Saturday, August 27, 2005

Farewell dinner

Yesterday was quite a sad day I suppose.

Dearie and I had coca cola chicken for lunch. I won't say that the dish completely failed, but the pot was one hell of a job to clean. So much burnt coke stuck onto the pot. ARGH...

Dinner was at Kimchi Grandma at Carnegie. A farewell dinner for both Jason and Dearie. Alot of people turned up. Lets see, Dearie's IE project group, Dexter, Lawrence and Alan. 2 or 3 of Jason's friend, this guy we met at Gramphains (forgot his name :P), and 2 girl (forgot their names too. :P). Merry, our uni group orientation leader. Dearie's and Jason's friend, Calvin, Mr Z (this indian guy. :P), Eugene (ZR), June (ZR's gf), Eric. Ee Leng, Mun Yee, Maya and Jason's cousin (f0rgot name... ). And not forgetting Dearie's friend, Keng Wei and Jonathon. Let's say we had 21 people in Kimchi Grandma lah. :S

Had a feast again, one hot pot, bul-go-gi (pork, chicken and beef) and sweet potato noodles. And I'm going to grow FAT FAT FAT! HAI... Merry actually thought that I became skinnier! *blush* so shy... haha... but anyway... it didn't really felt like a farewell dinner. So many people. The atmosphere was just too noisy.

Sad... very sad... only 3 more days. :(

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

High Cholestrol!

Haha, yeah.. Dearie and I had Butter Prawns for dinner last night! Yummy... It was Darling's idea to have butter prawns.

So, firstly, you have to DEEP fried the prawns.

Dearie deep frying the prawns Posted by Picasa

Cook all the prawns and put them aside. Then it's time to make the sauce!

Melt 3 tablespoon of butter in 5 tablespoon of oil. Then mix in 1/4 cup of milk and stir them together in ONE direction only. Add in some chilli padi and soy sauce and a little MSG and sugar.

Making the butter prawns sauce Posted by Picasa

After everything is nice and lumpy and the egg is cooked. Add in the prawns and mix them well.

Putting it all together Posted by Picasa

Continue stiring Posted by Picasa

And dinner is served!

Our meal... Rice, veggies, Butter Prawns, egg white with onions and the left over gravy from the Mud crab. Yum.... Posted by Picasa

Ok, the main dish is the prawns ok? I don't need to teach you how to fry veggies right? We watch Godzilla while eating dinner. Simply love it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Beautiful Weekend


Didn't eat much lunch/food for lunch. Woke up at almost 12. Haha... Was saving my stomach for dinner! It's Mel's birthday! In the end, I had milo and some biscults and Dearie had instant Indo Mee Goreng. :P Mel was going to treat us dinner at Blok M, an Indonesian restaurant at Prahan. Is quite near Chapel Street, at Commercial Road. Heard it's accessible by Tram 72. Hmmm...

Anyway, the food was great! Or should I say the company made the evening a blast. The food was like normal malay food back home. The dishes are beef bee hoon soup, oxtail soup, lamb curry, deep fried catfish, fish in tomato gravy, "chaota" sotong, chicken satays and chicken skin satays. Don't ask me how to eat the chicken skin, it just went into everyone's stomach! Haha... All the saturated fats are in our body that night. :P Had a little white wine too. It was a feast I tell you. And of course, what's a feast without laughter and jokes right? :)

On top of that, the boss of the restaurant came out and gave a little performance for Mel! Haha... It went:
" Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Mel Mel (Miao miao... hahaha)
Happy Birthday to you..."

We were like the main attraction in the restaurant for the night. Haha... And Mel was suppose to sing us a song! But she was so shy, so Raymond helped her out and sang 2 songs! "Stand by me" and "My Way". I wonder why he chose those 2 songs. Not really related to Mel right? Haha... :P

Went over to Yih Hong's place and there was surprise awaiting for Mel! Li Ying (Yih Hong's younger sister), baked a nice orange cake with orange icing and chocolate topping topped with sliced strawberries. Was really nice. I guess it was baked with "LOVE". :D

Oh, they had a black cat named Oreo! Was so shy and so cute. Hmmm... It kinda look like the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch. Hehe... Except that Oreo is much cuter. Oh, it's a he btw, and still a kitten which is really quite big. On it's way to become a cat. Oh... I should say, the cat has become a eunoch. Poor thing. :S


Woke up late as usual... Dearie and I had planned to go to Springvale to buy seafood to bake! As in make it like BBQ.

