Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh well...

I haven't been blogging for sometime now. Basically, I have not much things to blog about because my life after exams is just so boring. Yeah, I know that I complained that I was in the holiday mood and all. True, but I haven't been getting those holidays because of my industrial project.
Was very happy when our group have finally finished all the functionalities that were required of us. But somehow, when it was uploaded onto the server, there were so many errors. :( Was really worried and upset because those errors were ... Not done by us. :( and the worst thing was that our client called our head lecturer who is in charge of this whole industrial experience thing, saying that our system has a lot of errors etc. :( It's like how can he say us like that? He was not even in Melbourne for a week, and he couldn't do the test. Then when he could do, we were all having our exams. How fair is that to us? And now we're doing our best to debug as much as we can.

At present moment, debugging has all been on, but on localhost. That leaves us with uploading it onto the server. And the problem now is the server is down since Friday and over the weekends. And it is not up yet. Sighz... Really headache now, have to finish everything by this week. I feel like I'm losing my strength. :(

I really hope can sign off the project by this week. This is killing me. Affecting our grades is not something to really laugh about. :(

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Dearie baby sent me this picture and made me laughed for some time. And it still makes me laugh and smile. Heee... Enjoy... ;)

Actually, it's suppose to be a gif file. Somehow blogger made is jpg. The kitten is actually doing some pushups. Really cute... And it wags its tail while doing it. :D msn me for the pic. :p

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I'm having my first paper tomorrow and I don't feel like reading my notes anymore. I understand all the stuff, but I have to memorise them. AH... I am not good at memorising... But I'm not saying that I have a bad memory. Hee... In fact, I have quite a good memory. Like remembering important events and numbers. :D

Anyway, the point is, I'M IN A HOLIDAY MOOD! Oh NO......................

Ok, I shall stop whining now and try to study MORE. :S

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Wanxin!

To one of the sweetest girls in my life...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Wanxin
Happy Birthday to you!

I miss you girl. Sorry, can't be there to celebrate your birthday with you again. :( But I hope you like what you received!!! I chose it. Hee...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The project is unofficially over!

I am doing this entry using my dearest group mate's laptop. She is such a dear to lend me for a week to complete the programming. And happy to announce that my project is unofficially over! Yes! My dreaded project is over. Why unofficial? Because my client has sign off the project. And after he sign off, I have to reprogram the system so that the client can officially launch it. And call me nuts, I have been playing with programming these days when I'm bored! Can you believe it? AH! BLEAH... It's like... a hobby! GEES...

Introducing my wonderful group members.

Top: Me, Lauren
Sitting: Huifen, Liza and Yin Chin(Janice)

Love you all!!!

Anyway, do feel free to look at the website. The official website is but it's not launch yet.

But you can take a look at it at

Oh well, I don't really like this picture because I look like a geek. haa!! But that's the only picture we have together. Oh well. :P GIRLS POWER! :D

You won't be hearing from me for quite sometime. My computer is crashed and I won't have anymore computer to use. So... take care and miss me! I might go to uni to use the computer. (As if I'm so hard working to walk over to use. hehehe...) I will be studying! Call me if you have my aussie number or SMS my SG mobile! ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005


What else can make me feel better than a message from Dearie. I just have to save it somewhere. Nothing where else but an entry on it.

Tjun: n u too...
Tjun: Soon mar dearieeee, i am working very hard for our future . I dont have $$$ but determination, conviction and passion are all the things i possess.


Here's where random thoughts start:

That's very motivating. We have each other and that's something to work forward too. :)

Dear, I don't have the $$$ too. But we can work for it. The most important thing we have is that money cannot buy. And there's a future so bright for us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Time to count blessings

I had a bad day yesterday. I was reaching my limits. On the verge of a breakdown/outburst. I only told 3 people (Mom, Dearie and Marcus - Coz you were online and poor you. Haha..) about it. And they were so supportive. Mommy and Dearie were always there for me and comforting me despite the distance. Marcus, yeah, my poly friend who is going to get married next year! Date date!!!

I should start counting my blessings. These wonderful people in my life, despite shitty people who just don't want to make things any easier for me. Maybe I shouldn't think too much at. I keep thinking for other people, but do they ever think about me? Hmmm...

I guess you can tell from my previous entries, I've been having a bad time all along. Made me think about all the things that I didn't achieve in the past and I don't want it to happen when I'm in the uni. I'm now more relax and calm. Able to think properly now. Am going to start polishing up my last assignment. Yes I know I said that I've finished it, but I want to make it better! :) After which I'm going to start on the server and reprogramming. Sighz and ARGH!... Life goes on...

Dearie... and counting down to the days that I'm going to meet you. I'll spare the talks to you on the phone. Hee... You always make my day despite all the downs I had during the day. I guess the song goes... "You light up my life"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Everyone is marrying!

I'm sitting here in a boring room,
It's just another sunny Sunday morning,
I'm wasting my time I got nothing to do,
I'm hanging around, I'm waiting for you,
But nothing ever happens,
And I wonder...

Haha... Ok, enough of half lyrics of Lemon tree. Gees, such an old song. :p The fact I have a lot to do, it's just early in the day... Just have to solve the server problem.

Right right, back to the topic. I was reading Xiaxue's blog and she mentioned that she attended a wedding. Hmmm... In June, my best cousin got married... Last month, my housemate's best friend got married and the bride is only 23. Hmmm... This Nov, another of my cousin is getting married. Coming January, my poly buddy (yes Kam Kam, I'm refering to you...), is getting married. Gees... Haha... Is this year for a year of marriage? Hee... Oh and Luther and Adeline are engaged! No date set for the bells yet. Hee... Wow wow...

I'm just so excited for everyone! So sad I couldn't attend my both cousins' wedding. Kam! don't worry, I'll attend yours with my other half. :D Luther and Adeline too. That is if I am not furthering my studies during your big day! :D Am still seriously thinking about it. Too lazy to further at the moment. No money too. :S

I just want to congratulate all! Excited and happy... Ah... I don't know why I'm blogging... Just so happen lah. hee... :p

Saturday, October 08, 2005

What on earth am I thinking?

Haiya... Just because of one BIG BIG problem with my server made me think of all those stupid things in the past. I wasn't counting my blessings. :)

I was good in a lot of things back in Secondary school. I was good in Maths. Both A and E maths. I was good in Geography and Science too. But I was too stupid in chinese, history and literature, which pulled everything down. Haha... I guess I hate writing. :P

I was a good student too! I never broke any school rules, except for the day I brought a pager to school for the first time and got caught by my chemistry teacher and I CRIED! HAHA... I was never caught for short skirt, nor late for school nor long nails nor make up, nor hair nor socks, nor shoes. I was the perfect good student but not good enough to be a school prefect because I wasn't intellegent enough and perhaps a lot of other qualities I lack. Haha... I don't care. :)

I won't say that I didn't achieve anything. I won 2 gold swimming interclass awards. A couple of medals from NCC. Went round island canoeing. I had a lot of fun then. Hanging out with my NCC buddies, doing crap with my classmates. I wasn't popular nor vocal in sec 1 and 2. Things were starting to heat up in Sec 3 and I guess I got more popular in Sec 4. In Sec 4, I guess I was the girl who everyone refered to as "The girl who played the piano piece on Teacher's day". The song I played was "Power of Love" by Celion Dion. I remembered my class stood up from the group and gave a big applause. I was embarrassed, shy, happy. All sort of mixed feelings. I even heard that Miss Kim, yes, the discipline mistress then, cried. A few other teachers were touched too, especially the ones who taught me. Miss Sie Siok Hui and Miss Sie Ha Wai had many praises for me. I was happy. It seemed that day that every teacher in the staff room wanted to know who is that mysterious girl. Haha... I didn't make that fact out. It was Miss Sie who told me. I was shy and happy but reminded quiet about the whole event. At least, I made my teachers felt special that day.

