Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ahhhhhhhh.... 1 more day!!!

Tomorrow will be the day I've been dying for! I'm going see my Darling in more than a month! I miss him so so so much... Time pass faster! Woooooooooooo I can't wait to see him! Hee... Opps.. I forgot I still have a lot of housechores to do, which I'm too lazy! Wah hahaha.. For obvious reasons... Hee....

Right.. Lets see... I met Helen for dinner. Had Sakae sushi for dinner.. Yum... Wah... I can hardly write my blog properly. I'm filled with excitement. Hehe.. haha... I come back from KL then write again.. hehehe

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

In a really good mood!

Opps.. I didn't blog yesterday... Well, it was a highly anxious day. I was eagerly waiting for my exam results. Out of 4 units, I had 3 confirmed pass units. I am VERY sure that I couldn't have failed any of my subjects. It was the subject that I studied most for. I really had a hard time coping with my exams really. I had 3 papers in 2 days. Was like consecutively having exams without having a break. I ALMOST DIED. Am glad it's over. I know I cannot expect great results.

Anyway, besides my eagerness, I went jogging in the morning, talked to my DEAREST DARLING online. Hee... And chatted with Luther, Chin Fee, Pheli, Adeline, Dan... OMG.. I just got confused who was who.. hehe... Ok.. To say it simplier, the Salsa Gang. The Salsa gang is planning a Christmas party at Riz Carlton. Having a Presidential Suite. Pot luck Party with I think LOADS of Salsa.

Went to the dentist in the afternoon. My appointment was 12.30pm, but only got to see him at 1.30pm. :S And I took less than 5 minutes in the room. I think everyone knows that I took out 4 wisdom teeth. I went to take my stitches on my gums yesterday. Yes! I can eat anything now. hehe...

Meet Chewpeng at 2pm, went to Funan IT Mall to get her router cum modem to split her internet connection between her PC and laptop. *Don't look at me, I don't know anything... :D Just kidding.. will help as much as I can.* She bought a laptop bag cost $98 too. :S Sheesh and it's not for herself. :S Oh well... Went to Raffles City to look at some stuff.. haha.. cannot say it here. For some people... Just in case he reads my blog. :P Chewpeng bought a Tigger Booties for her nephew. So cute! hehe.. I then headed for my Mom's office to go together to collect my laptop which I have sent for servicing earlier. I spoilt the keyboard, and I think that there's a lot of spyware in my laptop too. Now it's as good as NEW. Yeah......

Went to Orchard to catch a movie with my mother. We watched The Polar Express. Was really quite a nice movie. Makes me feel so "christmasy". Though it's a children's movie, but my mom and I agreed that we enjoyed the show. After which we headed to Newton to get some Satays and Cheng Teng. Heee....

Oh... and Today? Why am I in such a good mood? Coz I just receive my results... I pass all my subjects! Hehehe... Am very excited now. I knew that there's a mistake somewhere... But it means that I have to study smart next semester. Oh man............ PHEW..... And I'm so excited to meet my Darling..............

Shit....... my body is sooo aching......... Went jogging again this morning........ :S

Monday, December 13, 2004

Unfruitful Day..

Basically, I spent my time doing nothing today. Woke up in the morning, checked Monash email, checked other emails. Watched a little cartoon, I think it was Bayblade and spiderman. Haha.. I was so bored...

Then Darling came online... hehe.. Chatted with him for sometime... Web cam and skype. Just in case some of you don't know what Skype is, it is a program for audio conversation over the Internet. It's a good program go download it. Go to and search for skype. Was so good talking to my Darling. The day we're going to meet again is getting nearer and nearer... Wooooooo I'm just so excited. So cute looking at his cute face again with his new cutesy hair style - Thanks to the Vietnamese barber. *LOLz* Oh well... Darling was tired, so he took a nap.

Chatted with Gary for a while about the trip to KL. Woooo, am so looking forward to it. Heee... Despite all the unhappening things that happened the past few days.

Had lunch in the afternoon, watched Scooby Doo and Woody Wood Pecker. Washed the dishes, then called Darling to wake him up just in case he over sleep. Haha.. He still wanted to sleep... What to do.. Will call him an hour later. Then Pheli called to chat. Chat until I needed to go to the toilet, then called Darling to wake him up.

