Monday, April 13, 2009

Keep your social life and lose weight

I came across this article on MSN and I think it's all true and it's the reason why I have been losing weight as well... I will give my constructive comments in the article...

Get clubbing

Getting down on the dance floor is not only great aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, it generally means you'll spend less time standing at the bar with the temptation of buying another drink.

Eat a well-balanced dinner

Filling up around 7pm before you go out will prevent you from succumbing to pub or bar snacks and takeaway temptations later in the evening.

Drink in moderation

Opt for soda or tonic water rather than soft-drink mixers. Add a slice of lemon or lime for extra zing! Skip the kilojoule-packed cocktails for a glass of wine. One (200ml) medium glass of wine has a POINTS value of 2.

Dinner parties

If you are invited for a dinner party, it doesn't necessarily mean a night of abstinence, just a little bit of self-control.

Hold back on pre-dinner snacks

Nibble on olives in brine, rice crackers, or celery and carrot sticks with a bit of hummus. Avoid handfuls of chips or lollies as once you have a small handful, you'll develop the taste for more!

Eat slowly

When it comes to dinner, enjoy the taste of your food by eating slowly and savouring each mouthful. Chewing food well also makes sure you generate saliva that produces digestive enzymes in the stomach. Try sipping water between mouthfuls and place your knife and fork down for a break.

Fill up on vegetable side dishes

Try salad or steamed vegetables instead of garlic bread.

Drink plenty of water

When a dinner party is in full swing, wine glasses are topped up abundantly, so drink plenty of water in between to avoid dehydration. Remember it's okay to pass on topping up your glass.

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