Sunday, September 18, 2005

University Friends/Friends from Melbourne

Ok, why I chose to write about them first? That's because it's the Mid Autumn Festival and I have been invited to events organised by my friends here for 3 consecutive days. And in appreciation, I will write about them.

Friday, I was invited by Raymond to attend their celebration by OCF (Overseas Chiristian Fellowship) group. There were many people who attended. Back to the gang, who made living in Melbourne so fun... Too fun that I have to control myself. Haa... To a certain extend, disappoint them for some events too due to my heavy school work. But they are understanding people, always there for support. Oh, and they are, Raymond, Tricia, Mel, Eunice, Jojo, Siong Yin, Edwin, Yih Hong Liying (Yih Hong's sister)(don't really know them well. OH well..) Lawrence and Tutty(new friend). These are the Singapore gang. Thanx guys!

From OCF, I also got to know Clement and Elaine! Elaine is like a big sister to me. Hee... Very chatty.

Saturday, met up with the Singapore gang again for Melbourne Showground. Gees, the entrance fee increased from last year, $8 to $15! Oh well, the rides were cheaper. From $8-10 to $5-6? So, I guess it's ok lah... Hmmm....

Oh, and I attended another event organise by my good buddy's, Janice, temple. Also in celebration of the Mid Autumn festival. It was nice, peaceful and traditional. There was a mini play about the festival. A little comical though. Very funny. And for the first time in a year, I ate the BEST MUAH CHEE. Yummy. I only had one piece lah. hehe... Trying to lose weight mah... And during these 2 days, I only ate 1/4 of a mooncake. Sighz... I want the snow skin one. Anyone wanna send me some? :( But no yolk please. hehehe... *hint hint*

There are other people who made uni life a little more interesting. Like Joe, Jonathon, and Kengwei.. My e-commerce group mates. Interesting people lah. Know them yourself. :D

Also, there are the people I know during Orientation. Like Nink (where are you?), KC (a very cheery girl...), Raymond, Alan, Jason, Dexter, Joe(once again), Aaron, Merry, Jonathon(another Jonathon), Cipta, Aleem. From here, there's Alan, Jason, Dexter and Lawrence (another Lawrence) who became Dearie's IE groupmates.

My IE group mates! Liza, Huifen, Lauren. They are a fun batch. But we're just too stressed at the moment with the stupid project.

Then there is my dear Erandhi. My partner during one of my subjects. Very hardworking girl!

During network technology, I also got to know Richard. A guy who signed on with the army. Sheesh...

And my ITPM groupmates! Erin, Jean, Maya, and Janice(once again!). Enjoyed doing the projects together and hanging out! Haha... Girls power! :D :p

From Janice I also know Eric, her partner for web technology.

My housemates, both the old and the new. Soumya! Ika! Nanta! Shazie! Lili! Elsie! Aaron(another Aaron) hehe... They made my life much more not so lonely when I'm at home. Having girls talk especially with Soumya. hee.. And the new housemates, Renping and Cindy. Again making the house not so lonely too. And haha.. they got a really naughty little puppy, Heidi! I think if you're a regular reader for my blog, you would have seen her. Hee... Oh, Heidi grew already. Fat already. haha From Cindy I got to know Adele and her sister too! :)

And of course I leave the best for the last. My DEARIE... My DEARIE BABY. My housemate, my world, my best friend, my world, my everything! Eh, I think I've said enough. Before I make anyone have goosebumps. hehe...

Love you guys!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Took from Chinny's page

Your Ideal Relationship is Marriage

You've dated enough to know what you want.
And that's marriage - with the right person.
You're serious about settling down some time soon.
Even if you haven't met the person you want to get hitched to!

You're a Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You give and take equally in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

Polytechnic friends

Ok... I got to make more apologises haha...
Ok, I shall name all of you then.. Due to busy schedules, I will name all based on where I know you people...

And the list continues...

NYP.. those who made life interesting and never boring despite the boring subjects are...

During my final year during FYPJ... In the same room, I had Kam, TJ, Teck Wei, Guo Liang, Janelle(Chui Han) and Yvonne! My project was so boring and don't know what I was doing, but the room is always filled with laughter and fun stuff... Remember lunch? Seems like everyone got my influence of eating sandwiches. Haha... And Kam! You finally learn salsa! After so long... hehe... And when is your invitation card? Hmmm Am I in your list in the first place? Haha... Don't worry... I got your HONG BAO covered! After what you told me about the market rate... Hehehe...

