Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mooncake Fest BBQ and pretty little lanterns.. *hee*

Wow, I've diligently updated my blog for the whole week! I don't think I can update myself that often when uni reopens. Oh well...

Lets see... Yesterday... haha.. I shall start from the morning. Spent the night at dear's place and we were suppose to go to Carnegie market place to buy some bread and food to cook. But I woke up at 12noon and dear woke up at 12+pm I think.. :D I was suppose to buy some pork bones to cook "Bak Kut Teh" for lunch. But... haha.. too late.. :S Dear in the end, yeah he cooked lunch, cooked some noodles for lunch while I was blogging the day before's event. The noodles were not that bad, but wasn't fantastic. But was edible, I would say that it was cooked with love. He was so funny when he asked me what to put in the noodles, because he had so much meat in his freezer. Have no idea why he bought so much and never cook them. Hmm.. Lets see, he has pork, beef and chicken in his freezer. Not forgetting his chicken burger patties and fries.

Have no idea that the day was spent away so fast. We finish lunch at 3.30pm. I did the washing up. And it started to rain. Sheesh... I was suppose to head home to do some work, but... Oh well, we chatted, brought his laundry in and we chatted and... blah blah blah... :P

Well, his laundry was still so wet. That was a problem, because he had nothing else to wear. We had a mooncake party to go to. He decided to bring his laundry to my place to use my laundry dryer. Most of his clothes became dry after using it, but his pull overs were still alittle damp. We didn't leave my place til it was about 7pm. Thanx to the rainy weather, delayed everything including the BBQ.

Reached Tricia's and Mel's place at 7.40pm. And the BBQ haven't really started. Fire started, but it was difficult to cook the food. It was still drizzling. I thought I was a little crazy last night, went out in the open without my jacket. Wasn't cold though it was 12 degrees and raining last night. I guess I have too much fats in me that's why.

Gosh, the food was good man. Thanx to Raymond who did the marinating. Of course credits goes to Tricia, Mel and Jo too, for helping out in the marinating. Raymond is really a good cook. Haha.. oops.. I feel a little shame that a guy cooks better than me. :S We had chilli "sotong", lemonpepper with orange salmon, garlic with wine prawns, chicken wing(he didn't want to tell me his secret :( ), beef which was only seasoned with salt and pepper and it was amazingly juicy and tasty, sauages and Tricia's potato salad. What a feast I tell you... I ate like a glutton. Haha.. Oh well.. cannot let good food go to waste. :P

We had mooncakes from Johor, Malaysia too. Courtesy of Siong Yin. There were green tea, 5 nuts and lotus ones. They were nice. Oh man, for the first time I saw Eunice so greedy! She popped in 2 pieces into her mouth man. Sheesh... :D Like so scare ppl would take the mooncake away from her hands. LOL... Oh, Rachel and Nichola (Tricia's and Raymond's coursemates) made jellies. Not bad, red bean and strawberries ones. Something that I have not eaten before.

Oh, Yi Hong did the cleaning of all the plates and pots and almost washed Tricia's toilet too. :D Tricia meant it as a joke. Wow.. :P Alright, Lawrence, Raymond and Tjun cleared the pit. The girls just brought back the left overs of the BBQ to the house. I felt a little bad, I didn't really clean up anything, except to bring back stuff and carry the table back. :(

After cleaning up, Tricia, Eunice, Lawrence, Tjun and I decide to go for our little lantern walk. :D Tjun and I had the orange ones, Tricia held the green one, Eunice took the yellow one and Lawrence Uncle wanted to hold the little kiddy orange one. Haha.. :P was a good scroll down the street of Waverly Road. Just the 5 of us talking crap. It was good to take a walk after a heavy dinner. Oh well..

A pity that Rachel and Nichola left a little early, because the mooncakes that Raymond bought were really nice. They were not too sweet, and not bad.. There were yam, durian and lotus paste ones. I brought home the multi nuts ones, which were not cut, because we couldn't finish. The mooncakes came with little "china" boxes, quite pretty, got each of the colours except the black one, perfect for putting in jewelleries or any girly stuff.

Dear Raymond gave us a lift home again. :) Was really a good mooncake festival last night. The best one I've been I guess, because I don't really celebrate mooncake festival back in Singapore.

Getting fatter day by day,

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sunday was a KAMAKAZE day... LOL...

