Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Female!!! STRESSED!

I'm almost totally Female.. :D Oh well...

Your Brain is 86.67% Female, 13.33% Male

You have the brain of a girly girl

Which isn't a bad thing at all

You're emphatetic, caring, and in tune with emotions.

You're a good friend and give great advice.

Ok, I came across this in Chinny's blog. :P Oh well, I don't know if it's true about me. Tell me lah. :P Anyway, I may not be blogging so often. Am dying with programming a system. Sighz. Help me.. haaa...
Current MSN nick? : Alethea wants to die badly. :(

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm just feeling so pissed.

Sighz, I don't know if I'm really feel pissed or I am just having one of those mood swings.

Lets see what are the things that triggered my pissness...

Firstly, the washing machine in my house. The weather forecast these days were a few showers in the early morning. So I didn't wash my clothes and let them piling up. I'm out of jeans to wear, and dearie has our of pants and tee shirts to wear. The only thing I managed to wash are our underwears because I have a clothes rack which I can put in my room and use the heater to dry it up. The day before yesterday, my housemates put their clothes into the washing machine. This indicated that they wanted to wash their clothes right? I'm like.. Ok... And they on the machine yesterday morning to wash their clothes. And I was off to school. When I came home in the afternoon, knowing that one of them was at home, I didn't bother to check if the machine was free. I knew that their clothes were still in the machine because there was no clothes hanging in the garden big clothes rack. I couldn't be bothered because I had to prepare for the next tutorial. I attended tutorial and went to a advanced Java lecture with Dearie. When I was having dinner with Dearie, we both agreed that we must wash our clothes that night. And when we came back, the clothes were still not hang. And what the..... PIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH... This is not the first time they did it somemore. Talk about being fairness... I'm already so impartial. Moreover, the fridge space are mostly invaded by them. Wash the dishes already, don't clear the sink and don't clean the table. Haaaa.. Ok... Sometimes they mop the floor and clear the rubbish (but not the recyled stuff). I do mop the floor when I'm free lah... and clear the rubbish and always clearing the recycled stuff. Bleah... Ok.. I'm full of complains...

Secondly, I'm just so pissed with my assignment results. I'm doing a management subject and I had in total of 4 essays to write about, given a scenario, how am I going to do about it in a management point of view. Fine, I did write some technical things, but I did write management things too! And I scored like SHIT. Sighz... I'm just so demoralised.

Thirdly, there's so many assignments to do and yet so little time. I still sleep like I do (beauty regeneration). Hai, I just have to put in all my effort when I'm doing my work. Which is pretty difficult at the moment. Sighz... Lets see, I have a functional specification to do by this week. Another management essay due next tuesday. Web interface technology due next Friday (programming). And my industrial experience group is suppose to show our client an alpha version of the program by this week, but we're trying to extend to show by next week.

The only thing that is calming me down it my dearie who has been so supportive and knowing my situation. I know I didn't talk about this to my friends, coz they are just as busy as I am. Oh well... Trying to breathe as always...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just another day of self reflection

I don't know what to type in this blog today. Nothing interesting happen later. Everything are as usual. My life has ups and downs. Receiving lovely dovely and vice versa. Being nice to people as always, and being petty at sometimes because of jealousy.

The weather hasn't been too friendly these days. Last last wednesday seems too be the last warm day. The weather is pretty cold. Makes me feel so lazy. The clothes are also pilling up. Not a good time to wash them. Oh no... That makes a lot of underwear not washed. Soon there won't be any underwear to wear. :S

My mind has been preoccupied with assignments, tutorials and about the house. I have officially finished 2 essay assignments which took me like 3 weeks to finish? :S Have a group documentation to be handed in this week too which I haven't started. 1 more essay assignment and a web programming assignment to be handed in next week. Both I haven't started. Only have design the logo of for the company of the web programming assignment that I'm suppose to do. Sighz... So much work yet so little time. Yet I'm displaying on the front, "relax, everything will be fine look." On the inside, I'm sad, depressed and stress.

On top of these work, I'm also trying to look more beautiful and not to gain weight. Am trying to rid of the scars off my face and rid of the multiple awful eye lids too. Sometimes I wish I'm rich and just go for plastic surgery and everything would be solve.

Sometimes I think I'm making myself crazy when I look at another girl's picture. I often wondero what attribute about her is so attractive? I often find none. But to some guy, she is extremely pretty, sweet and gentle. Sighz... I wish I can see things from a guy's prospective.

I'm missing my polytechnic friends a lot. Sometimes when they are online, and I'm online, but there's no response. Maybe they are busy. Sometimes my MSN is online, but I'm not around at my computer.

I haven't been dancing for a long time now. I wonder when I will be like my friends back home. The way they dance are ever so graceful and confidence. Most of them now are in a performance group, some even have gone to teaching others.