There's Weiheng!!! My good buddy! Heee... Always giving me medicinal hugs any time of the day! Well, there's also Jolene too! Hmmm

Now, lets see... before I went to FYPJ, I was doing my attachment at NCS. And I got to know May, Joanne? Basically, my life at NCS was quite boring. I was quite detached from the rest. Sobz... Was posted to MOE instead. Sit there everyday doing VB scripts. Ah.. that's not the point... And I discovered May got a HUGE APPETITE. Haha... Oh, while I was posted to MOE, I often meet Jeremia for lunch. Thank goodness you're somewhere near MOE. If not I could just fall DEAD. :D

Hmmm... Then came the studying period... You know what? I don't remember everyone who is in my class. But you know who you are ok? Heeeeeeeeeee.... My project group members... Marcus Li!!! When are you getting married ah? Your girlfriend turn 21 yet? Coz I remember you saying something... hehe... Then there's Jeremia once again! Haslinda the blur queen but forever soooo cute! Lets see who I can remember from my class ok? There was Lia, Fiona, Mastura, Xuewan, Corine, Sin yi, Timothy, Alvin Wu. Ah... Forgive me... Tell me and I will update this entry. GRRRR... *long day in school lah*

During orientation period... I know who my real friends from poly are too... Helen, Alex, Dunlin, Sin Yee, Gary, Siva, Wahyu, Sameer, Yanting, Chard, Hong Wei, Marc, KC, Bernice, Farihah and Sharon who just got married! Of course, not forgetting Qiyou! :) I'm sure there are more, but I just can't remember at this point of time! :S And there are those who were nice to add me into their friendster list are Gen, Nigel, Weiliang.

There are seniors who bothered to add me in friendsters are Eddy, Cheryl, and Jane who gave me a hug at Chinny's birthday! :D

There's my juniors as well... Namely Adeline, Hanis, May, Eugene, James, Aloysius. I think I've spoke to Adeline, Hanis and Aloysius more than the rest? :D

Of course my dearest class DIT 0106! The girls! Cuilin, Sishi, Yanying, Marlisa, Shirley and Ivy! and the guys... You Cheng, Fashel, Vernon, Christon, Jun hao, Terry, Alvin, Alex, Denise, Kia Siang, Vincent. There are the people from the next class because we always have lab together... So I got to know Geraldine, Angela, Angeline, Gary Lim and Haslinda? Can't remember all........ :S haha...

All these amazing people, you're just a great bunch. Always very happy... Kam! Dinner! :D Marcus! You too! LOLz...

Love you all!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I apologise for not mentioning all

So basically, my friends' list is not what I wrote previously. As I said there are too many of you. Hehe... Anyway, this entry is for Joe, Jonathon and Keng Wei. They are my e-commerce groupmates as well. AND THEY ALWAYS BULLYING ME! Poor me... DEARIE... WHERE ARE YOU? :(

Haha... Ok, they are just a bunch of funny guys lah... which makes meeting for e-commerce a little not so tense and lazy. Haha... :P

I have been very curious about some topics these days. It's perhaps that I'm growing up bah. Maybe will post it up some day... hee... for now... I shall sit back and relax (yeah right), and work my ARSE off again.

Tennis and swimming tomorrow! Time for some fats burning sessions.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm a happy girl

I know the title is a little odd. Then I realised that I'm truely a happy girl in a way.

Lets see... Despite all the unhappy things that had happened before which are all short lived and died, and they are nothing to worry nor think about as all of it are the past. A person should always look forward to the future and learn things about life that the school doesn't teach you.

I have a wonderful happy family who are always 100% there for me through the thicks and thins. No doubt we are physically far apart from each other, I can feel their presence here through the support they give me here while I study my ass off. And of course, my mother's ever so often phone calls make me miss home even more.

I have a wide circle of friends.

My dearest BEST friends! Wanxin, Chewpeng and Cuilin. All from different group of people. But all knows me from the inside. Thank you for being there even when I'm in Australia and for listening to my nonsense.

