Sunday, March 26, 2006

I miss...

Walking hand in hand down the streets.

That's me, the smiling baby tiger when I get kisses...


This morning feeling little happy...
I had thoughts about us going to Wild Wild Wet together and doing the things we always do as one.
I saw us going everywhere in Melbourne together and always laughing, smiling, holding and were so loving.
I saw us going around your country together as happily.
I saw us going around Singapore and spending time at home happily.

Then Daddy came in. Then I woke up. Then I realised I was dreaming. I cannot stop thinking about you. I wish there can be a way to cultivate a little more faith and trust in me. I don' want to dream anymore.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I wish

I wish I have this kind of hug everyday. Me being the brown tiger.

I cannot sleep

Got awoken by a call.
Got scolded again.
Got tears running again.
Got the call again.
Got the same question again.
Got to answer the same question again.
Got to get another answer.
Got accused for giving that answer.
Got accused for not giving love.

Heart pain... Wish I can jump and end all miseries.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am now not torlerant to snacks/tea

I have discovered a weird truth.

Ever since I started my "healthy" lifestyle, by eatting healthy and exercising, I am now NOT able to snack at all. The consequence? A VERY BAD STOMACH PAIN which feels like gallstone. :( I don't even know now if I'm having that.

It started with Sat, had a little light black glutinuos rice dessert (Oh Ju) with very little coconut at 4pm. Then at night, I suffered a stomach pain. It wasn't too bad as I took po chai pills. The same thing happened on Sunday, I had an indian donut, the pain came back again at night. :( Took po chai pills and everything was back to normal.

Monday. Nothing happened because I didn't snack. Tuesday. I started to have stomach pain after having some gummies at 2pm. :( Too stress started to eat a little, then pain. :( The pain got worse at night. Didn't subsize until I sleep. :(

Why why why? Am I really not able to enjoy what I use to like to eat? :( So sad. The only good thing is that I will eat less rubbish. :(

To tell you the truth, I'm scared... Really scared... :(

Friday, March 17, 2006


What is SQC? It stands for Singapore Quality Class. Wow, today then I know that my company has an SQC lisence. How cool is that? Hee... Went for an hour's briefing today. Was quiet interesting.

It wasn't as boring as what some people describe. Perhaps because it's my first time listening to this, so it isn't that boring. Learnt some stuff from my boss too.

I guess today has been an ok day so far lar. My mood is much better. I'm feeling fatter again. Had some biscults for tea. :P hungry lar. :(

Anyway, I hope to maintain my healthy lifestyle lar. That way, I'll be more energetic than ever! Yeah!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Love will keep us alive...

I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry...
love will keep us alive

Don’t you worry
Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry...
love will keep us alive

I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do

I was standing
All alone against the worlk outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry...
love will keep us alive

When we’re hungry...
love will keep us alive
When we’re hungry...
love will keep us alive

I'm certain that I've some talent.

I may not be the queen of salsa, but I am certainly is one in the eyes of my classmates in Uni and Poly. I feel quite sure if I were to continue, I will certainly be part of the hot people around. You know, I've stopped. And you know why.

Am now moving on to a new hobby with my girlfriends shopping and chatting and doing all the girls' stuff that guy's ain't suppose to know. And I know certainly that I have some talent in it. Am approached for some tips and advice before. Perhaps the girls think that I have some sense in colours and knowing what's best for our own pocket.

But... I don't know why I always seems so wrong for myself. I don't know what's best for myself. I always land up myself into the kind of things I LAST hope for. All I hope for is to improve myself and making myself looking like one of those beautiful people you see on the streets. I know I am not one... YET. But I'm moving towards that goal.

It would be easier for me now to support myself because I'm so blessed with beautiful and caring people around me. Got myself a good job. Dolling up and improving shouldn't be too difficult.

Yet I feel like I'm suffering. My eyes continuously feels sore, my heart feels that I will never achieve what I'm hoping for. My mind tells me that it's silly to feel that way, but how can you tell my heart not to feel that way?

I need to rest...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I cut my precious LONG hair.

haha.. Yah... I have a cute fringe now. :P No more split ends! Yeah! Now waiting for my hair to be more shiney. :P

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I haven't been jogging on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday... Guilty guilty guilty now.. :S
Still did the 200 crunches, 30 squats, 20 pushes ups and some hula hoops on Sunday and Monday. Don't whether can remedy the lag or not. :P

Anyway, I had a fun filled weekend! Meet up with my poly girls on Sat for Marlisa's engagement party. Marlisa was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. And Cuilin was so HOOOOOOOOOOOT HOTHOTTTTTTTTTTTT. :D We headed to Taka for dinner where we met Sishi... Had a good dinner and had a really good time chatting. You know, girls talk. :D

Tried going to the IT show on Sunday but when Chewpeng and I got to the bridge leading to Suntec, there was a JAM! Human JAM! And it wasn't moving. :S So... We ended up at Sim Lim Sq and got the stuff Chewpeng needed. After which we went to do some "shopping". :D I don't think I can really say it here. But anyway, I ended up seeing things that I like! Am now thinking about going back to actually buy them. :P We did a lot of things lar, like dinner and looking at beauty products. :D What to do when you have 2 girls shopping together. :D

I love it, like an all girls weekend. Hopefully I will be able to job tonight! :P

Friday, March 10, 2006

Feeling all energetic!

Oh, I made a mistake in the previous post, there are 5 murders in a row. :S I've mentioned 3 in the last entry. The other 2 is actually 2 in 1. :( This man killed his China wife who is 7 months pregnant. Sad huh... Anyway... All the cases have been solve within a few days.

PHEW! 2 consecutive days of exercising! My legs are pretty sore now. Haha... I went jogging on Wednesday for 20 mins only. Enough to KILL. Hahaha... Yesterday morning woke up at 6.50am to do 200 crunches, 20 push ups and 30 squats, 20 mins of hula hoop. Jogged for 20 min, 75 crunches, 10 push ups and 20 squats in the evening. Woke up this morning at 6.40. Did 100 crunches, 40 squats, 20 push ups and 20 mins of hula hoop. My body is feeling all sore now. Haha.. but I'm feeling all awake! Woo hoo! I think I will continue this healthy lifestyle.

I wonder if it's healthy. :P

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is the wrong with Singapore MAN?

First we had this Las Vegas KTV boss shot at his home in Serangoon then the recent 2 year old girl being killed by her own step father and threw her body at Aljunied Flyover and the latest a malay man got murdered at Henderson.

What is going on with these murderers? Don't they know the consequences? They know it's a crime and yet they do it. They try to run away, but come on, I think the Singapore police are not stupid. I'm quite glad to have such a justice force, they solve the case quite quickly and swiftly.

I feel so sad for the little 2 year old. So young and innocent, and have yet to experience more fun things at her age. And the KTV boss, shot when his wife and daughter in the house. How horrible is that? Sighz...

I believe that even the biggest problem that makes you feel like hurting something can be solved in a calm and diplomatic way. No need for violence. Hai... Going to continue my work now. ciaozzz

Friday, March 03, 2006