Ok, the other thing was I came back as a CLT right? Well, I guess it wasn't about me trying to achieve something for myself. It was about helping out and feeling good. Though no awards etc... But I felt happy that there were people around me, fellow CLTs and cadets who came up to me and tell me things that I was good then. I may not have done everything that pleases everyone, then again, I can't please everyone. During camps, I can only protect my girls from getting bullied by CLTs internally. Did my best to help my girls and whoever was under me get through whatever course they went. I really apologise for not going for all the camps, projects didn't allow me to. And I felt worse when a good cadet out of no where got a 3rd SGT for nothing. There was nothing I could do about that since I wasn't in the camp, not my authority to do so. There were so many things I wanted to do, but I couldn't. Sometimes I want to come back as an officer and make things right. The way it should be. But I'm so out of it now, yet there's so much of me still thinking about NCC.

It's been so long since I left NCC and yet I remember quite a number of details. The old me hasn't quite left it yet. I guess it's time for a reunion with everyone. Past is the Past... Like Marie said, no point dwelling on the past.

I must admit that I'm in a better mood today. Finished my last assignment for the semester. And NO, I do not feel any more relaxed. I'm having headaches. I still haven't solve my server problem. BIG MAJOR HEADACHE.

Oh, I am still counting what I'm good at. :D Which is more to come! Maybe you can tell me what I'm good at. ;)

Friday, October 07, 2005


My worst nightmare is here. I don't know how to upload my website onto the server. Stressed. Bursting with nervousness, fear, and into tears. :(

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I don't know what title to put in here. I just feel like shit. I always seems like a happy person. I always let go of unhappy things, thinking that there will be better things for me to achieve.

Since secondary school, I have been working hard to achieve things that I want. I joined the NCC and rhymic gym in secondary 1. As a cadet in the NCC, it's every cadets dream to get the best recruit award. I did my best in everything. Although I didn't win the award, I was still very happy for my good friend who got it. I admit I was jealous, who won't be right? But neverthe less I was happy for her. It was kinda expected. At least in secondary one, I represented the school in the air rifle competition. We didn't do as well as we wanted, I still do my best and was the only one from my school to get the top 10 placing. No one really came to congratulate me except for my teacher in charge. Maybe they did, probably at that state, no one was in the mood for celebration. We came in 4th as a team. I really dont care about this now. It's over. Just stating a sad fact.

Secondary 2 was another time I got a chance to represent the school in orienteering competition. My partner and I were always getting full marks during practices. We were really please with ourselves. But for some reason, my partner fell sick. I was almost immediately chucked aside, forgetting that I could do the orienteering well. We didn't win that year. I was most upset. I know I wasn't a promising cadet, but I could contribute in something that I could do some glory. But no one see in my year, but perhaps my seniors. That year on, I was quite sure that I wasn't achieving things that I deserve. I started to slack, but not too much. My studies didn't go well either. But one thing for sure, I was talented in Maths. Without trying, I remembered I still scored well in them. Unfortunately, a saddening event took place before the exams and I just couldn't concentrate on my exams and a decision to redo that year was made. That perhaps the reason why I didn't get a good rank as well. Another sad fact. Nevertheless, I was happy that I had good friends around.

After secondary school, I came back as a cadet lieutenant to pass on the knowledge that I had which was failed to be used by me in some way. With the authority I had, I tried to help as much as I can, be listening ear whenever possible too. Seeing cadets growing made me happy. I served NCC for quite a long time. Maybe one of the longest serving CLTs. But I never got my gold award, I never got my recognision award. I was sad. But at least I think my cadets learnt something from me. I hope. Most of them don't address me by mdm anymore. We've all outgrown them. But I guess it's nice if someone remembers you and respect you as a mdm. Perhaps I'm just thinking too much... More sad facts but I don't care about it.

What's upseting most now, is... my life now I guess. The real reason I'm writing this blog. It seems that the effort I put in in my life, never gets appreciated. I don't seem to be able to do the things I enjoy.

Eg, I just finished my final presentation on Monday, and yes I know I have 1 more assignment due. But I really wanted to have some time with my groupmates. All we did was have dinner and went over to my place to place Xbox. Who knew I would get sick? No one right? But I was dimmed as someone who was playful... I shouldn't have done what I did. And that's why I got sick. Moreover I have another assignment to do.

I love to do a lot of things. But I just don't think I can do them! Dance... I need people to dance with me, who is going to dance with me now? Piano, my family thinks that I'm making noise. It seems like the things I love doing, I have to give them up? Sighz, I'm just feeling too upset at the moment. Sighz............ Maybe I'm not in the right state of mind now.

I just wish that there's a fairy godmother to make things happily ever after for me. Or santa clause to make things better. I have been a good girl. I have been doing my assignments and programming. Pls make me feel that I'm appreciated.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Everything's wrong...

Everything went today...

I fell sick. As if I know I was going to fall sick today. Having a flu now. Got a BIG NAGGING from my mom because I went out for dinner last night with my group mates after our final presentation on Monday. It's like I cannot go out for dinner? I didn't even go anywhere else. We came to my place after dinner. Is that wrong too? We didn't even go and chill. What's the problem with that? I don't understand at all. And now I'm sick just because I went for dinner last night and not resting? GEES! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Not only that, it's like I'm doing everything wrong... Even some people agree with my mom.
Fine. I will sleep at 10pm tonight. I'm sick. I got a flu. I'm tired.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I lost an ex poly classmate

Yes, a cheeky boy named Alvin Leow, who is loved by his classmates, who is always joking around and cracking jokes is diagnosed with brain tumour and is brain dead. No one knows how did it happened. I'm totally upset by the news but there is nothing I can do. I'm almost in tears but I cannot do that! If not I can't save myself from the projects that are going to be dued!

On the other hand, I'm totally stressed up with completing my programming. So close to debugging the bugs but yet can't complete it. It's an industrial project just in case you don't know. It's suppose to be workable and usable for everyone to use. It's an ecommerce website.

And I got another research paper due on Monday. The same day as the above project is up for its final presentation. Stressedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd... :(

I guess that explains why I haven't been blogging. Luckily Mom is here to keep me company. So happy that she is here to give me her support.

Will blog soon with I'm free.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

University Friends/Friends from Melbourne

Ok, why I chose to write about them first? That's because it's the Mid Autumn Festival and I have been invited to events organised by my friends here for 3 consecutive days. And in appreciation, I will write about them.

Friday, I was invited by Raymond to attend their celebration by OCF (Overseas Chiristian Fellowship) group. There were many people who attended. Back to the gang, who made living in Melbourne so fun... Too fun that I have to control myself. Haa... To a certain extend, disappoint them for some events too due to my heavy school work. But they are understanding people, always there for support. Oh, and they are, Raymond, Tricia, Mel, Eunice, Jojo, Siong Yin, Edwin, Yih Hong Liying (Yih Hong's sister)(don't really know them well. OH well..) Lawrence and Tutty(new friend). These are the Singapore gang. Thanx guys!

From OCF, I also got to know Clement and Elaine! Elaine is like a big sister to me. Hee... Very chatty.

Saturday, met up with the Singapore gang again for Melbourne Showground. Gees, the entrance fee increased from last year, $8 to $15! Oh well, the rides were cheaper. From $8-10 to $5-6? So, I guess it's ok lah... Hmmm....

Oh, and I attended another event organise by my good buddy's, Janice, temple. Also in celebration of the Mid Autumn festival. It was nice, peaceful and traditional. There was a mini play about the festival. A little comical though. Very funny. And for the first time in a year, I ate the BEST MUAH CHEE. Yummy. I only had one piece lah. hehe... Trying to lose weight mah... And during these 2 days, I only ate 1/4 of a mooncake. Sighz... I want the snow skin one. Anyone wanna send me some? :( But no yolk please. hehehe... *hint hint*

There are other people who made uni life a little more interesting. Like Joe, Jonathon, and Kengwei.. My e-commerce group mates. Interesting people lah. Know them yourself. :D

Also, there are the people I know during Orientation. Like Nink (where are you?), KC (a very cheery girl...), Raymond, Alan, Jason, Dexter, Joe(once again), Aaron, Merry, Jonathon(another Jonathon), Cipta, Aleem. From here, there's Alan, Jason, Dexter and Lawrence (another Lawrence) who became Dearie's IE groupmates.

