Friday, July 29, 2005

Roller coaster

It has been a bizzard week for me. A lot of ups and downs. I guess there were more downs due to the opening of school. Been a little down, but have picked up myself with a lot of help from my mom. And of course my supportive Dearie who is already vex with the Masters Program. :)

Can you imagine that I already know all the assignment details to be done this semester? gees... I really don't know how. The worst part of that my Industrial Experience Project is really scaring me. I'm so scared of this project. I'm so scared that I cannot complete it in time. All the programming are now on hold because my group member and I are stuck. Especially implementing Paypal into the system and doing backup database. So many problems and yet we cannot get our supervisor to meet us to discuss the problems. Why is it so difficult to choose a time that my group gave and give us a time that is way out of my group's availability to meet up? Sighz, I hope nothing crops up on Monday's meeting. I hope everything will be settled by then.

I think everyone knows that the new Harry Potter book is out. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ok, I admit I don't really read story books though I very much would like to. Am too lazy, or should I put it in a nicer way that I'm just too busy. But hey! I do read the newspapers. :) *big smile*

From what Wanxin told me, Dumbledore died in the story and that Snape is actually Voldermont's follower. Well, I'm not sure, but I read from this website Dumbledorei s not Dead
that that is not true. It's in fact Dumbledore asked Snape to do so. Oh well, I do read, but don't feel like carry on reading. Got a lot of other things to do. Haha... So update me about this yah? keke Oh, found this website too... Enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Found this somewhere... Thought of posting it

Message: Message: Message: Only real men know how to treat the woman he loves. This is the sweetest thing in the world.Read, Learn, and Put into good use. - I'm not too sure about this, but here it goes...
  1. Tell her she is beautiful, not hot. [Yeah, it shows that you love her, not her body]
  2. Hold her hand at any moment even if it just for a second. [It shows how much you appreciate her presence]
  3. Kiss her on the forehead. [It's a loving gesture, helping her feel secure]
  4. Leave her voice messages to wake up to. [even SMS or missed-call will do... Nothing can beat waking up to the voice/message of your loved one]
  5. Always tell her how beautiful she is, no matter what she's wearing. [Again, it shows how much you treasure her]
  6. When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. [sigh... need I say more?]
  7. Recognize the small things . . . THEY USUALLY MEAN THE MOST! [it's the tiny bits and pieces thatcount]
  8. Call her baby.
  9. Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is.[trust me, girls love it when guys sing to them]
  10. Pick her over all the other girls you hangout with. [Yeah, and show her to them]
  11. Write her notes. [to make her feel that she's always on your mind]
  12. Introduce her to family and friends as your girlfriend. [it shows how much you want her to be a part of you]
  13. Play with her hair.
  14. Pick her up, tickle her and play-wrestle with her.
  15. Sit in the park and just talk to her. [you never know what will she say]
  16. Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, just tell her jokes. [but make sure that it's the right time for jokes] - So true, even if she don't reply, she's listening
  17. Throw pebbles at her window in the middle ofthe night just because you missed her. - I think this is quite rubbish
  18. Let her fall asleep in your arms. [sigh...heaven...]
  19. Carve your names into a tree. [for memory sake] -Poor tree
  20. If she's mad at you, apologize because SHE is always right. - Not all the time the girl is right, I think understanding each other is more important
  21. CUDDLE.
  22. Bring her flowers just because u love her.[although some girls will say that they hateflowers, but still, chances of them being touchedis very, very high]
  23. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone. [this means a LOT to her,andit shows a lot about you as well]
  24. Look her in the eyes and smile.[Believe me has its own magic]
  25. Let her take as many pictures of you as she wants. [you trust her, don't you?]
  26. Slow dance with her, even if there isn't anymusic playing. [but don't step on her feet too often]
  27. Kiss her in the rain.
  28. If you r in love with her . . . tell her. [of course! unless, of course, she's already with someone...]

Girls - Repost if you think its true Guys - Repost if you would treat a girl like this

Friday, July 22, 2005

What I want

Got inspired from Soong Fee's blog

What I want (literally)
Dance (Hopefully can dance with the one I love)
Grand Piano

What I want in life
Complete my piano lessons
Complete my degree
Making the people around me happy
I want to be happy too
Go for facials
Go for spas

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Lets see...
Watched Fantastic 4, House of Wax and World of the War on big screen.
Watched Initial D on DVD.