Haha.. It was fun at the Melbourne Show. Sat on Mega Drop, Ghost Train and Swing. Boyfriend sat on the Mega Drop and Ghost Train with me, and he sat on Kamakaze.

The Mega Drop is the ride where the machine take us up to 400+++meters and drop us at 204km/hour. The scenery was FANTASTIC, but that I was so so scare. You have no idea... It's just like sitting on the seat with a seat belt and going up to a high level. Sheesh, I'm having cold sweat as I'm typing this. Just imagine the fright.. And when it drop us, I was like SHIT! I couldn't find my butt on my seat. I was like floating in air with the seat belt holding me down. haha... imagine... :P Ghost train was boring.. held my boyfriend so tight, and only had one fright, a boo out of no where, and the rest were just 3D images of skeletons and ghostly figures which didn't move. :S Swing was just like sitting on the swing, but was quite scary when we went higher and higher and the ride turned round and round. I was hanging on to my dear life, coz it was quite scary, though don't look that scary when you're looking at it.

Haha.. the funniest part was the Kamakaze. I refused to take it with my boyfriend. hehe.. coz is was SUPER scary! It was like Top Gun in Singapore during the fairs that we have. The ride just went in 360 degree circles for about 3 mins. Sheesh, it was DAMN bloody scary. Was outside standing and saw my boyfriend screaming. Haha. So cute.. When he came out, he was having jelly legs.. LOL. :P

We spent money like water that day. Entrance fee was $15 for students. The ride for Mega Drop was $7.50, Ghost Train was $4, Swing was $5 and Kamakaze was $5. All per person prices. Sheesh, and we played this ball game where we had to throw the rubber ball into the bucket 2 times to win a soft toy. And we spent $10 on it. Damn, and not winning anything. :( Bought a bucket of Candy Floss.. Yummy.. but it was $8.50. :S

Went to the City, Chinatown(where the best food are) to the Shanghainese restaurant, we shared a bowl of hot and sour noodles, large plate of "xiao bai chai" and wine chicken. And dinner was $17.

After dinner, we went to the Asian Grocery, hoping to buy some pork bones so that I can boil soup, but no more.. :( Bought some raisin biscults, a bottle of Pokka green tea ($3.50 man...) and a can of luncheon meat and vegetarian food each. We passed by a chinese bakery, and dear just had the craving for egg tarts, so we bought the 3 egg tarts. That was what was left in the bakery. We went to another shop to buy a snow skinned mooncake too. Pandan flavour. Was nice.. yummy and I bought some dried Philipine's mangoes. The mangoes didn't taste as nice. Oh well, maybe I bought the not nice ones. :D

That's all for Sunday... Next blog will be on Puffing Billy Trip. ;)

Monday - A trip to Williams Santuary and Puffying Billy

After playing so much on Sunday, dearie had a BIG problem waking up on Monday morning. We had to be in Uni by 9.15am, and I had to wake up at 7am, so that I can wash up and bathe finish by 7.30am, let the bathroom re-generate the hot water for half an hour so that dear can wash up at 8am. :( But he only woke up at 8.15am. While I had to cook his breakfast - noodles with fishballs, "chai xin" and fried egg. I stole some fishballs though... :P We left my place at 8.45am. and reach our destination at 9.15am. Oh well... I had the left over egg tarts from the day before. :)

We gave Merry's her birthday present - shared between Alan, Jason, Dear and Me. Was glad that she liked it. It was a gorgeous pair of earrings and necklance with 2 star shaped pendants. :) Oh... not forgetting the expensive birthday card. haha...

Our first destination of the trip was Williams Santuary. It was an hour's journey and I felt pukish. Luckily I had the dried mangoes with me to curb the feeling. It was quite a boring place at first. Was nothing but walking routes. Later then we discovered beautiful scultures of Aboriginals. Some of which was quite obscene, but that was the way of life of the people who used to stay there. The Aboriginals no longers stayed in Mt Dandenong. That's because modern people had been deforesting the place to get timber. That place is now a reserved nature park. Took a lot of pictures - group pictures as well as couple pictures. The photographer for the day were Alan and Jason. :) We spent an hour at the Williams Santuary.

Later, we headed for Puffing Billy, which is located at Belgrave. We could actually take the train ourselves and make our way there. Then again, it was not worth doing that, because the train tickets for Puffing Billy was close to A$30. :( We only paid $15 for the whole trip which includes a BBQ at Lake Emarald.