My IE group mates! Liza, Huifen, Lauren. They are a fun batch. But we're just too stressed at the moment with the stupid project.

Then there is my dear Erandhi. My partner during one of my subjects. Very hardworking girl!

During network technology, I also got to know Richard. A guy who signed on with the army. Sheesh...

And my ITPM groupmates! Erin, Jean, Maya, and Janice(once again!). Enjoyed doing the projects together and hanging out! Haha... Girls power! :D :p

From Janice I also know Eric, her partner for web technology.

My housemates, both the old and the new. Soumya! Ika! Nanta! Shazie! Lili! Elsie! Aaron(another Aaron) hehe... They made my life much more not so lonely when I'm at home. Having girls talk especially with Soumya. hee.. And the new housemates, Renping and Cindy. Again making the house not so lonely too. And haha.. they got a really naughty little puppy, Heidi! I think if you're a regular reader for my blog, you would have seen her. Hee... Oh, Heidi grew already. Fat already. haha From Cindy I got to know Adele and her sister too! :)

And of course I leave the best for the last. My DEARIE... My DEARIE BABY. My housemate, my world, my best friend, my world, my everything! Eh, I think I've said enough. Before I make anyone have goosebumps. hehe...

Love you guys!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Took from Chinny's page

Your Ideal Relationship is Marriage

You've dated enough to know what you want.
And that's marriage - with the right person.
You're serious about settling down some time soon.
Even if you haven't met the person you want to get hitched to!

You're a Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You give and take equally in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

Polytechnic friends

Ok... I got to make more apologises haha...
Ok, I shall name all of you then.. Due to busy schedules, I will name all based on where I know you people...

And the list continues...

NYP.. those who made life interesting and never boring despite the boring subjects are...

During my final year during FYPJ... In the same room, I had Kam, TJ, Teck Wei, Guo Liang, Janelle(Chui Han) and Yvonne! My project was so boring and don't know what I was doing, but the room is always filled with laughter and fun stuff... Remember lunch? Seems like everyone got my influence of eating sandwiches. Haha... And Kam! You finally learn salsa! After so long... hehe... And when is your invitation card? Hmmm Am I in your list in the first place? Haha... Don't worry... I got your HONG BAO covered! After what you told me about the market rate... Hehehe...

There's Weiheng!!! My good buddy! Heee... Always giving me medicinal hugs any time of the day! Well, there's also Jolene too! Hmmm

Now, lets see... before I went to FYPJ, I was doing my attachment at NCS. And I got to know May, Joanne? Basically, my life at NCS was quite boring. I was quite detached from the rest. Sobz... Was posted to MOE instead. Sit there everyday doing VB scripts. Ah.. that's not the point... And I discovered May got a HUGE APPETITE. Haha... Oh, while I was posted to MOE, I often meet Jeremia for lunch. Thank goodness you're somewhere near MOE. If not I could just fall DEAD. :D

Hmmm... Then came the studying period... You know what? I don't remember everyone who is in my class. But you know who you are ok? Heeeeeeeeeee.... My project group members... Marcus Li!!! When are you getting married ah? Your girlfriend turn 21 yet? Coz I remember you saying something... hehe... Then there's Jeremia once again! Haslinda the blur queen but forever soooo cute! Lets see who I can remember from my class ok? There was Lia, Fiona, Mastura, Xuewan, Corine, Sin yi, Timothy, Alvin Wu. Ah... Forgive me... Tell me and I will update this entry. GRRRR... *long day in school lah*

During orientation period... I know who my real friends from poly are too... Helen, Alex, Dunlin, Sin Yee, Gary, Siva, Wahyu, Sameer, Yanting, Chard, Hong Wei, Marc, KC, Bernice, Farihah and Sharon who just got married! Of course, not forgetting Qiyou! :) I'm sure there are more, but I just can't remember at this point of time! :S And there are those who were nice to add me into their friendster list are Gen, Nigel, Weiliang.

There are seniors who bothered to add me in friendsters are Eddy, Cheryl, and Jane who gave me a hug at Chinny's birthday! :D

There's my juniors as well... Namely Adeline, Hanis, May, Eugene, James, Aloysius. I think I've spoke to Adeline, Hanis and Aloysius more than the rest? :D

Of course my dearest class DIT 0106! The girls! Cuilin, Sishi, Yanying, Marlisa, Shirley and Ivy! and the guys... You Cheng, Fashel, Vernon, Christon, Jun hao, Terry, Alvin, Alex, Denise, Kia Siang, Vincent. There are the people from the next class because we always have lab together... So I got to know Geraldine, Angela, Angeline, Gary Lim and Haslinda? Can't remember all........ :S haha...

All these amazing people, you're just a great bunch. Always very happy... Kam! Dinner! :D Marcus! You too! LOLz...

Love you all!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I apologise for not mentioning all

So basically, my friends' list is not what I wrote previously. As I said there are too many of you. Hehe... Anyway, this entry is for Joe, Jonathon and Keng Wei. They are my e-commerce groupmates as well. AND THEY ALWAYS BULLYING ME! Poor me... DEARIE... WHERE ARE YOU? :(

Haha... Ok, they are just a bunch of funny guys lah... which makes meeting for e-commerce a little not so tense and lazy. Haha... :P

I have been very curious about some topics these days. It's perhaps that I'm growing up bah. Maybe will post it up some day... hee... for now... I shall sit back and relax (yeah right), and work my ARSE off again.

Tennis and swimming tomorrow! Time for some fats burning sessions.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm a happy girl

I know the title is a little odd. Then I realised that I'm truely a happy girl in a way.

Lets see... Despite all the unhappy things that had happened before which are all short lived and died, and they are nothing to worry nor think about as all of it are the past. A person should always look forward to the future and learn things about life that the school doesn't teach you.

I have a wonderful happy family who are always 100% there for me through the thicks and thins. No doubt we are physically far apart from each other, I can feel their presence here through the support they give me here while I study my ass off. And of course, my mother's ever so often phone calls make me miss home even more.

I have a wide circle of friends.

My dearest BEST friends! Wanxin, Chewpeng and Cuilin. All from different group of people. But all knows me from the inside. Thank you for being there even when I'm in Australia and for listening to my nonsense.

My dearest girlfriends that I keep in touch with from my SCGS days. Namely Chewpeng, Chin Fee, Deborah and Stephenie. I treasure our friendship very much. I never forget my SCSG juniors from NCC which are too many to mention. And of course how can I ever forget my great pal Charmaine who is now a pastor, and letting me meet other great people like Su, Yvonne, Sean, Zi ying etc... And Jo Ann! Where the hell are you? :S

My junior college friends! They are always there if I call them. Hee... I so bad to only keep in touch with only the girls like Kaili, Tricia Tock, Felica, Doreen, Evon. The guys? Haha... I guess we will meet only when Shi hui is around. Don't really keep in touch with them. :S

My other NCC friends, most of whom I have lost in touch with. The closer ones are KFC who is happily attached to my junior Elaine and Eric. The rest? I don't know where are you now. :)

Friends I made and built during my polytechnic days. And the gang that we have foster through thick and thin and that when there's a class gathering, it's no doubt that the 4 girls including TYC will be there. No doubt about that. The girls, we're like a bit gang of sisters, especially Cuilin who's always listening to my crap on MSN even I'm so far away. I miss finding fashion and sitting down and talking about nothing with a nice cup of ice blended mocha from coffeebean. I definitely miss those KTC sessions!

My salsa friends! Who never fails to make life more exciting. People like PHELICIA! (my pinky babe!) Chin Fee(once again, now the salsa hot babe), Deborah (my primary school friend since god knows when. :D), Soong Fee (I don't know where to place you man... Salsa or SCGS? HAHAHA...), Eddie, Boon Cheong, Felicia, Clarence, Biaoda, Gary, Adeline and the salsa prince Luther! I miss those times where we will hang out even not during salsa times.