Headed for Springvale at about 1.30pm. Had a Shanghainese lunch. Duck noodle soup and hot and sour soup. Ehhhh.... The food was not good at all. Will not go there again I guess. Or maybe, we just ordered the wrong kind... :S

Walked around the complex at Springvale, bought a cup (like the bubble tea cup size) of sugar cane. MAN! It was $3!!!! Grrr.... Even Newton is cheap and we're complaining that it's expensive. BLEAH....

We had planned to buy crab, prawns and calamari. Went around looking for the best bargain. Bought 1kg of Banana prawns, 700 grams of blue crab (look a little like flower crab except that it's blue in colour), bought one calamari and one big live Mud crab. Haha... Don't ask me why we bought 2 types of crab. We were just PLAIN GREEDY! hahaha...

Later, we went hunting for the best tomato sauce and chilli sauce. Haha... You know, different got different taste! Bought Maggi chilli sauce, Maggi chilli and Garlic sauce and Kimball's Tomato sauce. Haha... Oh, we also bought the traditional thai sweet chilli sauce too! Hehe... :P As I said, we were greedy. :P

Went home and Dearie play Doom3 on his Xbox for awhile. I couldn't stand 3D games, so I took a nap beside him.

Then it was time to work. We "deshit" the prawns and stuff it with butter and garlic, cut the calamari and soaked it with butter and a little salt, as for the blue crab, we bathed it with butter and a little onions. Oh... and we SLAUGHTER the MUD CRAB. It was so poor thing, because we couldn't kill it at one shot. It die a slow and painful death. Then we decided to chop it into 2 so that it can die instantly. :S

Dearie cook the mud crab while I "BBQ" the food with our oven. Hehe... Imagine the feast Dearie and I had! Haha... So greedy man... Watched Star Wars Episode 1 while eating.

Life's good. :D But oh shit, I have been eating UNHEALTHLY! :S BLEAH.. Time for school now. *groans*

Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's never fair in this world.

As usual, I was feeling down and upset over some incident and I felt much better after talking to Mom about it.

I really hope that time will pass soon. Let me get out of here and go home to those who loves me. (ie. Family and friends). There are those I don't wanna see anymore in my life. I don't wish anyone to talk about it and you will know if I don't wanna know you anymore.

Anyway, on the cheerie end, it's Mel's birthday celebration tonight. Am very excited because I haven't seen my Monash SG friends for a long long time. And I do miss the times we had fun together. *smiles*
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Portuguese Egg Tarts Anyone?

It was one fine Sunday. And I was just packing up the room while Dearie surf the Internet as usual. Then he stumble upon a website showing you how to make various food and was so excited about eating egg tarts.

I too got excited and said we shall make it "today". So we went to the supermarket and got the thigns that we need to make the tarts.

Bought the muffin tray, eggs, cream cheese. Paid for it and immediately went home to start work.

First, we made the egg filling. It is made up of 1.5 cup of full cream milk, 4 eggs, half cup of coarse sugar, all beat up and well mixed.

The filling Posted by Picasa

The crust is made up of 1.5 cups of plain flour, 250 grams of butter, 3/4 stick of Philly cream cheese. Do the rub-in method and make it into a dough. Divided it equally into 12 small balls and put them into the muffin tray and use your fingers to make the crust shape.

The crust Posted by Picasa

Then it's time to fill up the tarts!

Dearie filling up the crust Posted by Picasa

Finally the work is complete...

Work completed Posted by Picasa

Time to bake the tarts!!! Yummy....

Into the oven Posted by Picasa

Bake the tarts at 190 degree celcius until cook like what we have here! Tada!~

Fresh from the oven Posted by Picasa

Let the egg tarts cool down and the filling will subside.