In Puffing Billy, we just had stupid talks, sit on the windows with our legs swinging out. Was great fun, will post the pictures when I have them. :) But it was an hour's ride. We reached our final destination, Lake Emarald at 1.40pm. Boy I was sooo starved. Being the "KIASU" Singaporean, I went to "chop" seats. But the China gang were faster than me, because Dear, Jason and Alan, were so slow to sit down. They were busy with what I also don't know. Maybe ogling at girls? hahaha.. :P Oh well, the BBQ had coleslaw, pasta salad, sauages and burger patties. I ate till I was so so full. Didn't really like it as I was craving for hot soups. Hee.. :P Oh, the left over of the BBQ, Vinny - our Monash International Officer, who organised the event, was nice enough to allow me to take away the food. :P *Free food... *

After lunch, we went to walk around Lake Emarald. Was like Botanical Gardens of Singapore. But this time, the weather is nice and cool and quieter too. Took pictures there again. haha.. OH well.. we left Lake Emarald in our coach at 4pm. :)

Was a nice pleasand and peaceful day. Went home, cooked steak for dinner for boyfriend and made my boyfriend go to heaven. That's what he want to me to say in the blog lah. haha.. so... hmmm I pampered him to sleep. OH well... I didn't have dinner.. wasn't hungry... full lunch. :P had some Jam Drops though.

Ok... Time to have my lunch now. Dearie cooked noodles... And he says it's super nice. Shall go and taste it now.

Adious for now!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sweet day yeseterday

Alright, I was suppose to write my blog last night. But, was talking to boyfriend, and hmmm will not say details. Oh well.. :P

Yeah, yesterday was a good day. Woke up in the morning, I had to shower, and changed. Oh.. I had my back rubbed with moisturiser for the first time. :) Had to put on make up.. blue eye shadow, cause boyfriend wanted me to. Oh well.. He looked really good. Black polo tee and this khaki pants. But the look had to be spoilt by his jacket. :S

Oh well, we were suppose to head to City for lunch, but ended up at Sunny's (Carnegie) because we left my place at 2pm. Yup, the eating places closes at 3pm for lunch. Sheesh, not like Singapore, you can find food 24/7. I had tom yam soup while he had roasted duck rice. Lunch was on me... :)

We took the train and stopped at Melbourne Central Station. Walked around Melbourne Central, and I saw clothes clothes and more clothes. Sheesh... Our main suppose was to find Merry a nice birthday present. We walked almost the whole city and couldn't find anything! Along the way, I bought 3 bottles of essence oil, green apple, eucaplytus and orange sweet, and a box of tealight candles which can burn up to 9 hours. Oh.... bought something for Pheli and Chinny.. Oh well... Can't say here.. :P

He bought some MDs and a CD-RW. The MDs are for Jason "Ge" and the CD-RW for me. To replace the one that he took from me...

Man, I saw a nice bag and a earring and necklance set. I like it.. but... OH well.. I can't buy it for myself. I'll definitely go back to City to get it.

Went to the Shanghai Dumpling place for dinner, had some noodles and dumplings. Cannot finish.. haa.. oh well.. Take away.. Cannot let good food go to waste.

Back to our main purpose of going to the City. We finally got Merry's present from Crown. Can't say what we got, just in case Merry reads this. :D Really nice present. I really think that Merry will like it. :) After which, we shared a cone of Choco Chip Vanilla Ice Cream. Wasn't the best ice cream, it was just a craving. Oh well...

At night.. hmm my houesmate Ika, reminded me of the Melbourne Show today. We are leaving the house at 12noon. haa.. and the night details.. will be spared in this blog.. :D Oh.. My boyfriend wants to me say in this blog that he's very strong. Hmmm. BLEAH...

Friday, September 24, 2004

I lost my thumb drive...

It was actually a good day today, until I confirmed that I lost my thumb drive. Sighz. All my assignments are inside, some of which I haven't back up. I'm feeling so sore now.