Sheesh, I guess my friends' list never ends.... Of course I have my friends from Uni! Janice, Liza, Huifen, Lauren... I don't really regard you as just my IE(Industrial Experience) project groupmates, but my friends! I hope you too regard me as one. I'm so happy to have Janice who is always there to be my listening ear. Want to let you know that I treasure our friendship a lot. Of course there's the Singapore gang, namely Tricia(hot babe too!), Eunice(Sweetie pie), Mel(Cool chick), Lawrence(Uncle), Raymond(THE MAN.. HAHAHA), Edwin(Eh... what? :D) and Jojo(Cutey!). One crazy bunch... too crazy to handle sometimes... and of course among us girls, there will always be the girly things... and Tricia with good hair tips for me! :D Erm, the Malaysian gang will include Jason, Alan, Dexter, Lawrence, Aaron, Raymond... erm, you know who you are... And of course Merry! My dear orientation group leader. Thank goodness you're there, if not I will be the only girl in the IT faculty during orientation. hehe...

My housemates? For making days not so lonely during my lonely days. :D Since Dearie left or Malaysia... :)00000000000000 My ex housemate Soumya! I miss our little girl's chat, watching tv together, cooking nonsense and listening to music and hanging out in each other's room. :D

And of course... The love of my life... Dearie.... There are always good times and not so good times. But I love you none-the-less. I'm happy that we found each other. It feels like as if it was destined. :) *muacks*

I'm sure I didn't mention everyone's names... Because there's simply too many of you! Yeah, you can complain to me... :) Oh... I realised some of my friends are repeated in another group of friends and most are girls! :D

To all who makes me a happy girl... *BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Love you all!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Meeting up with an old friend.

Haha... Ok Marie, you're in my blog this time. :p

Anyway, I met up with Marie for lunch yesterday, after being attacked by the flu bug the day before. Marie's hug was so warm! Nice girly hugs. Hee...

We decided to go to Clayton for lunch since I was quite bored of Caulfield's food, and moreover I don't know Clayton well. Went to the campus cafe at one of the libraries, which I forgot the name. Haha... Sorry man, Clayton is just tooooo BIG for me. :P I had some grilled fish with chips while she had carbonara torqilla? Did I get that right? Hehe... Was simple but NICE. =)

Went over to her place after that to hang out for a while. Been a long time since we last met? Hmmm in Dec when we were back in Singapore? Hehe... Yeah... Was fun hanging out and gossiping about a certain someone whom I shall not name. Too... Hmmm I don't know what's the nice word to DESCRIBE that certain girl... Sheesh, that girl, whom I don't know and haven't met, is out of my world and I don't wish to be associate with her.

We talked about Marie's lessons on Tuesday at Caulfield and how she could stay over at my place overnight then she can go for her Wednesday lessons which is also in Caulfield. :D Company and more girly talks.

Before I left, Marie did a little henna for my on my right hand. Pretty indiany hand. :D Dearie was like, "How come like that one?" Hee... Don't worry my love, it's not permenant.

Hehe... I know my hand isn't exactly very beautiful or smooth, but yah, it's the pretty design you have to see yah? Sweet!

Couldn't stay long because I had to meet Janice. She need to scan somethings at my place. But also couldn't stay long, had to meet lecturer and I wanted to talk to Dearie over skype for a while before I go for my night class. Hee...

When I came back, Dearie and I chatted until he went out, and I fell asleep. I miss you Dearie. Always have. I love you. Counting down to the days we meet!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sick sick...

I have been sick since Friday already... Had a bad sore throat (as in when I swallow my saliva, it hurts) and felt cold and weak throughout my body. Mom, Janice and Dearie said that I was going to have a fever. Ok... Janice taught me a remedy, eat 2 oranges with some salt. Well, the fever didn't come, but the sore throat didn't go. And it continued throughout the weekend. But luckily it wasn't so bad on Sunday when my client came over for a meeting.

After the meeting, had a simple meal with Huifen and Liza. Liza brought vegetarian sausages. I prepared "chick kut teh", stir fry veggies with dried scallops, sausage omellete. Liza helped with the cooking while Huifen did the washing after that. So touched! They stayed till about 9pm talking about girls stuff. Nice... :D

Been talking to mom and Dearie everyday too. Miss all. Can't wait to go home soon.

Shit... Pls pray that I recover soon. Need to finish up the damn programming. Hai... Pulling it off for too long. :S

Monday, September 05, 2005

Life continues

I don't know if it's a new chapter. Things are back to rosy once more. I like things the way it is now and I hope it would last forever. I've been thinking about going for a holiday with my special one at the end of the year. Be united as one and appreciate everything that has happen. The past is not something to dwell on. It's not good. It's tiring to repeat saying everything. Things have to move on too... I don't want to look back. I want to look forward.

I will be graduating end of the year. No matter what I'm going home. I need to see my grandmother. She's getting old and is very sick. So many things to do but yet I have no time for all of them. I don't even have time for myself. I myself am recovering for my physical illness and mental stress.

Goal now is, finish my programming, finish my stupid assignments. Do well for exams and get High Distinctions (HD - Head Damage) if possible.

I learnt that life has many questions to be answered. When I answered them with a firm and repeating answer, my answer will always be that. But when I'm just not answering you properly, it just means that I'm confused and I am mentally tortured.

My friends (both in Aussie and Singapore), I miss you all. Forgive me for not chatting much. Too much pressure from both home and school. Sometimes I'm so mentally tortured. I do find comfort with my friends here in Aussie more. Because they are here. But doesn't mean that I do not treasure the friendship I have back home. I do. I need to catch up with every single one of you! I need to go shopping soon! I haven't been to fashion shopping for 8 months!

I wanna go home and see you dear. I love you no matter what you said. Don't ask me why. Your hugs are always so comforting, loving and warm. Our friends can see that, our actions never lie to our friends. You make the cold days warm, you filled up all the empty spaces in me. I want you to feel the same way too.

Life continues.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I have always wonder what's death is like. Like some people say, it ends a lot of misery. I wonder if it would work for me too.

I'm just all alone in my big bed, in a big bed room, with all the wonderful memories.
Can't fall asleep. Loneliness fills up the empty spaces, and there are many empty spaces.
I'm being ignore and not heard.
So many friends surround me and I appreciate it.
Nothing can help me in how I'm feeling now.
Stress, hurt, upset, lost.

I just wanna sleep forever without any worries in this world.
The world is not fair even when you put in the best to achieve happiness and sometimes at the expense of your own.
I'm just so useless and lost.
I'm just low confidence and an ugly pig.
I often envy many who never got attached before or who found someone and are so happy with them despite whatever past.
Does the past counts in the present?
Yeah, I suppose to a great extend, no matter how much effort you put in.

All alone in Australia Melbourne.
I wanna go home.
Get a job.
And earn enough money.
Then die.

That's a good goal ahead. No worries about anything else except my family who loves me dearly.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

28 August 2005

Our first year anniversary. Spent the afternoon doing sweet nothing and crapping. Went for a nice and luxurious dinner at Crown, Sante's buffet. Walked around boring, peaceful and quiet Melbourne. Seeing youngsters roaming the streets scares me. Decided to go home and make egg tarts for one last time before he depart for Malaysia on Monday night.

Was funning making the egg tarts again. This time we made the crust thinner and made more fillings. Turned out nice and sweet made with lots of love. Simple lovely things make us happy. Who says a romantic candle light dinner is a must?

29 August

Well, I had stupid lessons which lasted the WHOLE DAY. That makes me have less time with Dearie. Ate out for dinner Made sweet things for each other and spending quality time.

30 August

Dearie went for interview at Arrow on Swantson. I think it went not too bad, except that Dearie was nervous. Got asked to go for a second interview.

Had a cheap $3.90 crispy chicken rice. Went around city to buy gifts for Dear's friend back home. Dearie bought me a Penguin soft toy for me to hug to sleep. And in return I bought him a box of Darrell Lee chocolates.