My dearest girlfriends that I keep in touch with from my SCGS days. Namely Chewpeng, Chin Fee, Deborah and Stephenie. I treasure our friendship very much. I never forget my SCSG juniors from NCC which are too many to mention. And of course how can I ever forget my great pal Charmaine who is now a pastor, and letting me meet other great people like Su, Yvonne, Sean, Zi ying etc... And Jo Ann! Where the hell are you? :S

My junior college friends! They are always there if I call them. Hee... I so bad to only keep in touch with only the girls like Kaili, Tricia Tock, Felica, Doreen, Evon. The guys? Haha... I guess we will meet only when Shi hui is around. Don't really keep in touch with them. :S

My other NCC friends, most of whom I have lost in touch with. The closer ones are KFC who is happily attached to my junior Elaine and Eric. The rest? I don't know where are you now. :)

Friends I made and built during my polytechnic days. And the gang that we have foster through thick and thin and that when there's a class gathering, it's no doubt that the 4 girls including TYC will be there. No doubt about that. The girls, we're like a bit gang of sisters, especially Cuilin who's always listening to my crap on MSN even I'm so far away. I miss finding fashion and sitting down and talking about nothing with a nice cup of ice blended mocha from coffeebean. I definitely miss those KTC sessions!

My salsa friends! Who never fails to make life more exciting. People like PHELICIA! (my pinky babe!) Chin Fee(once again, now the salsa hot babe), Deborah (my primary school friend since god knows when. :D), Soong Fee (I don't know where to place you man... Salsa or SCGS? HAHAHA...), Eddie, Boon Cheong, Felicia, Clarence, Biaoda, Gary, Adeline and the salsa prince Luther! I miss those times where we will hang out even not during salsa times.

Sheesh, I guess my friends' list never ends.... Of course I have my friends from Uni! Janice, Liza, Huifen, Lauren... I don't really regard you as just my IE(Industrial Experience) project groupmates, but my friends! I hope you too regard me as one. I'm so happy to have Janice who is always there to be my listening ear. Want to let you know that I treasure our friendship a lot. Of course there's the Singapore gang, namely Tricia(hot babe too!), Eunice(Sweetie pie), Mel(Cool chick), Lawrence(Uncle), Raymond(THE MAN.. HAHAHA), Edwin(Eh... what? :D) and Jojo(Cutey!). One crazy bunch... too crazy to handle sometimes... and of course among us girls, there will always be the girly things... and Tricia with good hair tips for me! :D Erm, the Malaysian gang will include Jason, Alan, Dexter, Lawrence, Aaron, Raymond... erm, you know who you are... And of course Merry! My dear orientation group leader. Thank goodness you're there, if not I will be the only girl in the IT faculty during orientation. hehe...

My housemates? For making days not so lonely during my lonely days. :D Since Dearie left or Malaysia... :)00000000000000 My ex housemate Soumya! I miss our little girl's chat, watching tv together, cooking nonsense and listening to music and hanging out in each other's room. :D

And of course... The love of my life... Dearie.... There are always good times and not so good times. But I love you none-the-less. I'm happy that we found each other. It feels like as if it was destined. :) *muacks*

I'm sure I didn't mention everyone's names... Because there's simply too many of you! Yeah, you can complain to me... :) Oh... I realised some of my friends are repeated in another group of friends and most are girls! :D

To all who makes me a happy girl... *BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Love you all!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Meeting up with an old friend.

Haha... Ok Marie, you're in my blog this time. :p

Anyway, I met up with Marie for lunch yesterday, after being attacked by the flu bug the day before. Marie's hug was so warm! Nice girly hugs. Hee...

We decided to go to Clayton for lunch since I was quite bored of Caulfield's food, and moreover I don't know Clayton well. Went to the campus cafe at one of the libraries, which I forgot the name. Haha... Sorry man, Clayton is just tooooo BIG for me. :P I had some grilled fish with chips while she had carbonara torqilla? Did I get that right? Hehe... Was simple but NICE. =)

Went over to her place after that to hang out for a while. Been a long time since we last met? Hmmm in Dec when we were back in Singapore? Hehe... Yeah... Was fun hanging out and gossiping about a certain someone whom I shall not name. Too... Hmmm I don't know what's the nice word to DESCRIBE that certain girl... Sheesh, that girl, whom I don't know and haven't met, is out of my world and I don't wish to be associate with her.