I was pretty excited about today. Handed in part of my assignment, with all the requirements. Was pretty good until I discovered that my thumb drive was not in my pencil case. It usually stays in my pencil case. I thought I forgot to bring it to uni. Until I came home, after shopping with Raymond and Tricia at the Asian Grocery near Campus Walk 2 and Carnegie. My thumb drive is no where to be found at all. I panicked like a mad woman, turned my bag upside down. Sighz, it was GONE!!! :'(

I'm suppose to be preparing dinner. Am already boiling the stock for the chicken rice. Hopefully it is nice. Sighz, but I have no heart to cook already. But for someone's sake, I will try my best. Sighz.. Have to go and buy a new thumb drive tomorrow. Will be going to the city too. To buy Merry's, Phelicia's, maybe Boonie's and Chin Fee's birthday present. Shit... I'm so broke too. :(


Nice day today

Oh well, it's a nice day today. My boyfriend finally msged me last night after my lesson, "Dear, when ur class end?" You have no idea how happy I was last night. Called him up, and he was playing table tennis with his buddy, Jason. Gees... And last night was so so cold. And he put his arm around my shoulder. Such a nice warm feeling.

We talked about some of things things that went wrong. Was quite angry with myself that I was such a stupid programmer. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong course. :( I just HATE programming. But I'm alright with the other IT stuff. Oh well... I'm definitely not going to take a programming elective next semester.

Alright, yesterday was not a very good day neither was a bad day. I just had this stupid problem with my stomach. Kept going to the toilet. Slowed me down in doing my work. And stupid JBuilder, so not user friendly. Ok lah, was my fault that I started doing the assignment late. But I had no choice. Have been so packed with other assignments. No, I haven't been packed dating. hmmm...

Oh well, after lecture last night, I met him. *Happy happy* We went to Malaya Cafe because someone hadn't had his dinner. After which, we caught the security bus and went to my place. And started talking out. Seems that everything is fine now.

He just left for his ITPM tutorial after eating his noodles. Almost left without breakfast because he couldn't wake up. Haha.. Oh well, who else had to cook his noodles? bleah, eat liao, leave the bowl there, went to wash his face and brush teeth. Then go. hmmm What does it sound like? haaa... Oh well...


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Here it goes...

Alright, it's now 10.16am. I'm having my usual weekly mask. The beautician said that it will help to get rid of the scars from my face. Till now, I see no results. Oh well... Sighz... How do I get rid of the scars that I've been having after having chicken pox. No, I didn't scratch my chicken pox, it just there after it's over. :( I wish I have that porcelain skin again.

Ok, about yesterday. I had my presentation. It wasn't the best presentation. I made quite a number of mistakes during the presentation. Not that I didn't prepare for it, I knew what was going on, just that when the tutor asked me questions, I was a little blocked. No heart to present properly also. Yeah, I guess I was still affected by what happened. :( I had 1.95/3. The previous presentation I scored a 3/3. Oh well.. I still have another presentation to go to pull up my marks. I think I will score. Kind of enjoy this subject, Data Communications and Computer Networks, though not the easier subjects. The assignment is a killer, no idea what it's talking about. Will figure it out soon.

Well, after my presentation I had an hour's break. Went to Coles to walk around. Bought a deodoriser for my room carpet. Yeah, the carpet is so smelly. Can smelly it when I was doing some crunches and push ups. Yeah, I do exercise. Trying to lose weight, I'm too fat. Need to lose those flabs. Oh, I bought some starburts gummies too. Just finished it this morning. Oopps... :P

Alright, it was System Security and Privacy tutorial. Was a boring tutorial, though I do learn something out of it. There were presentations by other students, some of which I didn't pay much attention too.. And I started to drift into my own wonderland. :S OH well...

Sighz, I had a dinner break after this tutorial. He will usually called me up for dinner after his gym. But my phone didn't ring. *Big sigh* Went to block K, and saw Mel. We chatted for a while. And kind of agreed that I should let him cool down. That I know, the only problem was that I don't know when he's going to cool down. And I don't know how to approach him too. :(

Oh well, lecture was on system security again. And I don't remember what's the lecture about. Need to refer to the notes. And I drifted again during lecture. SHIT LAH... I really need my concentration, but to know that someone is mad at me. Probably misunderstood me. :(

Anyway, back to some crazy stuff. After lecture, I went to Cargo then to (I don't remember what's the name of the restaurant) which is at New Quay which is near Telstra Dome which is near Spencer Street Station for Edwin's birthday. It was quite a crazy night. Edwin and I bottom's up a glass of wine. Sheesh, and he still took glasses after glasses. I had 2 glasses of wine, almost full glass. Both of which, I bottom's up. I was alright, but I was just being myself as usual. But people always think that I'm high. Which I was not, I was as RED as a LOBSTER. Oh well.. Was quite happening lah. I know that Edwin was high... hahaha... Opps.. Should have seen him. So funny... He was laughing like... hahahahhaa.. OH welll......