Life here is nothing interesting. Don't feel like blogging much. Lessons started...

Hai... signing off now.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

School's starting on Monday

Gees, holidays really fly fast and I'm starting to feel the stress pouring in. Haha.. I guess it's the consequences of enjoying too much. But I shall take life as it comes, be it good or bad.

Heidi got injured last night. She hurt one of her legs while being overly excited and jumped around and don't know what she hit. Dearie and I were in the bedroom then. She whined so loudly for the whole night. We went to see what happened. Poor thing, she's in great pain and yet she wanted to stand up and licked me when she saw me. Her tail still wagging very fast. I just felt pain for her and "sayanged" her and tried to make her calm. But I guess she don't understand what I mean. Hope my housemates will help her heal her injury soon. She whined this morning too. Sighz...

I guess I will be back to my stressed life again on Monday and hear more complains from me. Haha... I love my holidays. Mom made me so happy. :) Love her.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Went to Soong Fee's blog and came across this site, And it tells me:

"Alethea, Your ideal job is a Chef."

"Lihui, Your ideal job is a Trained Assassin. "

"Alethea Ng, Your ideal job is a Lap Dancer." (What's a Lap Dancer?)

"Ng Lihui, Your ideal job is a Muppet Impersonator. "

"Ng Lihui Alethea, Your ideal job is a Playing for a soccor team. " (And I hate playing soccer)

"Alethea Ng Lihui, Your ideal job is a Playing for a soccor team. "

Haha... Stupid... Tell me which of these fit me?

Received my results. Not what I wanted. Have 2 distinctions and passed the other ubject. I really wanted a high distinction. :( And Daddy is pressing me to do honours again. Don't know if I'm up to it. Sighz...

Other then that, life's been good to me! Except that I'm lazy to do my work. :P

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Holidays! Well, it's almost ending...

Okies, been quite sometime since I last blog. Have a good reason for that! Mom was in TOWN! *HAPPY ALETHEA* Well, she came on Sunday evening and we had a big feast for dinner. Dear and I had specially went to Springvale to buy fresh fish and prawns for cooking. Well, we had steam prawns(cooked by Dearie, using his special recipe) and steam fish(I prepared that, was ok lah, but Dearie and Mom liked it a lot. hmmmm)! and of course we had stir fry veggies. Had such a wonderful dinner and time chatting with Mommy.

4 July
Woke up early and had breakfast with Mom and chatting until was time for Lunch. The 3 of us had sushi lunch and then headed for the City to find out about the Day tours around Victoria. Yeah, I'm here almost a year now and I haven't been travelling much...

Was at the Day Tour agency for sometime as we were deciding which tours to take. After which we went for a NICE dinner at Dragonboat, Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown. Bought some egg tarts and went home to watch DVDs.

5 July - Kuala Conservation Centre, Warrook Farm and Philip Island!
Went to the Kuala Conservation Centre and saw... Of course saw Kualas... lazing around... I learnt that the name Kuala means no water or not drinking water. Because a kuala gets their water from the Eucaplytus plants that they eat and they don't do much work at all during the day...

Take a look at this... :

Hardworking Kualas? Posted by Picasa
haha.. yeah right "hardworking"

Kuala sleeping Posted by Picasa

oops.. sorry for disturbing... :P Posted by Picasa

Good excuse huh? Posted by Picasa

After which, we headed to the Warrook farm and saw Kangarooossssssssss and some ducks and swans which I wasn't really interested. Oh... we saw horses and lambs too.. but I can't be bothered post it up.

Introducing the main characters!

Mom and I at Warrok Farm Posted by Picasa

Good friends huh? Posted by Picasa

Stupid Roo was so snobbish to me.. :( Posted by Picasa

This stupid roo wasn't really nice to me... Had to take a few shots before it finally look into the camera for me. Grrr...

I'm really sorry that I couldn't take the pictures of the Little Penguins. Photo taking was not allowed. We were told that the flashes from the camera makes the penguins sicks and throw up. But it was amazing I tell you. It's exactly what they said. The penguins will gather at the beach and walk up the shores as a group to go back to their barrows. It's really sooo cute, imagine the little ones gather and walking as a group. Oh well, you have to see it yourself. I can't describe well. :P

6 July and 7 July - Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles
It was a darn early morning that my mom and I had to wake up. 6am perhaps? To catch the coach at 7.45am. Ah.... *yawns yawns* I still remember the coach driver's name, Neil. He was really a good story teller.