Then I was preparing dinner while chatting with him. Cooked rice, "you tau fu" soup and stir fried spinach with ikan bilis. Then had to put down the phone to have dinner with mommy. He called me later to continue our little chat. To find that he hasn't had dinner! Sheesh.. So was discussing what should he have for dinner. In the end, he had chicken and veggies with rice. Not too bad.. If not he will always end up eating bread with milk. My poor darling.. :(

Am feeling a little anxious about receive my exams results. Sighz.... I hope all goes well... *cross my fingers.*

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Really boring Sunday

I'm a little better today. Talked to boyfriend on the phone. He kinda know the situation now. I feel a little more at ease now than yesterday. I suppose the situation a little better. I was so vexed over so many things. I'm trying not to make anything any more difficult.

So the plan for KL trip:

24 Dec: Morning, 7am - Set off to KL
Afternoon, approx 12.30pm - Reach KL, meet bf (Woooooooo I can't wait).
- Go and have lunch together
- Shop shop, walk walk...
- Maybe teach bf and best friend to dance salsa
- Don't know if Gary is meeting his online pals
Evening, time not sure - Dinner treat from best friend's cousin
Night, time not sure - Go salsa? Maybe?

25 Dec: Morning, time not sure - Breakfast? Haha.. Don't know leh...
Afternoon, time not sure - Lunch treat from another cousin of best friend
- Shop at don't know where.
- Don't know if Gary is meeting his online pals
Evening, time not sure - Dinner with bf's parents/family.
Night, time not sure - More salsa???

26 Dec: Morning, time not sure - Breakfast? Haha.. Don't know also.. :P
- More shopping?
Afternoon, time not sure - Lunch together.... and last minute shopping?
Afternoon, about 3pm? - Return to Singapore via Train.
Night, about 10.30pm? - Touch down to Singapore! With boyfriend.. heee...

I hope all things goes well. NO... I'm not straining any friendship. Just needed to vent out some stuff. Not everyone is perfect right?

I'm so happy that Darling is such an understanding boyfriend. I'm so glad to have you dearie... I know you're fed up. So am I. But nothing much I can do but try to compromise everything. :) Love you darling......... *kisses kisses*

Fed up... Vexed...

Ok... Today was a happy day for Luther, Adeline and the rest who went to the surprise birthday party. Am glad and happy about that. Another happy thing was that my mom learnt how to make strawberry cheese cake from me. But deep inside me, there's a lot of trouble rolling in my mind and heart.

Trouble number 1:
I think I haven't been salsaing for a long time. I have de-proved so much. I feel like I'm not part of the salsa group anymore. As much as I tried to brush up, I even took beginner again in Monash just to get a different technique of dancing. What did I learn at the end of the day? Nothing. I danced with total beginners, and ended up dancing like a beginner who is better at dancing. I wanted to teach my friends salsa, at least, when I teach someone, I get to develop some technique while teaching. But I didn't get to do so because of time constrain.

When I'm back on the dance floor in Nov, I'm just told that I haven't rust much. Ok... Then later after extracting my wisdom teeth, I danced less too. I don't wanna injure myself while dancing. There's a small possibility of getting injure, but neh, I won't take the risk. Then I'm also told by another friend that I have rusted quite badly too. My steps are too heavy for the guys to lead me. He's probably right too, coz I noticed that by the time I get the guy's lead, I cannot execute the steps in time/properly. I'm a little demoralised by looking at new comers who have been in the dancing scene less than me are much better and perhaps more beautiful than me too. I feel like... To a point where I feel like giving up sometimes. Perhaps also giving up for studies. Like what I did to my piano. I gave it up for studies.

Trouble number 2:
Most of you know about my long awaited KL trip. My best friend agreed to go KL with me and then she expect my boyfriend to pay for her accomodation. The thing is that she didn't say until after we bought the tickets, which makes me very vulnerable for her to back out because I paid for the tickets and she hasn't pay me.