This makes me feel as if I'm good at nothing. List of things I'm not good at:
  • Studies
  • Housework
  • Cooking
  • Looking beautiful
  • Being slim
  • Dancing
  • Playing the piano

Playing the piano has always been an interest, but I never got the chance to further it or to pursue it as an interest. I'm only a grade 2. And a grade 2 for a long long time... Since primary 3. I have not improved. Always stagnant. Sighz...

How do one feel good about one self? I used to be so cheerful and full of confidence. But I feel whenever I speak up, I will make the mistake and get scolding or make someone else pissed. :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More greetings and Paintball Last Saturday!

Haha... Oops, I haven't been online for sometime now... Been really busy with projects and assignments. Have been having countless and tiring project meetings. Doing project stuff. Doing assignment stuff. Got 2 assignments - essays, due next week. One programming (Web Interface Technology) assignment, another essay due in 2 weeks time, a group project documentation to hand in (on functional spec which can be up to 200 pages.) Help..... *tries to sing "I will survive" song*

Hee... I receive more greetings on Saturday when I checked my emails. Hehhe.. I received ecards from Chin Fee and Sishi who sent it on my birthday itself. :P I received an Email from Gary "singing" a birthday song for me. I also receive greetings in Friendster from Sin Yee, Yonghong and Leon(friend since sec school.. haaa...). I even got a testimonial from brother KFC. hee.. Oh well...

I went to play Paintball on Saturday. Just in case some of you don't know what is paintball, it is actually like a stimulation of a war game. We woremilitary uniforms over our clothings (Yes, it was a HOT day too!) It is to protect our clothes from getting dirty. We were then given a rifle each. Yeah... Rifle... Of some sort. hahaha.. I call it the Paintball rifle. It is like your normal rifle, just that your ammos are paintballs. It is paint in ball capsules. There were 2 groups. Oh, did I mention that we had to buy separate ammos apart from the flat fee we had paid? Grrr...

I guess the game was alright, not really that fun coz I think some of the guys are from Singapore, because of the way they talk and the way they talk about army languages, were taking in charge of the whole team and they were like among themselves and not trying to get the whole team involve. OH what the heck... Dearie and I were in the same team. That's what matters most.

We played a few games. Trying to shoot at people. Pretty fun if you hit them, but if you don't, you will be wondering why they are not out of the game yet. Hehhee... Then we had a 15 mins break. We went back to the shelter had gatorate.. Sheesh, $2.50 per bottle. No choice, so thristy and need a cool drink for a hot day. Then we went for more games but different field.

After a few games, we went back for BBQ lunch. Not really nice lah. Had bread, some bbq sauages, dont know what meat. I see they way they put the food in a dont know what container. Haa.. Reminds me of the times when I was in NCC, out field and eating rubbish. :S

Oh well, after a day's war. We were sent back to the City where we had a nice and simple dinner then went home to bathe clean and sleep.....

Friday, April 08, 2005

me and my lovely roses.. hee Posted by Hello

Me and DEARIEE and of course my lovely roses.  Posted by Hello

Me with my lovely roses and cheesecake.  Posted by Hello

My Lovely Flowers and Strawberry Cheesecake bought by my dearest Dearie Posted by Hello

7 April - My birthday of course...

Well, the first person to wish me happy birthday was of course my Dearie lah... Then Biaoda who came the day before for dinner then before he left, he wished me. Too bad he couldn't join me for cake on the actual day. :)

Hmm, the first person to wish me on my actual day was of course me DEAR DEAR LAH. :P Then Janice called to wish me, and hearing my sleepy voice. :P

Well, as for 7 April, things were like any other normal Thursday. I woke up, prepared some food for Dearie before he goes for lesson. Well, he had lessons from 12 - 2pm, then lecture from 2-4pm, then group meeting from 4-5pm then supervisor meeting from 5-6pm. Of course, I couldn't let my dearie strave right? I only had lessons from 12-2pm. I came home to eat some egg noodles with beef slices. Then I received an SMS from Chewpeng wishing me a happy birthday. Hee.. So happy... At 4pm, went to school again to meet my tutor who was going to explain the progress of my project. Well, went together with my partner, had a few comments here and there, and it wasn't too bad I guess. Went for lecture at 5pm.

My project group mates all wished me a happy birthday. hee.. for a while I was quite paiseh coz they didn't really say it softly. Hee.. Oh well, ended lecture at 6pm. Waited for Dearie in the lab coz he said he was on the way back to uni. At the lab, I thought of updating my things on the internet for my project. Called one of my group mates up and Dearie poped up with a bouquet of roses! Sheesh! I was speechless and shocked and happy at the same time. I was quite paiseh, coz I wasn't alone in the lab. :S Oh well....