Ok, what's the difference between the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles? Well, the 12 Apostles are the land formations known as stacks which was formed along the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road stretches through several seaside towns such as Lorne(where my mom and I were dropped off for our overnight stay), Apollo and Port Campbell. Do note the word such as as there were mini towns which I forgotten their names. :S

First stop: See any surfers?

Can you see the surfers? Posted by Picasa

You can see 2 if you look closer... That's how big and high we were from the bottom... I wonder how those surfer get down there... hmmm

Same spot with my mom...

Along the great ocean road with my Mom and I Posted by Picasa

Mom and I took the overnight stay package of the Great Ocean Road. We got drop off at a Great Ocean Town called Lorne. Man.. It was relaxing... We had such a big room to ourselves! It was as big as an apartment. Fully furnished! yeah we had living room, dining room and kitchen! Of course not forgetting the bedroom and bathroom... Living room had the sofa, coffee table(reminds me that my current place doesn't have a coffee table) with a big bowl to put stuff, a TV, TV bench with a DVD play in it with some sound system thingy. Stand lamps were around. Dining room had a big dining table for 4. Kitchen was fully furnished with the usual sink, stove and cooker hood and a BIG fridge(bigger than the one I have at my Aussie home now). It comes complete with a dish washer and microwave. Other things such as the dish washing liquid for both manual washing and dishwasher were available too! Hmmm... There were all the utensils like your forks, spoons, tea spoons, tea pot, cups, saucer plates, pots and pans... Just like everything you have at home lah... Not forgetting they had those tools for baking too! Imagine that.. Oh well, as if I was going to bake something in that one night? BLEAH...

I love the bath room... LOOK!

I soaked in there for at least one hour I think. Sad, dearie didn't enjoy that tub... Some other time I guess... What else is in the bathroom? The WC, the sink and not forgetting the washing machine and laundry dryer complete with the laundry detergent! Oh well... Want me to say what facilities they have? Hehe... Tennis court, indoor swimming pool, gym, conference rooms, and something that I don't remember. Hee...

Alright, enough of saying the accomodation... About the sights. Basically, it was a relaxing place. Walking along the beautiful beach, watching children playing the "public" tramboline which cost about $2.50 for 10 mins of play. Had a really good lunch of fish and chips. Really fresh fish that were caught from the sea itself from the very day! Had scallops and prawns too. Really filling...

Asked the hotel staff to bring as to this waterfall that they recommended... The Ekrine Falls.

Me at the Ekrine waterfall Posted by Picasa

312 steps to get to the waterfall.. and not forgeting that we have to climb up again 312 steps to the "base" Posted by Picasa

"I got peace by the river... (Alethea sings...)* Posted by Picasa

Mom and I were too full for dinner.. So we went to the supermarket to get some fruit and soup for light dinner and had an early night sleep. zzzzzzz

Haa... That was it for our overnight stay...

The coach came back for us and we continued the Great Ocean Road Journey...

On the way, some of the passengers spotted Kualas! so.. we stopped! Was really an experience, seeing the cute Kualas (they are not bears btw...) in its natural habitat.

Can you see the Kuala's butt in its natural habitat? Posted by Picasa

Our first stop for the day. The tree top walk.

The bridge was a suspending bridge made of metal which is suppose to withstand the weight of 14 elephants and very strong winds. I was shivering when I was walking on the bridge was shaking as I walked. OK, I know I was from the NCC, but I still have this thing about HEIGHTS! GRRR... I'm always putting a brave front in front of cadets mah... But I'm no longer in NCC... I shall be myself. Haaa...

We didn't take picture of the highest point. Firstly, I was too scared to take a picture and secondly, there was no one else there to take a picture for us. So... We took the second best spot for a picture...

At the 2nd highest point of the tree top walk Posted by Picasa

Mom wanted to take a picture of frighten me clinging on to the sides as if I was going to fall...

My legs were aching because they were shivering with fear. :S Walk walk walk... Posted by Picasa

Finally, the ultimate stop... The...

Me at the 12 Apostles Posted by Picasa

It's nothing like seeing the real thing actually. It was really majestic, big and beautiful. I tell you, if you come to Melbourne, you really must go for this day tour.

They say there are 12 apostles... Lets count how many can you see. (One was reported that it had collapsed on 2 July, supposedly 11 left. )

How many can you see? Posted by Picasa

How many can you see? Part 2 (of course there's one big one in front of me then..) Posted by Picasa

How many can you see? Part 3 Posted by Picasa

Well, I tried to take the view at 360 degrees. What I can see that is.. So how many can you see?