We talked about Marie's lessons on Tuesday at Caulfield and how she could stay over at my place overnight then she can go for her Wednesday lessons which is also in Caulfield. :D Company and more girly talks.

Before I left, Marie did a little henna for my on my right hand. Pretty indiany hand. :D Dearie was like, "How come like that one?" Hee... Don't worry my love, it's not permenant.

Hehe... I know my hand isn't exactly very beautiful or smooth, but yah, it's the pretty design you have to see yah? Sweet!

Couldn't stay long because I had to meet Janice. She need to scan somethings at my place. But also couldn't stay long, had to meet lecturer and I wanted to talk to Dearie over skype for a while before I go for my night class. Hee...

When I came back, Dearie and I chatted until he went out, and I fell asleep. I miss you Dearie. Always have. I love you. Counting down to the days we meet!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sick sick...

I have been sick since Friday already... Had a bad sore throat (as in when I swallow my saliva, it hurts) and felt cold and weak throughout my body. Mom, Janice and Dearie said that I was going to have a fever. Ok... Janice taught me a remedy, eat 2 oranges with some salt. Well, the fever didn't come, but the sore throat didn't go. And it continued throughout the weekend. But luckily it wasn't so bad on Sunday when my client came over for a meeting.

After the meeting, had a simple meal with Huifen and Liza. Liza brought vegetarian sausages. I prepared "chick kut teh", stir fry veggies with dried scallops, sausage omellete. Liza helped with the cooking while Huifen did the washing after that. So touched! They stayed till about 9pm talking about girls stuff. Nice... :D

Been talking to mom and Dearie everyday too. Miss all. Can't wait to go home soon.

Shit... Pls pray that I recover soon. Need to finish up the damn programming. Hai... Pulling it off for too long. :S

Monday, September 05, 2005

Life continues

I don't know if it's a new chapter. Things are back to rosy once more. I like things the way it is now and I hope it would last forever. I've been thinking about going for a holiday with my special one at the end of the year. Be united as one and appreciate everything that has happen. The past is not something to dwell on. It's not good. It's tiring to repeat saying everything. Things have to move on too... I don't want to look back. I want to look forward.

I will be graduating end of the year. No matter what I'm going home. I need to see my grandmother. She's getting old and is very sick. So many things to do but yet I have no time for all of them. I don't even have time for myself. I myself am recovering for my physical illness and mental stress.

Goal now is, finish my programming, finish my stupid assignments. Do well for exams and get High Distinctions (HD - Head Damage) if possible.

I learnt that life has many questions to be answered. When I answered them with a firm and repeating answer, my answer will always be that. But when I'm just not answering you properly, it just means that I'm confused and I am mentally tortured.

My friends (both in Aussie and Singapore), I miss you all. Forgive me for not chatting much. Too much pressure from both home and school. Sometimes I'm so mentally tortured. I do find comfort with my friends here in Aussie more. Because they are here. But doesn't mean that I do not treasure the friendship I have back home. I do. I need to catch up with every single one of you! I need to go shopping soon! I haven't been to fashion shopping for 8 months!

I wanna go home and see you dear. I love you no matter what you said. Don't ask me why. Your hugs are always so comforting, loving and warm. Our friends can see that, our actions never lie to our friends. You make the cold days warm, you filled up all the empty spaces in me. I want you to feel the same way too.

Life continues.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I have always wonder what's death is like. Like some people say, it ends a lot of misery. I wonder if it would work for me too.

I'm just all alone in my big bed, in a big bed room, with all the wonderful memories.
Can't fall asleep. Loneliness fills up the empty spaces, and there are many empty spaces.
I'm being ignore and not heard.
So many friends surround me and I appreciate it.
Nothing can help me in how I'm feeling now.
Stress, hurt, upset, lost.

I just wanna sleep forever without any worries in this world.
The world is not fair even when you put in the best to achieve happiness and sometimes at the expense of your own.
I'm just so useless and lost.
I'm just low confidence and an ugly pig.
I often envy many who never got attached before or who found someone and are so happy with them despite whatever past.
Does the past counts in the present?
Yeah, I suppose to a great extend, no matter how much effort you put in.