Rented a Nissan Pulsar to drive Dear to the airport later. Picked Jason up, drove around Carnegie because of Jason, burn more petrol... BLEAH... Went home to pack dear's things. Then pack the stuff into the car. Went for dinner at Derby Thai. I had chilli fried rice while dearie had fried rice.

Went home to rest... Dearie and I spent the last half hour together. And I cried. BLEAH... Picked Maya up and Dearie drove to the airport.

At the airport, Jason secretly took our photo. Ok, then later we pose for a picture. Then he took a picture with Maya.

Had a little time before it was time for him to go in. We just hugged, he told me not to cry, be strong, 3 months will pass very fast and we will meet again to go for holiday together. Tell me how not to cry? Eyes were already fast filling up with tears.

Then it was finally for Dear to go to the plane. Eyes were filled with tears and stupid Jason told me not to cry. Suddenly when the door shut behind dearie, I just wanted to pour all out, then Maya patted me on the back. Suddenly, I remembered I had to drive home. Stopped myself from crying.

Maya said she wanted to eat something since she haven't had dinner. Went to McDonalds to try the new Cajun McNuggets. Maya said that it was not bad. Spicy. Hmmm... I didn't have the mood to eat.

Drove Maya home. Then drove home to an empty house. Got into my big empty room and my eyes started to pour like rain. Tried to hug all the soft toys to sleep but none is nice compared to the real thing. Suddenly felt pain in the stomach, took the po chai pills Dearie left behind. And slept.

31 August

My first day without Dearie. So lonely. Poured again. So used to seeing him sleeping beside me and still sleeping. Woke up and see all the soft toys sleeping. Tidied the bed. Bathed... Then suddenly my phone rang! Dearie called! So happy to hear him. Time of call about 9.20am. He arrived safely in Malaysia and was on his way home. Reception was bad. Had to hang up. Took the car out, return library books. Went to Carnegie to buy fruits and veggies and some chicken and fish.

Came home, had lunch, then went out to return the car. After returning the car. Took the train home. Sat at our favourite seat. Sighz... The feeling is so different. Loneliness, no warmth, no hugs. Sighz...

Reached home and had to go to uni for meeting. Then went for lessons. Then went for meeting again. Then suddenly had this painful feeling in my stomach. Must be the Derby Thai food. Had the same feeling the night before after eating it.

Came home. Mom called. chatted for 1 hour plus. Then I had my simple dinner. Then took the po chai pills again. Then called Dearie. Webcam with his family. hee... Showed the bed, the room and the soft toys.


Not much happening yet I suppose. Cleared the recycled stuff from the kitchen. Empty the rubbish, pushed out the bins for collection tomorrow. Chatting with Dearie, web camming now. Ate egg tart for breakfast. Having herbal chicken soup for lunch and dinner. Then programming for the rest of the day I guess.

Dearie... I miss you every single milliseconds.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Farewell dinner

Yesterday was quite a sad day I suppose.

Dearie and I had coca cola chicken for lunch. I won't say that the dish completely failed, but the pot was one hell of a job to clean. So much burnt coke stuck onto the pot. ARGH...

Dinner was at Kimchi Grandma at Carnegie. A farewell dinner for both Jason and Dearie. Alot of people turned up. Lets see, Dearie's IE project group, Dexter, Lawrence and Alan. 2 or 3 of Jason's friend, this guy we met at Gramphains (forgot his name :P), and 2 girl (forgot their names too. :P). Merry, our uni group orientation leader. Dearie's and Jason's friend, Calvin, Mr Z (this indian guy. :P), Eugene (ZR), June (ZR's gf), Eric. Ee Leng, Mun Yee, Maya and Jason's cousin (f0rgot name... ). And not forgetting Dearie's friend, Keng Wei and Jonathon. Let's say we had 21 people in Kimchi Grandma lah. :S

Had a feast again, one hot pot, bul-go-gi (pork, chicken and beef) and sweet potato noodles. And I'm going to grow FAT FAT FAT! HAI... Merry actually thought that I became skinnier! *blush* so shy... haha... but anyway... it didn't really felt like a farewell dinner. So many people. The atmosphere was just too noisy.

Sad... very sad... only 3 more days. :(

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

High Cholestrol!

Haha, yeah.. Dearie and I had Butter Prawns for dinner last night! Yummy... It was Darling's idea to have butter prawns.

So, firstly, you have to DEEP fried the prawns.

Dearie deep frying the prawns Posted by Picasa

Cook all the prawns and put them aside. Then it's time to make the sauce!

Melt 3 tablespoon of butter in 5 tablespoon of oil. Then mix in 1/4 cup of milk and stir them together in ONE direction only. Add in some chilli padi and soy sauce and a little MSG and sugar.

Making the butter prawns sauce Posted by Picasa

After everything is nice and lumpy and the egg is cooked. Add in the prawns and mix them well.

Putting it all together Posted by Picasa

Continue stiring Posted by Picasa

And dinner is served!

Our meal... Rice, veggies, Butter Prawns, egg white with onions and the left over gravy from the Mud crab. Yum.... Posted by Picasa

Ok, the main dish is the prawns ok? I don't need to teach you how to fry veggies right? We watch Godzilla while eating dinner. Simply love it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Beautiful Weekend


Didn't eat much lunch/food for lunch. Woke up at almost 12. Haha... Was saving my stomach for dinner! It's Mel's birthday! In the end, I had milo and some biscults and Dearie had instant Indo Mee Goreng. :P Mel was going to treat us dinner at Blok M, an Indonesian restaurant at Prahan. Is quite near Chapel Street, at Commercial Road. Heard it's accessible by Tram 72. Hmmm...

Anyway, the food was great! Or should I say the company made the evening a blast. The food was like normal malay food back home. The dishes are beef bee hoon soup, oxtail soup, lamb curry, deep fried catfish, fish in tomato gravy, "chaota" sotong, chicken satays and chicken skin satays. Don't ask me how to eat the chicken skin, it just went into everyone's stomach! Haha... All the saturated fats are in our body that night. :P Had a little white wine too. It was a feast I tell you. And of course, what's a feast without laughter and jokes right? :)

On top of that, the boss of the restaurant came out and gave a little performance for Mel! Haha... It went:
" Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Mel Mel (Miao miao... hahaha)
Happy Birthday to you..."

We were like the main attraction in the restaurant for the night. Haha... And Mel was suppose to sing us a song! But she was so shy, so Raymond helped her out and sang 2 songs! "Stand by me" and "My Way". I wonder why he chose those 2 songs. Not really related to Mel right? Haha... :P

Went over to Yih Hong's place and there was surprise awaiting for Mel! Li Ying (Yih Hong's younger sister), baked a nice orange cake with orange icing and chocolate topping topped with sliced strawberries. Was really nice. I guess it was baked with "LOVE". :D

Oh, they had a black cat named Oreo! Was so shy and so cute. Hmmm... It kinda look like the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch. Hehe... Except that Oreo is much cuter. Oh, it's a he btw, and still a kitten which is really quite big. On it's way to become a cat. Oh... I should say, the cat has become a eunoch. Poor thing. :S


Woke up late as usual... Dearie and I had planned to go to Springvale to buy seafood to bake! As in make it like BBQ.

Headed for Springvale at about 1.30pm. Had a Shanghainese lunch. Duck noodle soup and hot and sour soup. Ehhhh.... The food was not good at all. Will not go there again I guess. Or maybe, we just ordered the wrong kind... :S

Walked around the complex at Springvale, bought a cup (like the bubble tea cup size) of sugar cane. MAN! It was $3!!!! Grrr.... Even Newton is cheap and we're complaining that it's expensive. BLEAH....

We had planned to buy crab, prawns and calamari. Went around looking for the best bargain. Bought 1kg of Banana prawns, 700 grams of blue crab (look a little like flower crab except that it's blue in colour), bought one calamari and one big live Mud crab. Haha... Don't ask me why we bought 2 types of crab. We were just PLAIN GREEDY! hahaha...

