Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lost and lonely

I didn't say I don't want to follow you, but I only want to have the option to be able to travel back frequent to spot check on my young business. I'm so sad, even at this stage I'm told I'm under your consideration even after the proposal. Did I really treat you badly? I really didn't unless when we argued and I need cooling time and ignored you. How can you say you do not have friends? I thought if we can buy a house here soon, we can settle down. But I'm wrong. To you it's just like living in a pigeon hole. I really don't need you to spend money to buy me a car. I only want a home for the both of us. It's a simple request that all girls want. Sigh... Am writing this pathetic post when I'm on the train going home. I'm already so used to having you around. I look forward to our long awaited holiday to Melbourne. The Hokaiido trip to see sakura and lavender, and so many surrounding things here reminds me of you. No wherebyo vent my sorrow except this pathetic old blog. It's so diffiult to look happy but I'm dying internally. I haven't slept well. My eyes are too tired. I think I'm fated to remain like this forever.

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