Monday, October 19, 2009

Stop pushing me

I'm no superwoman damn it!

I'm so pissed at my demanding HR. As if they can do a better job! If so, they don't need me to be around at all! Can't they be a bit more appreciative? How did they ever become HR? No bloody PA skills at all? Do they really care about our staff welfare? PI! NO! So last minute give me the info, and they want it out by the next day? All they do is complain to my manager if I don't do the job? !@#$%^& lar! You think your things is the only one in the whole world I have to do meh? I already put it out within 2 days! Not forgetting your bloody errors you gave me and I have rectify them for you one by one? Just use what I gave you first. The improvements will come in later when I have more time! I seriously think they need to revise their approach. I'm absolutely sure I'm not the only one in the whole office pissed at them.

Why is it that I have to purchase a flat that's not within my means? What's wrong with the further away places? It's more reasonably priced. Not that I'm psychoed by people. Of course who doesn't want to stay near their parents? Am I nuts not to? I just cannot afford? And just because I cannot afford means cannot marry? I'm going to breakdown soon. !@#$%^

I'm so upset with work and family and future being. My immune system has gone down and I can't talk to anyone about it. I'll just get blast again. So frustrated, so upset, and I'm about to tear... Signing off... *sniff*

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