Then I tried to look for cheap hotels. To save money for all 4 of us who are going to KL. Then she somemore can tell me don't need to get so cheap one, because she is not so "LOK KOK" But she not paying somemore. She instead on not paying. Then I'm just thinking then why she even bother to agree with me about going to KL? I need her to go with me now, coz I don't want her to back out. I want my money too you know. Sighz...

Yeah, I did ask her to go with me. But she don't have to agree to go if she got no money. Even with 4 people sharing one hotel room, she don't wanna pay.

My purpose of going KL is to visit bf and to have fun as in holiday. She was the one who suggested when I was in Melbourne that we could go to KL for hols and also at the same time visit bf. But now, I'm just soooo...

And now she managed to get her cousin to let us stay in his house for free. And my bf don't wanna stay with us coz he say it's so weird. His house is in KL mah. Sighz.... I keep getting the feeling from her that, "Wah, you go visit bf then will dumb her aside." But I ain't that kind of person. Sigh, but that's not the point. My ideal purpose is to go out have fun together.

Then I also have another friend coming with us also. coz he wanted to go KL for holiday for a long time already but my this friend and best friend dont know each other.

The situation like so difficult. We booked the hotel already. Only after booking then my best friend managed to get her cousin to let us stay in his house for free then now bf don't wanan stay together at all.. initially, 4 of us, bf, me, my friend and best friend share one room and I'm prepared to pay for best friend's hotel share somemore. Then now, since we don't want hotel already, she expect bf to pay for her meals. I just feel very fed up. Meals so cheap she also don't want to pay. And obviously I don't want bf to pay for her, I don't mind paying for her.

Moreover, we've bought the ticket to go KL already if she don't go, the ticket is wasted. And I paid for the ticket somemore and she haven't pay me back. The situation is the most difficult for me. I called bf just now, he's like quite fed up also, everytime change here change there. The most paiseh thing is that it's his father who went through all the trouble to book the hotel for us. He went to all the hotels in KL just to find a suitable price rooms. Unfortunately all the hotels are fully booked, even the not so popular ones. Only managed to get Park Royal hotel, which I think it's a 4/5 star hotel. Sighz. It was the best his dad could get for me.

No point talking to her about the problem, she will just say that she will back out of the trip then she haven't pay me. I can't like ask her to pay first, she just comment that she don't have the money now. I'm so vexed.

Then just now bf said, he might as well spend time with his friends, coz now we're going to stay at her cousin's house for free right? I can't force him to do things that he don't want to do.

What's making it hard for me now is that my best friend got another older cousin also in KL, who wants to bring us out for a meal one of the days during our stay and the cousin who's house we're staying might bring us out for a meal too. It's really nice of them. But Bf hear already, like he was the one who was suppose to bring us out. but... then he said "then maybe he should spend time with his friends" I was hurt. But I can't do anything. I feel so helpless. There's nothing anyone can do anything too. then now is that I dont know when the cousins is going to bring us out. then I also cannot tell bf... hai......... No plans no nothing...

We will be in KL from 24-26 Dec and I was hoping to spend Xmas together. As 24 dec, bf will pick us up then go for lunch together. Then he asked me, what am I going to do on the 25. I said I hope to meet him. Then he replied, 24 we're meeting already what. OMG.

I really feel bad, coz his dad went through a lot of trouble to get the hotel for me. Because of me he had to do this. Sighz... I feel like I've given his parents a bad impression.

What to do.......................

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Boring days...

What can I say about yesterday? Hmmmmm... It was a rainy day... Spent most of my time watching cartoons on Kids Central and chatting online. Chatted until Chinny Baby came online and jio me go watch movie - Bridget Jones Diary, The edge of reason. Almost couldn't make it because of the rain man. But heng ah.. Didn't rain, anyway, Chin came in a cab and we shared cab to go to The Regent Hotel first to dump her stuff in her mom's room. Then off we head to Great World City in a cab again. It was pouring quite heavily.

