the pictures lar, so no choice but to copy. :D

I thought I look quite... Good here? I don't know if she touched it up or it's just me. :P:P:P:P:P

This is the group of us who went. Clockwise: Ramon, Chiawling, Me, and Andri(Whose face is cut off)

Estee joined us later that day. But I already left when they took this second picture. :P For those who know me long enough, I'm not a night person. :D hehehehe...
Left to right: Chiawling, Estee, Andri and Ramon.

Maybe I'll go to Clarke Quay again another day. Got a lot of good restaurants there. Heee...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm feeling mean...

Glad that Paris Hilton is finally treated like any normal human being. My usual MSN pop up on the latest gossip showed that she is charged for drink driving. Hopefully she will learn not to be such a spoilt brat anymore. :P

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy yet Fun Saturday!

Pictures courtesy of Chiawling. I grabbed it from her blog. Hahaha... Opps, sorry...

I have a wonderful weekend!

Sat, we went to East Coast with mom and Dear. Meet my good colleagues there. Ramon, Chiawling, Boon Hong, Waty and many more. Somehow, thanx to the host of the day, I was saboed to be one of the team leaders to the telematches. I must really say we played very well!We played that catepillar chair game, memory game, tug of war and dog and bone. We won the first 2 games, came in 2nd for tug of war(we played against the logistic people, no way to win man... and they were all MEN! Sheesh...) but lost the dog and bone(all don't know how to play) Haha... Anyway, we were overall champions! Heee....

Mom had a good shoulder massage there, I was busy enjoying East Coast Park with Dear. And playing with my colleague dog. :D

After the whole event, we headed home to shower and head down to Suntec for Daddy's company event, family movie. Hahaha.. We watched Miami Vice. Was not a very fantastic movie. Didn't enjoy it much. Not recommended...

Evening, went for dinner with Sishi, Yan ying, Christon, Cuilin and boyfriend to celebrate YY's birthday. I don't have pictures for that yet. So will post it later when I have it. ;)

Friday, September 08, 2006


But I don't like someone. Good for her that she is being punished for something. She's is such a spoilt brad. Sorry for those who like her. I just don't like the way she behave. As if she owns the whole world and the world owes her a living.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm back........

From KL just in case you don't know. Hehe... I had a wonderful time!

Arrived KL at 11pm, was 1 hour early but dearie was already there waiting for me and welcomed me with his warm arms. *I like the feeling... * Went home (his place) and he had his oyster omellete (I bought from Newton, he likes it) with his Dad and Sis while I was having my shower. Had a good cold sleep.

Somehow I woke up with multiple eyelids! ARGH!!! Oh well, no choice. Had mee hoon kway for lunch. YUM... :D And we headed for Port Dickson! Haha... I don't know why by the time we reach our hotel it was 5+pm. :P ok, we did some hotel hunting there. We settle at Guoman Hotel. Was really the nicest hotel there. The swimming pool was great. And because this was quite a last minute decision to go swimming, I had to buy a cheap swimming suit. haha... Not very ex lar, normal price I think. About S$30 for the swimming tankini top and beach shorts. We had sooooooooooooo much fun swimming and playing with water. Hahaha... :P

Was quite late when we left our room for dinner. Went to the hotel restaurant to see the buffet, but the spread was that fantastic and was quite ex. RM67+++ per pax. So we drove out and found a seafood restaurant. Got quite a lot of people, so thought it would be quite good. We ordered couples meals. Only RM60 for 2 of us. We had steamed crab, butter prawns, stir fried lala, top shell in thai salad, stir fry fish fillet in spring onions and fried sotong. Yum! Was so much... And yet we ordered pizza hut. Haha... That was for our supper/breakfast. Went back to the hotel to watch Lake house on DVD. Hmmm I feel asleep after that and he continued playing Resident Evil.

Woke up late on Sunday again! Haha... We played a little table tennis and whacking each other. Haha... We later went to the beach for a walk. Had ice cream there too. And checked out of the hotel. He then drove me to Sungei Wang to buy my make up box for my freelance make up assignments. And went home for more crabs! haha... His dad is a great cook! Was yummy, comparable to that in any seafood restaurants. hee... Poor Robbie cannot eat, he will probably choke himself. But we did shared durians with Robbie. Haha... Poor boy, got to get caged up for a while because he will bark at the baby who's visiting her grandparents. Hee........ She always look different whenever I see her. Not sure if it's the same baby in the first place. Haha.. :P

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm going...........

to KL again. Hehehehe.. Don't miss me too much. :P