Then we headed home to put down our heavy bags and of course the lovely roses. Then we headed off to Carnegie for Korean Seafood Hot Pot. I felt like eating that. :P hehe... Then my mom called me at the time I was born. Hehehe.. And wished me. Hehehe.. My DEAR DEAREST MOM. Miss her so much... :(

Anyway, while waiting for my seat at the Korean Restaurant, Phelicia called! Hehe.. She remember too. So touched. But didn't talk for very long, coz my seat was ready. I really enjoyed dinner. Eating with my love a spicy hot pot during a cold night. What else can I ask for?

After dinner, we went home and I went online for a while. Then I received msges from Wanxin and Soong Fee wishing me. Hee... Then I received a call from my DAD! Hehehe... I was so happy that my Dad remember! Hee... So touched. :P My Dad is a really busy man, but he bothered to call me. So "gan dong".

Later during the night, while I was having some quality time with my Dearie, Eunice and Siong Yin called to disturb me to wish me. LOLz.... Well, not long after, Dearie and I cut the cake, as you can see from the pictures. :P When I was about to go for my shower, Mel called to wish me. Hahaha.. My friends got really good timing to wish siah. :P

Gary emailed to wish me too! hee.. I guess I'm blessed with friends who remembers me though I'm so far away. I felt really bad too.. Dearie bought the cake, dinner and roses for me. :S I wonder how much have I spent. :S

Anyway, I really enjoyed that day thoroughly. :) Cheers!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Meet Our dearest Mr. Foo Biaoda. :P 6 April

Well well!!! Ok, I had a client meeting in the morning at 11am. Ended about 1pm. Went to coles to buy some girly stuff. Bought Pantene Extra Straight Shampoo, Pantene Extra Straight Conditioner and Pantene Extra Straight Relax Creme. Haha... Well, that's for my hair of course. I guess most of you know that my hair is probably my asset. Hehehe... Oh well, Of course I got Johnson baby milk bathe for my body and some moisturiser to keep my skin soft and silky. Hahaha.. as if I have that.. :P

Anyway, I reached home about 1.30pm. Talked to dearie, cook Bak Chor Mee for lunch. Was quite yummy I suppose. hehehe.. Coz dearie had 1 and a half portion of noodles. :S and I couldn't finish mine. :P Oh well, then dearie asked me what I wanted for tomorrow. I just said I wanted a cake, and he really wanted to go to the city to buy a cake. :S Oh well, Felt quite bad, but really happy.

We went around city to find a nice good cake that I will like. Oh, I bought a Ganier Body cocoon cream from My Chemist. Hee.. Back to the topic... :P But the cakes here are a little ex... :S Could have settle for a less than $20 cake? But didn't really look appetising. In the end, we got the cake that I quite like! Bought a strawberry cheesecake from Crown Bakery! Looks really yummy! hehehehe... Oh well, have to save it! :P

After that, we meet Biaoda at Melbourne Central Station. Lingered at the station for about 15mins so that we can take the train at 6pm. Well, if we're using the 2 hour ticket, and used it after 6pm, the ticket will last till 2am. Hee.. So it's more worth it. We went to look at some photography magazines, then went to EB games to look at some Xbox games. Just to kill time.. Hee.. Oh well... We took the 6.03pm train back home.

Woo.. It was an express train back home. Was good. Reached home, Dearie cooked the rice, helped me to cut the garlic, onions and capsicum. Dinner was done in about 30 mins I think. I cooked Water Cres soup (of course that I boiled it before leaving the house. hee... :P), Black Pepper Beef with Capsicum and Chinese Brocolli with Oyster sauce. Just in case you don't know what's Chinese Brocolli, it's the English name for Kai Lan. :P

Biaoda took some salsa songs from me. Dearie gave him a CD-R for him to burn to. Had some time catching up. I guess all was good then...

Night time was mainly for me to bathe and feeding someone with magnum ice cream. :D Oh well, then I slept... :P

Sunday, April 03, 2005

We talked things out...

yeah, for some of you guys back home, I know I've been quite pestimistic from my blog. I guess it was due to poor communication and not really knowing what each other wants. With some advice from people around, he and I had a talk. We talked things out and solving things out and instead of leaving things and not solving it. Yeah, I guess we're pretty much back to where we started.

He's more submisive now. Helps around in the house, though still likes to play his xbox. hahaha.. Oh well, that's guys right? We'll see how things goes.

pretty pretty me...

heee.... Alright... I went clubbing with some Singaporean friends today(2April) for another friend's birthday. I didn't exactly enjoyed clubbing, but yah, for a friend's birthday, I will go I suppose. I'm just glad that she enjoyed herself. Though I left earlier than them, 3am, while they left at 4am? And that was the time I got home. Felt soooo guilty.... I shouldn't be home late... Had a scolding... :( sighz... Silly me actually thought after dinner was clubbing time. Sighz... *bashes myself*

okok.. I bought some cream from Skin Doctors,from My Chemist, which seems quite good. Contains AHAs and BHAs, supposedly fruit acids I think. I hope they would have in the scars on my face. Hee... Bleah.. I'm getting vain... My next step? I think I might get a peeling system for the face the next round. Hehehe... :P