Got good seats... Not many people went to watch movie. Oh well, it was a Wednesday afternoon afterall. :D Was quite an enjoyable movie. It's about this journalist, Renee Zellweger, who is looking for love. Her ex lover was a fellow journalist, played by Hugh Grant, was a pain in the butt. Seems like he still loved her but left her to settle her problem when she got hold back by the Thai authorities for trying to smuggle drugs. She was framed by good buddy's fling. The story is that her good buddy went to tell her supposedly boyfriend, played by Colin Firth, a lawyer. This lawyer boyfriend went through a lot of trouble just to clear her name. Was something to show that he still loved her a lot. Somehow, when he went to Thai to get her out, he just said that he was a messenger. :S Her buddy told her everything. Bleah.. OH... sheesh, I can't describe leh.. Just go and watch it yourself yah? :D

Evening was like spending time with mommy... Then talk to boyfriend on the phone until I wanted to sleep. And was high time for him to sleep. hehehe...

And Today...... MY BROTHER WENT TO NS! WAH HAHAHAHA Awwwwwwww Poor thing... The camp was quite BORING... No entertainment, the NS boys just stand there.. talk among themselves. I'm pretty sure that all the parents and relatives who came were bored.... Unless they had questions. Well, as for me and my mom, I guess we know what it's like in the NS. The rough idea that is. My brother and I were in the NCC mah. NS is just going to be a lot tougher. hehe...

This batch of NS that went in today are the obese.. Sheesh... All the fat boys. hehehe.. imagine, in a few months time, they will be macho men! Hopefully.. haha.. As for my brother... To his consolation, he was actually one of the slimmest man! Wah hahahahahaha... kekekeke... Oh well... He took his oath to the nation with the other newly enlisted recruits. Afterwhich, they had to line up outside the audi, like prisoners, waiting for parents to take them. Haha... Oh well.... Then we had lunch together.. Just like the days at Amoy Quee camp. :/

Oh.. I met an old friend, Edwin there too. Was an old NCC friend. Still remember me till this day. :D And he's going to Sydney next year. Can meet up. If he decides to come to Melbourne that is.

Reached mainland, went to the pasar malam near White Sands, bought Pulut Mayam, fried chempadat, some malay bread thingy. Then went to Geylang to an umbrella shop to get myself a good new umbrella, went to the post office to settle my mom's office's xmas cards stuff. Bought some Tau Sar Pia from the famous shop at Balestier. Reached home, took a nap until 8pm man. Haha.. Almost forgot about dinner............................. :P Just ate some left over curry chicken noodles and otak. Everything was soft enough for me. Had to eat everything on the right side of my mouth. Hai.. Poor me. :D

Chatted with my dear dear DARLING again. hehehe... Oh.. Finally the strike is over. Hopefully they will release all the results. :S Keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Monday, Tuesday....

Monday monday.... We woke early in the morning, waited for Chewpeng and we went to Cold Storage together to buy ingredients to make Strawberry Cheesecake and Fruit Jelly. We spent about an hour in the supermarket. The hardest to find which the graham cracker crumbs. Hee... Oh well... bought bubble tea home and had lunch together.

Started work at about 1pm. It was fast to prepare, though we had to use a lot of strength beating the ingredients together. Baked the cake for an hour, letting it cool took a really long time... Then letting it chill in the fridge took another 3 hours. Sighz..

While during these long process, we made the fruit jelly. Boiled water and made the gelatin, put the fruits into the jelly moulds. Made about 2 ++ boxes of jelly. hehe...

Ate as much as I could that day coz Tuesday is the day I'm going to take out my wisdom teeth on the right side...

Tuesday........ Was the DREADFUL day...... Went to the dentist, dont know why I had so much injection yesterday. My cheek is swollen now. Sobzz... Was painful yesterday. Could feel the dentist pulling out my teeth. Yeah.. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled out on the right side. :S Had 2 stitches too.. One for the lower gum, and another one for the upper gum. :(

Went home, couldn't eat anything. Took pain killers that took such a long time to take effect. Slept in the afternoon trying to forget about the pain. Woke up at about 5. Sheesh, I could barely talk! I was like "mmmMMm mmmMMm MMMmmm" Unless Kok Fei, my brother in NCC, called me and thought I was sleeping. And laughed so loudly. Sobz sobz... Soong Fee called me about the Salsa party at Chijmes. She too thought that I was sleeping. :S

Couldn't eat anything last night too. Not even porridge. Sighz.. Had cream of chicken soup and just drink everything down. Took my medicine, then mommy came back. We went to NTUC for a while to get some stuff for my brother, for his NS. Haha.. Brother going NS tomorrow! :P

Oh well, I drove to NTUC. Then Mommy was laughing loudly to tease me. Sobzz... Coz I couldn't laugh at all. So painful. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( Oh well....

