Friday, January 29, 2010


張:你早就該拒絕我 不該放任我的追求  給我渴望的故事 留下丟不掉的名字

莫:時間難倒回 空間易破碎  二十四小時的愛情是我一生難忘的美麗回憶

張:越過道德的邊境 我們走過愛的禁區  享受幸福的錯覺 誤解了快樂的意義

莫:是誰太勇敢說喜歡離別 只要今天不要明天  眼睜睜看著愛從指縫中溜走 還說再見張:不夠時間好好來愛你 


合:願被你拋棄 就算瞭解而分離 不願愛得沒有答案結局


莫:終於明白恨人不容易合:愛恨消失前 用手溫暖我的臉 為我證明我曾真心愛過你  愛過你 愛過你 愛過你 愛過你 愛過你 愛過你

Zhang: You have long been the refusal of my pursuit of laissez-faire, I should not have The story I want to leave can not afford to lose the name of

MO: Time stumped back to space easy to break 24 hours of love is my beautiful memories to last a lifetime

Zhang: We have come across the borders of morality restricted area of love Enjoy the illusion of happiness misunderstood the meaning of happiness

Mo: Who is so brave that as long as today, not tomorrow, like the parting Watched love slip through our fingers also said good-bye

Zhang: insufficient time to properly come to love you,

Mo: the game is long overdue to stop airflow

All: willingness to be abandoned even if you do not want to understand the separation of love with no answer to the outcome of

Zhang: insufficient time to properly come to hate you

Mo: Henren not easy to finally understand

All: Love and disappeared before the hand warm on my face for me to prove I really love you Love you love you love you love you love you love you