Monday, April 13, 2009

The pain

I'm suppose to be doing my work now... But I simply cannot concentrate on work well today. My eyes are so painful... Red and sore. My beautiful eyes are ruin.

I enjoy my work. But I'm starting to question my own abilities. Am I up to it? I'm assigned to quite a number of projects this year. I am very honoured for the assignments as I think that I was assigned to them because people think that I am capable to do so. I am very touched an honoured although I may not show it.

I'm currently in-charged of the newly re-vamp Intranet. I have done quite a number of modifications and many more to come to make the Intranet more user friendly and better in terms of ease of maintenance for users. Actions includes designing, programming, layout, logical thinking, analysing the needs.

I'm also helping out in the SQC Results team. I'm suppose to be gathering data from the Operations side. Operations include Leadership and Processes modules in the SQC proceses. The duty would include analysing how we fair and what are the loop holes or why we faultor in certain areas.

In ERP, I'm assigned to helping out in the technical section which I have a lot to catch up. I have so many things to learn and have to be extra cautious when implementing new changes/updates into the ERP so as not to disrupt users testing/usage. In whatever context you wish to call it.

Last but not least, all my daily routines. Back ups, server maintenance, users support and help, occasional purchasing. Duties include covering for Singapore, Thailand and China offices. I'm just thinking, Andy can do it, so can I.

Wow, after typing so much, I'm just wondering big time how I can manage. Esp on the Intranet which I have many more ideas to implement to ease and help the company to better manage on our product listings, updates etc.

At home, house hunting has be so difficult. If it's not too expensive, then feng shui not good, then house too small, house too old, house odd shape, house too shack, house too noisy and the list never ends. So many quarrels and disagreements.

Having type so much... I'm now feeling very useless and incapable. How many times I have bring back my office work, and thinking of my own house work... I don't know...

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Lemon Grass Princess said...

Happy belated bdae!
I just came back from Genting!!!! :P