Chatted with Darling last night... Bleah... Sighz..... I miss you so much.

It's going to be Cream of Mushroom soup for lunch later! haha..

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday Sunday......

Darling msged me quite early in the morning ah.. hehe.. But I was awake long time ago. But didn't reply him coz I was busy doing some house stuff. Went to Toa Payoh market to buy some pork, chicken and veggies. According to mom, the food are a little cheaper there. Hmmm... Bought some "Cheew Kuay" and some pancakes with cheese fillings for breakfast.

Reached home and started to scan my computer for virus and helped Daddy to defrag his laptop. Laze around... Then got changed and headed for Little India for lunch. Coz this little puppy was having craving for India food... Dosai, Masala, etc... Hee... Ate somewhere near Mustafa so that we could shop there later. We had.... Erm... Paper Dosai, Masala Dosai, and Indian Donuts, and.. I don't know the names.. but it was a puffed up puff thingy and the white kuay which is a little sourish. Hee... They were ok... I ate nicer ones... Long ago. Haha...

Went to Mustafa to buy some adapters for Darling, looked for batteries for my personal alarm. Daddy almost lost patience, coz the service wasn't very good. Was only looking for batteries, and people were pointing here and there... Don't know where they were pointing also. Went round and round just to get one small stupid battery. Oh.. it's not the normal battery that we're talking about here. It's the extremely small ones. Not the button battery. Yeah.. hmmm.. oh well... the problem with big shopping centres.

Oh.. And Daddy called my cousin who's dealing with electronic products about my IPod. Oh well.. He told me not to buy yet, coz there's a new MP3 player coming out by Sony. And told me to buy a seperate hard-disk. Wanted the IPod coz I can listen music and store data mah. Convenient. But I guess... Oh well... See how lah. hee....

After Little India, we went to Ikea to buy new lamp shades for my mom's side table lamps. The old ones were dirty and... hmm not presentable anymore. Got 2 white ones, coz the ones that my mom wanted were out of stock! Sheesh... Wanted to go to Queenstown (or is it Queensway) shopping centre to look at Tee shirts to wear. I don't have anymore decent Tees to wear. Hmmm... But no time.. My uncle was already near my place to collect out old newspapers. Oh well... Some other time I guess. Sad sad....

Now am waiting for DINNER! Wooo... But first... Going to call my Darling first... hehehe....

Shopping and more shopping!!! - Saturday

Instead of heading for Union to see the salsa competition last night, I spent quality time with my mother. I think it was worth it. We went to the market in the morning and had the best handmade noodles in Singapore! Was yummy delicious. It was the one in Whampo market, the one that was shown in one of the food series on TV. Bought Nasi Lemak from the malay stall for lunch. Then went home for a while then head for the beauty salon at 12 noon.

I think my technique of taking care of my skin wasn't too thorough. Had quite a lot of oil clots embeded in my skin. Was a really painful process pinching the oils and white/black heads out and pimples. I did the AHA facial as well... Was so itchy! They said it was the skin renewing process, that's why. Oh well.. ITCHY AH....... Look like a red face girl now coz of all the extraction.

Reached home at about 4pm, only to find out that my brother ate my ta paued nasi lemak! Sad sad.. Oh well... My mom and I just had to go to the market hawker centre again to eat lunchie. Mom and I shared a plate of nasi lemak with egg, ikan bilis and cabbage. Darn! It was $2! Sheesh.. but still cheaper than in Melbourne lah. Oh well...

Reached home... rested for a while... Sent mom to the hair salon to do her hair, I went home to bum around, then pick mom up again. Folded the laundry. Help mom with cooking dinner.. I stir fried the veggies (kan na), and mom fried some salmon. We had those and pig stomach soup for dinner. Yum.....