Raymond was as sweet as usual. Drove all of us home. In the car, I found out that my weird dream was similiar to the movie "My Princess Diary". Ok, I have NEVER watch it before. It's just so weird. Oh well...

I was the last to reach home obviously. Raymond and I had a heart to heart talk. I won't say what we said, but he said things that I would say to another person who's in my situation. Anyway, it was good to know a guy's point of view about this. Just that I haven't got the guts to do what I want to do. And I need to do it soon, I'm suppose to meet him this Saturday to go shopping for birthday presents.

Ok, I think I blabber enough for now. I will see how today goes. Till then again...


Wednesday, September 22, 2004


It's about 1.40am now. Just finish talking to Raymond at 1.15am. Feeling a little better than just now. Been lazing since Raymond left. I think I drank a little too much today. I shouldn't have bottoms up. :S Silly me... Am feeling a little sicko now.. Though NOT high.. Geees...

Oh... It was Edwin's birthday today(Raymond's brother). Went to New Quay near Spencer Street Station. We were suppose to have dinner at Cargo. For some reason, the kitchen was closed when I got there. It was only 9.30pm! Gees... Aussies are really lazy, don't want to earn our Asian money huh. It's ok.. We went to somewhere else and had a good time drinking and laughing and PIZZAs.. Yummy... I guess I was drinking down my sorrows as well...

That's all from me for now. Am feeling tired after much alcohol in me. Need to sleep... Drown my upsetness. Will blog again later what happened yesterday.

My first post

I finally got my own blog... Was just flipping through all my friends blog and decided to have one. I just needed something to vent my feelings on. Been so down these days.. :(

To start with... Alright, it's 8.40am. Have been lazing on the bed since 8am and thinking about things. The more I think, the sadder I feel. Went to check out some of my friend's blog. So.. yah, tada... I have my own blog...

Ok, I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that I was going to marry someone who was the sweetest guy to me. The guy who treated me like a princess. I never really dated him because I was saying this to him in my dream that all the guys I've dated really hurt me badly. Hence he came up with the idea to marry me straight away instead. (I have no idea who is guy is... But is someone whom my parents know. Strange... :/)

At the registry of marriage, I was so excited at first. And my groom looks absolutely charming, though not the best looking guy in the world. When it was about for me to change into my gown, I had the strangest feeling that I'm not ready to marry. I started to panick. I agreed to this guy, but on our big day, I'm going to back out.

I was so so so lost. I remember seeing my Dad with me. Asking me what's wrong, and asked me to change. He said that he got the most beautiful gown for me. (strange thing I didn't choose my own gown.) Somehow, I didn't want to see the gown. I was thinking of someone else! I was fanatically running away like a crazy woman. Everyone was trying to catch me. Something struck me that I should tell my groom that I wasn't ready to marry. I stopped running and turned around. I had tears in my eyes.

One of my newly wedded aunt kind of knew that I didn't want to marry. My mom was there too. She was shocked, but being my mom, she is supportive of me.

I walked back to where all the groom's friends and relative were waiting. I saw my groom crying! I told him that I was sorry, I wasn't ready to marry him. (In actual fact, I was thinking of someone else. *My boyfriend now*) He said, forget it. And that I will never ever be his bride again. At this moment, I woke up and felt like the most shitty person on Earth. *Big sigh*

It's only been less than a day and I miss my boyfriend so much. I know I've made him so angry. I didn't mean to. I never meant to make him angry. I just want you to be happy again. Just like the first time I saw you.

Like you said you wanted to go home yesterday when I asked if you wanted to come over for dinner. It's fine with me on normal days, but to know that you're angry with me, it bothers me a lot. :(

I wish this feeling will end soon. I'm feeling so miserable. :(

Just the other day, one of my good guy buddies was in such a bad mood. And I just gave him a virtual hug. (We've always, among our salsa gang, giving each other hugs.) And this friend asked me to hug my boyfriend. I was quite hurt. Seems like no one wants to talk to me anymore.

I'm so lost... And I know I need to concentrate on my work... Sighz... and I got a presentation today. I hope I will survive. :)