Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy on the outside, but...

I'm actually a very sad person on the inside. I don't understand what happen to all the good old manners that our parents that have been passed down? It's seems like those who are nice and polite and seems to know how to be human on the outlook, they are actually very irritating, don't want to let you know. Or maybe just want to keep everything to themselves or don't want to inform you at least until promptly indirectly. Sighz... I'm actually quite hurt after the effort I've done. It seems unappreciative. Everything still evolves around money. Sorry I'm not that rich although I've already tried my best to subsidise as much as possible.

I don't see myself as a petty person. I believe my torlerance level is pretty high, but something that has been accumulated for so long, I finally throw my patience away and keep my silience.

It seems that all that was planned and agreed earlier are all talk. I'm quite disappointed that I have to find my way home from NSRCC. How can I ask another when I thought everything was settled? Really lost and disappointed but yet I have to put a strong front.

And yet I cannot talk to anyone about it. I can't even put the full story here. I have to bottle up everything if not people think that I'm bad mouthing or don't like them or whatever crap story.

Sometimes I feel that it's nice to be alone. No worries, no headaches... sighz...

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