All alone in Australia Melbourne.
I wanna go home.
Get a job.
And earn enough money.
Then die.

That's a good goal ahead. No worries about anything else except my family who loves me dearly.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

28 August 2005

Our first year anniversary. Spent the afternoon doing sweet nothing and crapping. Went for a nice and luxurious dinner at Crown, Sante's buffet. Walked around boring, peaceful and quiet Melbourne. Seeing youngsters roaming the streets scares me. Decided to go home and make egg tarts for one last time before he depart for Malaysia on Monday night.

Was funning making the egg tarts again. This time we made the crust thinner and made more fillings. Turned out nice and sweet made with lots of love. Simple lovely things make us happy. Who says a romantic candle light dinner is a must?

29 August

Well, I had stupid lessons which lasted the WHOLE DAY. That makes me have less time with Dearie. Ate out for dinner Made sweet things for each other and spending quality time.

30 August

Dearie went for interview at Arrow on Swantson. I think it went not too bad, except that Dearie was nervous. Got asked to go for a second interview.

Had a cheap $3.90 crispy chicken rice. Went around city to buy gifts for Dear's friend back home. Dearie bought me a Penguin soft toy for me to hug to sleep. And in return I bought him a box of Darrell Lee chocolates.

Rented a Nissan Pulsar to drive Dear to the airport later. Picked Jason up, drove around Carnegie because of Jason, burn more petrol... BLEAH... Went home to pack dear's things. Then pack the stuff into the car. Went for dinner at Derby Thai. I had chilli fried rice while dearie had fried rice.

Went home to rest... Dearie and I spent the last half hour together. And I cried. BLEAH... Picked Maya up and Dearie drove to the airport.

At the airport, Jason secretly took our photo. Ok, then later we pose for a picture. Then he took a picture with Maya.

Had a little time before it was time for him to go in. We just hugged, he told me not to cry, be strong, 3 months will pass very fast and we will meet again to go for holiday together. Tell me how not to cry? Eyes were already fast filling up with tears.

Then it was finally for Dear to go to the plane. Eyes were filled with tears and stupid Jason told me not to cry. Suddenly when the door shut behind dearie, I just wanted to pour all out, then Maya patted me on the back. Suddenly, I remembered I had to drive home. Stopped myself from crying.

Maya said she wanted to eat something since she haven't had dinner. Went to McDonalds to try the new Cajun McNuggets. Maya said that it was not bad. Spicy. Hmmm... I didn't have the mood to eat.

Drove Maya home. Then drove home to an empty house. Got into my big empty room and my eyes started to pour like rain. Tried to hug all the soft toys to sleep but none is nice compared to the real thing. Suddenly felt pain in the stomach, took the po chai pills Dearie left behind. And slept.

31 August

My first day without Dearie. So lonely. Poured again. So used to seeing him sleeping beside me and still sleeping. Woke up and see all the soft toys sleeping. Tidied the bed. Bathed... Then suddenly my phone rang! Dearie called! So happy to hear him. Time of call about 9.20am. He arrived safely in Malaysia and was on his way home. Reception was bad. Had to hang up. Took the car out, return library books. Went to Carnegie to buy fruits and veggies and some chicken and fish.

Came home, had lunch, then went out to return the car. After returning the car. Took the train home. Sat at our favourite seat. Sighz... The feeling is so different. Loneliness, no warmth, no hugs. Sighz...

Reached home and had to go to uni for meeting. Then went for lessons. Then went for meeting again. Then suddenly had this painful feeling in my stomach. Must be the Derby Thai food. Had the same feeling the night before after eating it.

Came home. Mom called. chatted for 1 hour plus. Then I had my simple dinner. Then took the po chai pills again. Then called Dearie. Webcam with his family. hee... Showed the bed, the room and the soft toys.


Not much happening yet I suppose. Cleared the recycled stuff from the kitchen. Empty the rubbish, pushed out the bins for collection tomorrow. Chatting with Dearie, web camming now. Ate egg tart for breakfast. Having herbal chicken soup for lunch and dinner. Then programming for the rest of the day I guess.

Dearie... I miss you every single milliseconds.