Later, we went hunting for the best tomato sauce and chilli sauce. Haha... You know, different got different taste! Bought Maggi chilli sauce, Maggi chilli and Garlic sauce and Kimball's Tomato sauce. Haha... Oh, we also bought the traditional thai sweet chilli sauce too! Hehe... :P As I said, we were greedy. :P

Went home and Dearie play Doom3 on his Xbox for awhile. I couldn't stand 3D games, so I took a nap beside him.

Then it was time to work. We "deshit" the prawns and stuff it with butter and garlic, cut the calamari and soaked it with butter and a little salt, as for the blue crab, we bathed it with butter and a little onions. Oh... and we SLAUGHTER the MUD CRAB. It was so poor thing, because we couldn't kill it at one shot. It die a slow and painful death. Then we decided to chop it into 2 so that it can die instantly. :S

Dearie cook the mud crab while I "BBQ" the food with our oven. Hehe... Imagine the feast Dearie and I had! Haha... So greedy man... Watched Star Wars Episode 1 while eating.

Life's good. :D But oh shit, I have been eating UNHEALTHLY! :S BLEAH.. Time for school now. *groans*

Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's never fair in this world.

As usual, I was feeling down and upset over some incident and I felt much better after talking to Mom about it.

I really hope that time will pass soon. Let me get out of here and go home to those who loves me. (ie. Family and friends). There are those I don't wanna see anymore in my life. I don't wish anyone to talk about it and you will know if I don't wanna know you anymore.

Anyway, on the cheerie end, it's Mel's birthday celebration tonight. Am very excited because I haven't seen my Monash SG friends for a long long time. And I do miss the times we had fun together. *smiles*
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You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

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You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You're Attractive:

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Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Respected?"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Portuguese Egg Tarts Anyone?

It was one fine Sunday. And I was just packing up the room while Dearie surf the Internet as usual. Then he stumble upon a website showing you how to make various food and was so excited about eating egg tarts.

I too got excited and said we shall make it "today". So we went to the supermarket and got the thigns that we need to make the tarts.

Bought the muffin tray, eggs, cream cheese. Paid for it and immediately went home to start work.

First, we made the egg filling. It is made up of 1.5 cup of full cream milk, 4 eggs, half cup of coarse sugar, all beat up and well mixed.

The filling Posted by Picasa

The crust is made up of 1.5 cups of plain flour, 250 grams of butter, 3/4 stick of Philly cream cheese. Do the rub-in method and make it into a dough. Divided it equally into 12 small balls and put them into the muffin tray and use your fingers to make the crust shape.

The crust Posted by Picasa

Then it's time to fill up the tarts!

Dearie filling up the crust Posted by Picasa

Finally the work is complete...

Work completed Posted by Picasa

Time to bake the tarts!!! Yummy....

Into the oven Posted by Picasa

Bake the tarts at 190 degree celcius until cook like what we have here! Tada!~

Fresh from the oven Posted by Picasa

Let the egg tarts cool down and the filling will subside.

Onto the plate Posted by Picasa

It was the best egg tarts ever. Haha... Coz it was made with love. :P

The normal egg tarts may be next! Hehe...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Anyway in for a hakka song? hehe...

This morning was a really terrible morning. I woke up twice because of stomach pains. First at 2am, coughing and wanting to vomit badly. Couldn't sleep and was lying on the bed in a crouching position like a tiger. This time, I knew it was not gastric because I already taken my gastric pill after dinner after feeling something weird in the stomach area. Didn't want to take any more medicines. Went to the toilet and tried to puke. Squat at the WC, almost fell in the toilet. Almost wanted to sleep at the toilet too. Until I couldn't take it anymore, Dearie gave me a bottle of "Po Chai" Pills. Felt a little better and fell asleep.

But the pain came back at 5.40am! This time, I was in really great pain. Went to the toilet again to puke, nothing came out. Went back to the room, took the plastic bag, and started to vomit a little. Took the po chai pills again. Slept until... Dearie left for school.

Lets just say I got a weak stomach. Prone to gastric, stomach pains etc...

Had sushi for lunch. According to Mommy, bad choice. Sushi rice was cold. Not so good for stomach. To think that it was not oily. Hai! BLeah... Bumbed into Mel and Eunice. Felt so good to see them. But couldn't talk much, had to catch the bus. Accompanied Dearie to Clayton to check out the migration agent recommended by his client, but could only make an appointment. Oh well...

Rained in the afternoon. Best for naps. And SHIT... Programming not completed. HAI... I hate my life this semester.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Honey Baby's birthday!

Well, this entry is really quite LATE... But better late than never!

Celebrated baby's hatchday on Wednesday. Made the gingerbread man dough the night before because it requires to be set down before putting the dough in for baking!

Woke up quite late in the morning and had a really simple lunch and I sat down to make the gingerbread man. Haha, I dare not take the picture of the dough before it went to the oven. It sure looks ugly and not appetising. Hehe... Looked like a GHOST! Hahaha...

We went out for dinner after my night class with some of his good buddies, namely Alan, Jason and KengWei. Was Alan's birthday the day before. Oh well, celebrated together lah. :) Went to Link Control, a cafe along Swanson Street and met Henry and a Shanghainese guy(forgot the name) :P Had Hot Mocha and hot chocolate and let the boys catch up while I sat there like a little girl trying to breath between smokers. Yeah, if you guys know, I am allergic to smoke. :)

Anyway, back to the MAIN THING... I made a few Gingerbread Men... And it came out like this!

Gingerbread family! Posted by Picasa

Haha, I didn't intentionally make 2 big ones and 2 small ones. I made the one on the left first, followed by the one 2nd from the right. Felt that the first one was quite a disaster, so modified a little and out came the 2nd one.

The skinny boy, 2nd from the left was my 3rd gingerbread man. A little too skinny according to Dearie. The last one, on the right, is suppose to be gingerbread devil... But dearie, and even Cuilin thought that it looked more like Gingerbread bear. BLEAH... ok, at least I tried... I gave up making shapes and started to make cookies with the rest of the dough. :)

Fresh from the Oven! Posted by Picasa

Putting the buttons in Posted by Picasa

And hey! It takes some skills to put in the buttons before the cookies becomes nice and crunchy!

Nicely Done! Posted by Picasa

Hungry anyone??? hehehe....

Into the box for crispiness! Yummy... Posted by Picasa

Yeah... I still got the cookies left. So fresh, so nice... wah hahahaha... Who cares if it's out of shape? It's DELICIOUS. Oh, the Gingerbread family is still intact. Cannot bear to "kill them" hehe... :P

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Check out this Hokkien song...

It's pretty funny...

This week been loads of ups and downs as usual. Nothing new. Having headaches, bodyaches, all sorts of aches lah... :)

Anyway, was Dear's birthday on Wed. Had a little celebration and I made Gingerbread man(well almost look like one...) for him. will post it later.

cheers everyone. :)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Roller coaster

It has been a bizzard week for me. A lot of ups and downs. I guess there were more downs due to the opening of school. Been a little down, but have picked up myself with a lot of help from my mom. And of course my supportive Dearie who is already vex with the Masters Program. :)

Can you imagine that I already know all the assignment details to be done this semester? gees... I really don't know how. The worst part of that my Industrial Experience Project is really scaring me. I'm so scared of this project. I'm so scared that I cannot complete it in time. All the programming are now on hold because my group member and I are stuck. Especially implementing Paypal into the system and doing backup database. So many problems and yet we cannot get our supervisor to meet us to discuss the problems. Why is it so difficult to choose a time that my group gave and give us a time that is way out of my group's availability to meet up? Sighz, I hope nothing crops up on Monday's meeting. I hope everything will be settled by then.