After dinner, we decided to go shopping! Went to Bugis to walk walk... I wanted to see the skirt with the shorts sewn inside from OP, which I saw when I was with Wanxin. Hee.. Went to Seiyu to see it. Darn! They didn't have my size in the colour I wanted. Sad... Too bad lah... Went to walk around, see see look look... Then walked out of Seiyu, and I saw the OP shop! Wooo.. I got excited and went into the shop. And I saw the same skirt/shorts thingy that I wanted! And in my size! hehe.. I was so excited. I went to try and woo.. nice nice.. well, I think it was nice lah.. :P Mom thought that it was nice too. Naturally, I bought it. Hehehe.. Used my visa. :P But daddy pay. :S hehehehe...

Just walk walk... Went to those push carts shops looking for xmas presents. Saw a shawl shop, but the shawls were a little overpriced and too flowery to my and mom's liking. Went into Cold Storage to look at some sauces available. Bought some Campbell soups for next week's lunchs. Oh.. I'm going to extract my wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth. So preparing some soft food. Wouldn't be able to eat solid food. Oh well...

We walked until shopping were starting to close. And we came another shawl push cart shop, and saw more nice shawls! This time at quite good prices. I bought one for myself of course. hehehe...

Was a nice day with my MOMMY!!! hee....

Friday, December 03, 2004

Think about what you did before you say others...

Well, I know some of you heard some stories that I've been saying about my boyfriend. He's really not all that bad. It's only that one incident. Yes, it's a REALLY big impact on me, and many gave me advices. I know that I would give my friend the same advice if they were in my position and been in a relationship for a long time. Come on, we're only in how many months into the relationship, moreover it's his first and "bu dong shi". Since I've chosen to forgive and give him another chance, can those who have violently object respect my decision? I'm not saying my girlfriends, and I thank you guys for supporting me so far. The things girls do for the guy they adore. Now you know why there's a song that goes, "If love is blind, I'll find my way for you."

More about my boyfriend... He is really one of the sweetest guy you will ever know. He will do anything for his girl. He would cook for you, change his bad habits for you, anything to make you happy and satisfied again. Though it became my habit to cook for him dinners and lunches. I mean, it was a natural instinct for me already. However, there are times where he would ask me to rest and he do the cooking. There are many other thing as well... Like going out to buy dinners, or sometimes when I said I need to go home to get something, he would accompany me. Stay til late and wait for my night classes to end then we go home together. Ok.. some may say that we're in Aussie, and we only have the 2 of us. Ok.. you can do that once in a while, but not all the time right? And even in Singapore, I go home alone too what. Don't give me the crap that we're only in Aussie.. Come on.. we have our own friends... He got his best buddies whom he always hang around with. I have my own housemates, and I'm never alone at home.

How many guys out there can actually tell their girlfriend their "out of this world" truth? I've known guys who are like that.. But they do not tell their girls at all. And this is a really selfish act. But he told me... But no longer have this intentions. And I can do a lot more. I've threatened, I know some of his secret stuff that I cannot tell you. He's so honest until I have invaded into his private space. He shares practically everything with me. I know it when I have crossed the line. And I really shouldn't have crossed the line. Guys, you have no idea what we went through during this short 2 or 3 months. You may say that I'm soft hearted and I must protect myself. And our relationship is so young and fresh. I've given it a chance. It's going to be a hard road.

Moreover, his whole family knows about me. Always asking about me... How I know? Thanx to Skype. On my side, only my mommy knows about his existance. My daddy will know his existance when he comes to Singapore.

The reason why I'm saying this, is that I want you guys to know that he is not all that bad. Just that one BIG terrible mistake that he made and that I happen to found out, I was really upset. I can actually make a lot of changes. And then again, everyone needs their space. And he is really treasuring his 2nd chance a lot now.

To this guy friend who called my boyfriend names. Haven't you did enough for me? You said it yourself that you had taken advantage of me. And you conveniently stays near where we always hang out. I do NOT have the car all the time. Sad to say, my girl friends are more considerate than you. You have pissed me off already a few times. But I have chosen not to show it and be nice to everyone I know. As I tell myself, why should I bother wasting my time being angry with someone like you? I would like to be nice all the time! But being nice has their limits too! And it's not for you to take advantage of! Some other people are pissed with you sometimes too. They dropped hints at you and you either pretend not to know or just act blur/pitiful. Girls are more vulnerable to a lot of crimes, and I'm sorry girls that I have to always drop you off at Novena. You shouldn't have the benefit of getting driven home. Say people, how about yourself? Haven't you being very indecisive and insensitive to the people around you? How they react when they are with you? But yet you don't get it and always sound self pitiful. I cannot stand it, I try to understand your situation. But I just don't get it still...

