Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh well...

I haven't been blogging for sometime now. Basically, I have not much things to blog about because my life after exams is just so boring. Yeah, I know that I complained that I was in the holiday mood and all. True, but I haven't been getting those holidays because of my industrial project.
Was very happy when our group have finally finished all the functionalities that were required of us. But somehow, when it was uploaded onto the server, there were so many errors. :( Was really worried and upset because those errors were ... Not done by us. :( and the worst thing was that our client called our head lecturer who is in charge of this whole industrial experience thing, saying that our system has a lot of errors etc. :( It's like how can he say us like that? He was not even in Melbourne for a week, and he couldn't do the test. Then when he could do, we were all having our exams. How fair is that to us? And now we're doing our best to debug as much as we can.

At present moment, debugging has all been on, but on localhost. That leaves us with uploading it onto the server. And the problem now is the server is down since Friday and over the weekends. And it is not up yet. Sighz... Really headache now, have to finish everything by this week. I feel like I'm losing my strength. :(

I really hope can sign off the project by this week. This is killing me. Affecting our grades is not something to really laugh about. :(

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Dearie baby sent me this picture and made me laughed for some time. And it still makes me laugh and smile. Heee... Enjoy... ;)

Actually, it's suppose to be a gif file. Somehow blogger made is jpg. The kitten is actually doing some pushups. Really cute... And it wags its tail while doing it. :D msn me for the pic. :p

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I'm having my first paper tomorrow and I don't feel like reading my notes anymore. I understand all the stuff, but I have to memorise them. AH... I am not good at memorising... But I'm not saying that I have a bad memory. Hee... In fact, I have quite a good memory. Like remembering important events and numbers. :D

Anyway, the point is, I'M IN A HOLIDAY MOOD! Oh NO......................

Ok, I shall stop whining now and try to study MORE. :S