I think everyone knows that the new Harry Potter book is out. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ok, I admit I don't really read story books though I very much would like to. Am too lazy, or should I put it in a nicer way that I'm just too busy. But hey! I do read the newspapers. :) *big smile*

From what Wanxin told me, Dumbledore died in the story and that Snape is actually Voldermont's follower. Well, I'm not sure, but I read from this website Dumbledorei s not Dead
that that is not true. It's in fact Dumbledore asked Snape to do so. Oh well, I do read, but don't feel like carry on reading. Got a lot of other things to do. Haha... So update me about this yah? keke Oh, found this website too... Enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Found this somewhere... Thought of posting it

Message: Message: Message: Only real men know how to treat the woman he loves. This is the sweetest thing in the world.Read, Learn, and Put into good use. - I'm not too sure about this, but here it goes...
  1. Tell her she is beautiful, not hot. [Yeah, it shows that you love her, not her body]
  2. Hold her hand at any moment even if it just for a second. [It shows how much you appreciate her presence]
  3. Kiss her on the forehead. [It's a loving gesture, helping her feel secure]
  4. Leave her voice messages to wake up to. [even SMS or missed-call will do... Nothing can beat waking up to the voice/message of your loved one]
  5. Always tell her how beautiful she is, no matter what she's wearing. [Again, it shows how much you treasure her]
  6. When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. [sigh... need I say more?]
  7. Recognize the small things . . . THEY USUALLY MEAN THE MOST! [it's the tiny bits and pieces thatcount]
  8. Call her baby.
  9. Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is.[trust me, girls love it when guys sing to them]
  10. Pick her over all the other girls you hangout with. [Yeah, and show her to them]
  11. Write her notes. [to make her feel that she's always on your mind]
  12. Introduce her to family and friends as your girlfriend. [it shows how much you want her to be a part of you]
  13. Play with her hair.
  14. Pick her up, tickle her and play-wrestle with her.
  15. Sit in the park and just talk to her. [you never know what will she say]
  16. Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, just tell her jokes. [but make sure that it's the right time for jokes] - So true, even if she don't reply, she's listening
  17. Throw pebbles at her window in the middle ofthe night just because you missed her. - I think this is quite rubbish
  18. Let her fall asleep in your arms. [sigh...heaven...]
  19. Carve your names into a tree. [for memory sake] -Poor tree
  20. If she's mad at you, apologize because SHE is always right. - Not all the time the girl is right, I think understanding each other is more important
  21. CUDDLE.
  22. Bring her flowers just because u love her.[although some girls will say that they hateflowers, but still, chances of them being touchedis very, very high]
  23. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone. [this means a LOT to her,andit shows a lot about you as well]
  24. Look her in the eyes and smile.[Believe me has its own magic]
  25. Let her take as many pictures of you as she wants. [you trust her, don't you?]
  26. Slow dance with her, even if there isn't anymusic playing. [but don't step on her feet too often]
  27. Kiss her in the rain.
  28. If you r in love with her . . . tell her. [of course! unless, of course, she's already with someone...]

Girls - Repost if you think its true Guys - Repost if you would treat a girl like this

Friday, July 22, 2005

What I want

Got inspired from Soong Fee's blog

What I want (literally)
Dance (Hopefully can dance with the one I love)
Grand Piano

What I want in life
Complete my piano lessons
Complete my degree
Making the people around me happy
I want to be happy too
Go for facials
Go for spas

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Lets see...
Watched Fantastic 4, House of Wax and World of the War on big screen.
Watched Initial D on DVD.

Life here is nothing interesting. Don't feel like blogging much. Lessons started...

Hai... signing off now.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

School's starting on Monday

Gees, holidays really fly fast and I'm starting to feel the stress pouring in. Haha.. I guess it's the consequences of enjoying too much. But I shall take life as it comes, be it good or bad.

Heidi got injured last night. She hurt one of her legs while being overly excited and jumped around and don't know what she hit. Dearie and I were in the bedroom then. She whined so loudly for the whole night. We went to see what happened. Poor thing, she's in great pain and yet she wanted to stand up and licked me when she saw me. Her tail still wagging very fast. I just felt pain for her and "sayanged" her and tried to make her calm. But I guess she don't understand what I mean. Hope my housemates will help her heal her injury soon. She whined this morning too. Sighz...

I guess I will be back to my stressed life again on Monday and hear more complains from me. Haha... I love my holidays. Mom made me so happy. :) Love her.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Went to Soong Fee's blog and came across this site, And it tells me:

"Alethea, Your ideal job is a Chef."

"Lihui, Your ideal job is a Trained Assassin. "

"Alethea Ng, Your ideal job is a Lap Dancer." (What's a Lap Dancer?)

"Ng Lihui, Your ideal job is a Muppet Impersonator. "

"Ng Lihui Alethea, Your ideal job is a Playing for a soccor team. " (And I hate playing soccer)

"Alethea Ng Lihui, Your ideal job is a Playing for a soccor team. "

Haha... Stupid... Tell me which of these fit me?

Received my results. Not what I wanted. Have 2 distinctions and passed the other ubject. I really wanted a high distinction. :( And Daddy is pressing me to do honours again. Don't know if I'm up to it. Sighz...

Other then that, life's been good to me! Except that I'm lazy to do my work. :P

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Holidays! Well, it's almost ending...

Okies, been quite sometime since I last blog. Have a good reason for that! Mom was in TOWN! *HAPPY ALETHEA* Well, she came on Sunday evening and we had a big feast for dinner. Dear and I had specially went to Springvale to buy fresh fish and prawns for cooking. Well, we had steam prawns(cooked by Dearie, using his special recipe) and steam fish(I prepared that, was ok lah, but Dearie and Mom liked it a lot. hmmmm)! and of course we had stir fry veggies. Had such a wonderful dinner and time chatting with Mommy.

4 July
Woke up early and had breakfast with Mom and chatting until was time for Lunch. The 3 of us had sushi lunch and then headed for the City to find out about the Day tours around Victoria. Yeah, I'm here almost a year now and I haven't been travelling much...

Was at the Day Tour agency for sometime as we were deciding which tours to take. After which we went for a NICE dinner at Dragonboat, Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown. Bought some egg tarts and went home to watch DVDs.

5 July - Kuala Conservation Centre, Warrook Farm and Philip Island!
Went to the Kuala Conservation Centre and saw... Of course saw Kualas... lazing around... I learnt that the name Kuala means no water or not drinking water. Because a kuala gets their water from the Eucaplytus plants that they eat and they don't do much work at all during the day...

Take a look at this... :

Hardworking Kualas? Posted by Picasa
haha.. yeah right "hardworking"

Kuala sleeping Posted by Picasa

oops.. sorry for disturbing... :P Posted by Picasa

Good excuse huh? Posted by Picasa

After which, we headed to the Warrook farm and saw Kangarooossssssssss and some ducks and swans which I wasn't really interested. Oh... we saw horses and lambs too.. but I can't be bothered post it up.

Introducing the main characters!

Mom and I at Warrok Farm Posted by Picasa

Good friends huh? Posted by Picasa

Stupid Roo was so snobbish to me.. :( Posted by Picasa

This stupid roo wasn't really nice to me... Had to take a few shots before it finally look into the camera for me. Grrr...

I'm really sorry that I couldn't take the pictures of the Little Penguins. Photo taking was not allowed. We were told that the flashes from the camera makes the penguins sicks and throw up. But it was amazing I tell you. It's exactly what they said. The penguins will gather at the beach and walk up the shores as a group to go back to their barrows. It's really sooo cute, imagine the little ones gather and walking as a group. Oh well, you have to see it yourself. I can't describe well. :P

6 July and 7 July - Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles
It was a darn early morning that my mom and I had to wake up. 6am perhaps? To catch the coach at 7.45am. Ah.... *yawns yawns* I still remember the coach driver's name, Neil. He was really a good story teller.

Ok, what's the difference between the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles? Well, the 12 Apostles are the land formations known as stacks which was formed along the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road stretches through several seaside towns such as Lorne(where my mom and I were dropped off for our overnight stay), Apollo and Port Campbell. Do note the word such as as there were mini towns which I forgotten their names. :S

First stop: See any surfers?

Can you see the surfers? Posted by Picasa

You can see 2 if you look closer... That's how big and high we were from the bottom... I wonder how those surfer get down there... hmmm

Same spot with my mom...