No transport home? Then go home earlier to catch public transport! Like in Melbourne, though Taxi is readily available, but it's really DAMN expensive. What we do? Try to catch the train home. Unless you are willing to spend money on CAB. I'm not aiming at those who are willing/knows that they have to spend money if they chose to stay out late at night Get what I mean? I really pissed..... The irony is that you told me to protect myself, I'm now protecting myself from YOU!

And yes, how would you feel if someone tells you, "Do you think you're really in a relationship?" When you conveniently says that you think that you can give it a try? Ain't you doing the same thing as me? I do like my bf in a way, that's why we're together. I'm sure you too. There will be rocks... I shall not say further.

OK.. I have nothing else to say liao... I hope this clarifies things about how I really feel about my boyfriend.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wisdom teeh extraction.... :(

Just a little update on myself...

I had 2 wisdom teeth, on the left side extracted on Monday afternoon. Luckily that day I ate as much as I want. Hehe.. I ate chocolates, I ate anything that I could get my hands on...I had bloody gums...

Oh well... Been eating fish porridge everyday....
  • Monday evening I had fish porridge,
  • Tuesday morning I had digestive biscults with milk,
  • Tuesday lunch I had fish porridge,
  • Tuesday dinner I had fish with century egg porridge,
  • Wednesday morning I had bread with milk,
  • Wednesday lunch I had fish porridge,
  • Wednesday dinner I had chicken porridge...
  • And Today!!! I'm going to have fish porridge for lunch AGAIN!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Am I suppose to lose weight? Hmmm... I had durian cake last night though.. hehehe.. Was so nice and soft. Oh.. The other day? I had a piece of ferrero chocolate... Melted it in my mouth and bite the nut on the right side of my mouth.. Woo... hehehehehe....

Hai... I'm going to have another 2 teeth extracted this coming Tuesday morning! Ahhhhhhh Help me........................... :(


Looks like I haven't been blogging since I came back! Oh well... I see not much of a reason to since I'm back in Singapore.

Well, I have been talking to Darling everyday on the phone now. Even if we got nothing to talk about, haha.. but our conversation always seems to be interesting with no topics. :P Sounds psycho? Neh... it's call the power of love, despite whatever happened.

Came back on the 19 Nov. Hee.. In time for Chinny baby's 21st birthday. Why would I miss such an important date right? hee... I was so sly... Bleah... No one knew I was coming home except Pheli and Boon Cheong. Heard that Boon Cheong got so excited that he was dropping hints to Chinny. Hmmm... Bad bad Boon Cheong. Hahaha... :P Oh... Chinny baby was so touched and surprise until she.... hmmm kekekekekekekekekeke... I shan't say it here. Go read her blog. Haaa.... :P

Hmmm For the first week of my stay here in Singapore, I have been out everyday! hmmm Went out with Chewpeng, Wanxin, Poly friends, Salsa friends.. ha... yah... I can't remember what I did... But I know I was tired. hahahaha...

Hey for all those who haven't meet me ah.... You better! hahaha.. I'm just kidding. I just miss some of you guys! Hmm like another group of poly friends...... Perhaps like Kam, who's getting married... (sheesh), Shirley, Marcus, Jeremia, Ivy, May, Weiheng (where's my kayaking?), and many many more lah... the list just goes on.. You know who you are... So find a date that you're free and let me know! haha.. It's easier.. coz I'm always free... :P

Oh... I miss my DARLINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGg so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH............ :'( Boo hoo hoo.. the nights are so different without him. oops.. hahaha... Yeah.... DARLING......... I miss your ban mee.... I miss your ever rubbish stories.... I miss your hugs...... I miss your... erm... EVERYTHING! You know lah.. We always talk on the phone... DARLING................... *For the rest... don't puke when you see this.. :D)