Onto the plate Posted by Picasa

It was the best egg tarts ever. Haha... Coz it was made with love. :P

The normal egg tarts may be next! Hehe...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Anyway in for a hakka song? hehe...

This morning was a really terrible morning. I woke up twice because of stomach pains. First at 2am, coughing and wanting to vomit badly. Couldn't sleep and was lying on the bed in a crouching position like a tiger. This time, I knew it was not gastric because I already taken my gastric pill after dinner after feeling something weird in the stomach area. Didn't want to take any more medicines. Went to the toilet and tried to puke. Squat at the WC, almost fell in the toilet. Almost wanted to sleep at the toilet too. Until I couldn't take it anymore, Dearie gave me a bottle of "Po Chai" Pills. Felt a little better and fell asleep.

But the pain came back at 5.40am! This time, I was in really great pain. Went to the toilet again to puke, nothing came out. Went back to the room, took the plastic bag, and started to vomit a little. Took the po chai pills again. Slept until... Dearie left for school.

Lets just say I got a weak stomach. Prone to gastric, stomach pains etc...

Had sushi for lunch. According to Mommy, bad choice. Sushi rice was cold. Not so good for stomach. To think that it was not oily. Hai! BLeah... Bumbed into Mel and Eunice. Felt so good to see them. But couldn't talk much, had to catch the bus. Accompanied Dearie to Clayton to check out the migration agent recommended by his client, but could only make an appointment. Oh well...

Rained in the afternoon. Best for naps. And SHIT... Programming not completed. HAI... I hate my life this semester.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Honey Baby's birthday!

Well, this entry is really quite LATE... But better late than never!

Celebrated baby's hatchday on Wednesday. Made the gingerbread man dough the night before because it requires to be set down before putting the dough in for baking!

Woke up quite late in the morning and had a really simple lunch and I sat down to make the gingerbread man. Haha, I dare not take the picture of the dough before it went to the oven. It sure looks ugly and not appetising. Hehe... Looked like a GHOST! Hahaha...

We went out for dinner after my night class with some of his good buddies, namely Alan, Jason and KengWei. Was Alan's birthday the day before. Oh well, celebrated together lah. :) Went to Link Control, a cafe along Swanson Street and met Henry and a Shanghainese guy(forgot the name) :P Had Hot Mocha and hot chocolate and let the boys catch up while I sat there like a little girl trying to breath between smokers. Yeah, if you guys know, I am allergic to smoke. :)

Anyway, back to the MAIN THING... I made a few Gingerbread Men... And it came out like this!

Gingerbread family! Posted by Picasa

Haha, I didn't intentionally make 2 big ones and 2 small ones. I made the one on the left first, followed by the one 2nd from the right. Felt that the first one was quite a disaster, so modified a little and out came the 2nd one.

The skinny boy, 2nd from the left was my 3rd gingerbread man. A little too skinny according to Dearie. The last one, on the right, is suppose to be gingerbread devil... But dearie, and even Cuilin thought that it looked more like Gingerbread bear. BLEAH... ok, at least I tried... I gave up making shapes and started to make cookies with the rest of the dough. :)

Fresh from the Oven! Posted by Picasa

Putting the buttons in Posted by Picasa

And hey! It takes some skills to put in the buttons before the cookies becomes nice and crunchy!

Nicely Done! Posted by Picasa

Hungry anyone??? hehehe....

Into the box for crispiness! Yummy... Posted by Picasa

Yeah... I still got the cookies left. So fresh, so nice... wah hahahaha... Who cares if it's out of shape? It's DELICIOUS. Oh, the Gingerbread family is still intact. Cannot bear to "kill them" hehe... :P

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Check out this Hokkien song...

It's pretty funny...

This week been loads of ups and downs as usual. Nothing new. Having headaches, bodyaches, all sorts of aches lah... :)

Anyway, was Dear's birthday on Wed. Had a little celebration and I made Gingerbread man(well almost look like one...) for him. will post it later.

cheers everyone. :)