Along the great ocean road with my Mom and I Posted by Picasa

Mom and I took the overnight stay package of the Great Ocean Road. We got drop off at a Great Ocean Town called Lorne. Man.. It was relaxing... We had such a big room to ourselves! It was as big as an apartment. Fully furnished! yeah we had living room, dining room and kitchen! Of course not forgetting the bedroom and bathroom... Living room had the sofa, coffee table(reminds me that my current place doesn't have a coffee table) with a big bowl to put stuff, a TV, TV bench with a DVD play in it with some sound system thingy. Stand lamps were around. Dining room had a big dining table for 4. Kitchen was fully furnished with the usual sink, stove and cooker hood and a BIG fridge(bigger than the one I have at my Aussie home now). It comes complete with a dish washer and microwave. Other things such as the dish washing liquid for both manual washing and dishwasher were available too! Hmmm... There were all the utensils like your forks, spoons, tea spoons, tea pot, cups, saucer plates, pots and pans... Just like everything you have at home lah... Not forgetting they had those tools for baking too! Imagine that.. Oh well, as if I was going to bake something in that one night? BLEAH...

I love the bath room... LOOK!

I soaked in there for at least one hour I think. Sad, dearie didn't enjoy that tub... Some other time I guess... What else is in the bathroom? The WC, the sink and not forgetting the washing machine and laundry dryer complete with the laundry detergent! Oh well... Want me to say what facilities they have? Hehe... Tennis court, indoor swimming pool, gym, conference rooms, and something that I don't remember. Hee...

Alright, enough of saying the accomodation... About the sights. Basically, it was a relaxing place. Walking along the beautiful beach, watching children playing the "public" tramboline which cost about $2.50 for 10 mins of play. Had a really good lunch of fish and chips. Really fresh fish that were caught from the sea itself from the very day! Had scallops and prawns too. Really filling...

Asked the hotel staff to bring as to this waterfall that they recommended... The Ekrine Falls.

Me at the Ekrine waterfall Posted by Picasa

312 steps to get to the waterfall.. and not forgeting that we have to climb up again 312 steps to the "base" Posted by Picasa

"I got peace by the river... (Alethea sings...)* Posted by Picasa

Mom and I were too full for dinner.. So we went to the supermarket to get some fruit and soup for light dinner and had an early night sleep. zzzzzzz

Haa... That was it for our overnight stay...

The coach came back for us and we continued the Great Ocean Road Journey...

On the way, some of the passengers spotted Kualas! so.. we stopped! Was really an experience, seeing the cute Kualas (they are not bears btw...) in its natural habitat.

Can you see the Kuala's butt in its natural habitat? Posted by Picasa

Our first stop for the day. The tree top walk.

The bridge was a suspending bridge made of metal which is suppose to withstand the weight of 14 elephants and very strong winds. I was shivering when I was walking on the bridge was shaking as I walked. OK, I know I was from the NCC, but I still have this thing about HEIGHTS! GRRR... I'm always putting a brave front in front of cadets mah... But I'm no longer in NCC... I shall be myself. Haaa...

We didn't take picture of the highest point. Firstly, I was too scared to take a picture and secondly, there was no one else there to take a picture for us. So... We took the second best spot for a picture...

At the 2nd highest point of the tree top walk Posted by Picasa

Mom wanted to take a picture of frighten me clinging on to the sides as if I was going to fall...

My legs were aching because they were shivering with fear. :S Walk walk walk... Posted by Picasa

Finally, the ultimate stop... The...

Me at the 12 Apostles Posted by Picasa

It's nothing like seeing the real thing actually. It was really majestic, big and beautiful. I tell you, if you come to Melbourne, you really must go for this day tour.

They say there are 12 apostles... Lets count how many can you see. (One was reported that it had collapsed on 2 July, supposedly 11 left. )

How many can you see? Posted by Picasa

How many can you see? Part 2 (of course there's one big one in front of me then..) Posted by Picasa

How many can you see? Part 3 Posted by Picasa

Well, I tried to take the view at 360 degrees. What I can see that is.. So how many can you see?

That's me and mom again! From Part 1 view at a different angle. That was the first angle we saw actually. :)

me and Mom Posted by Picasa

Because we arrived at the Apostle at almost sunset... Given that it was a cloudy but nice cooling day to see the beautiful creation, another beautiful creation sighted, and I don't think it's an everyday thing. See the sun rays between the clouds?

Day light between the clouds Posted by Picasa

The next stop was the Loch Ard Gorge. The name Loch Ard was the name of a big ship that was coming from England to Australia way back in the don't know when. It crashed into the rocks just at the mouth of the gorge. I didn't see the wreck because there was no time. :(

Loch Ard Gorge Posted by Picasa

Well, the rocks are made of limestones.. If you know your Physical Geography, limestones are made of marine minerals... So tell me... What do you see here?

Can you see a whale like shape somewhere? Posted by Picasa

8 July
Rented a car and brought Mom to see Clayton campus. Haa... She wanted to see it, and I haven't see the whole campus myself. And it was a really big campus... Nothing much really... OH well...

We went to Springvale, the place where most of the groceries are cheap. Had so much fun buying the groceries and planning on what to cook for dinner. Had a nice white pomfret for steaming for dinner. And time just flew like that so fast at Springvale... Hee... Brought a lot of fruits and some fish.

We then headed for City to buy my long awaited jacket from Giordano. Heee... I really like it, you can see it in the next day. I love it. Well, kinda looks like Tricia's jacket. They ran out of black in my size! Well, I'm not really wearing my size. It's a size too big really. Hmmm....

Home for dinner and relaxing... :)

9 July
We went for the City tour on this day. Took the tram bus around city. Don't say that I have been in Melbourne for almost a year now, and I should know the places around the city. Haha.. You are so wrong. As Dearie and I (of course mom was there) sat in the tram bus and listened to the commentary, we realised that the City was actually quite a big place. So many places we haven't really been into like the various parks, museum, theatres, and shopping complex. We said we'll explore it one day. Haa... Well, half a year left. Hmmm... I will tell you much we have explore later. Hee.. Take this tour if you WANT. Not really enjoyable lah. :)

We had lunch at the Crown food court. Sheesh, expensive food court food man. Dearie and I shared a bowl of Tom Yam (I wasn't really hungry that time...) and a crispy chicken sushi while Mom had indian food, which she couldn't finished. Dearie and I helped her a little. Ok, so the portion of food here in Melbourne is quite large... Oh well...

We also went on a cruise tour. Man.... Don't take it.. I can't describe to you how boring it was. Ok... One man fell asleep during the cruise and we pay some money for it. Aiya, in conclusion, don't take the cruise. :P

The rest of the time before our next attraction was like 3 hours later? We walked around and the weather was not really nice, rainy and cold. So, went into a cafe and 3 of us shared a strawberry tart and a Choc Mocca cake. Mom had black coffee, Dearie had hot chocolate and I had cappucino. Chatted and lazed around. Went to Crown for a while... walk walk walk... till it was time for....

The Tram Restaurant!

The first thing I saw this:

Dinning in set in the tram Posted by Picasa

And this:

Appetiserszzzz Goose liver, jelly and cream with crispy crackers Posted by Picasa

And this:

Mommy waiting for food Posted by Picasa

More waiting, and Mom took this:

Me and Dearie's blury image Posted by Picasa
I kinda like the above picture, but the lighting wasn't so good. Oh well.. :P

After dinner, the head waiter took this for us:

see the "Big" dinning space? Posted by Picasa

And that was end of dinner... Sorry, we were so hungry by the time the food arrive that I forgot to take pictures of the food and desserts. Well, Mom and I had steak while Dearie had chicken. Butterscotch Puddings and Chocolate Mouse on waffers for desserts.

10 July
Rented a car and brought Mom to buy her favourite Melbourne's bread, Bakers' Delight. Helped her to pack her stuff and Dearie and I sent her off to the airport. Dearie drove. I cried, I was sad. Missing mom...

Made used of the car to go to Ikea to buy a long awaited TV bench for the house and side table to have our food in the room, which now maybe temporary in the living room while my housemates continue hunting for a coffee table.

Watched DVDs and sleeeeep and dreaming of Mom... :)