That's me and mom again! From Part 1 view at a different angle. That was the first angle we saw actually. :)

me and Mom Posted by Picasa

Because we arrived at the Apostle at almost sunset... Given that it was a cloudy but nice cooling day to see the beautiful creation, another beautiful creation sighted, and I don't think it's an everyday thing. See the sun rays between the clouds?

Day light between the clouds Posted by Picasa

The next stop was the Loch Ard Gorge. The name Loch Ard was the name of a big ship that was coming from England to Australia way back in the don't know when. It crashed into the rocks just at the mouth of the gorge. I didn't see the wreck because there was no time. :(

Loch Ard Gorge Posted by Picasa

Well, the rocks are made of limestones.. If you know your Physical Geography, limestones are made of marine minerals... So tell me... What do you see here?

Can you see a whale like shape somewhere? Posted by Picasa

8 July
Rented a car and brought Mom to see Clayton campus. Haa... She wanted to see it, and I haven't see the whole campus myself. And it was a really big campus... Nothing much really... OH well...

We went to Springvale, the place where most of the groceries are cheap. Had so much fun buying the groceries and planning on what to cook for dinner. Had a nice white pomfret for steaming for dinner. And time just flew like that so fast at Springvale... Hee... Brought a lot of fruits and some fish.

We then headed for City to buy my long awaited jacket from Giordano. Heee... I really like it, you can see it in the next day. I love it. Well, kinda looks like Tricia's jacket. They ran out of black in my size! Well, I'm not really wearing my size. It's a size too big really. Hmmm....

Home for dinner and relaxing... :)

9 July
We went for the City tour on this day. Took the tram bus around city. Don't say that I have been in Melbourne for almost a year now, and I should know the places around the city. Haha.. You are so wrong. As Dearie and I (of course mom was there) sat in the tram bus and listened to the commentary, we realised that the City was actually quite a big place. So many places we haven't really been into like the various parks, museum, theatres, and shopping complex. We said we'll explore it one day. Haa... Well, half a year left. Hmmm... I will tell you much we have explore later. Hee.. Take this tour if you WANT. Not really enjoyable lah. :)

We had lunch at the Crown food court. Sheesh, expensive food court food man. Dearie and I shared a bowl of Tom Yam (I wasn't really hungry that time...) and a crispy chicken sushi while Mom had indian food, which she couldn't finished. Dearie and I helped her a little. Ok, so the portion of food here in Melbourne is quite large... Oh well...

We also went on a cruise tour. Man.... Don't take it.. I can't describe to you how boring it was. Ok... One man fell asleep during the cruise and we pay some money for it. Aiya, in conclusion, don't take the cruise. :P

The rest of the time before our next attraction was like 3 hours later? We walked around and the weather was not really nice, rainy and cold. So, went into a cafe and 3 of us shared a strawberry tart and a Choc Mocca cake. Mom had black coffee, Dearie had hot chocolate and I had cappucino. Chatted and lazed around. Went to Crown for a while... walk walk walk... till it was time for....

The Tram Restaurant!

The first thing I saw this:

Dinning in set in the tram Posted by Picasa

And this:

Appetiserszzzz Goose liver, jelly and cream with crispy crackers Posted by Picasa

And this:

Mommy waiting for food Posted by Picasa

More waiting, and Mom took this:

Me and Dearie's blury image Posted by Picasa
I kinda like the above picture, but the lighting wasn't so good. Oh well.. :P

After dinner, the head waiter took this for us:

see the "Big" dinning space? Posted by Picasa

And that was end of dinner... Sorry, we were so hungry by the time the food arrive that I forgot to take pictures of the food and desserts. Well, Mom and I had steak while Dearie had chicken. Butterscotch Puddings and Chocolate Mouse on waffers for desserts.

10 July
Rented a car and brought Mom to buy her favourite Melbourne's bread, Bakers' Delight. Helped her to pack her stuff and Dearie and I sent her off to the airport. Dearie drove. I cried, I was sad. Missing mom...

Made used of the car to go to Ikea to buy a long awaited TV bench for the house and side table to have our food in the room, which now maybe temporary in the living room while my housemates continue hunting for a coffee table.

Watched DVDs and sleeeeep and dreaming of Mom... :)