Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7 April 2009

Yeah I have been neglecting my blog once again... I'm working on a new blog shop selling shoes... do look out for that and support yah? =)

Anyway, I just celebrate my birthday today... and I shall let the pictures do the talking...

Me camwhoring before my date with my family...

Venue: Lawry's at Paragon

The Menu

Beautiful settings... with Nice Chandellers!

Check out the french maid uniforms that the waitresses are wearing! Cute!

Sherwyn and Tjun had dinner sets... includes soup, appetizers, main course, dessert and coffee/tea...

Soup!!! Tiger Prawns and USA Scallops for Appetiser!

Main Course: Pork Rack.

What Mom, Dad and I had...

Spining Bowl Salad -> Very refreshing, must try! And California Cut with Mash Potatoes and Yorkshires' Pudding -> Very nice... can't explain.. Go try when you have the money yah?

White HorseRadish the compliment the steak.. But I think the steak taste better on its own.

Sizzling Mushrooms to share! We had 2! =)

Highlight!!! The chef actually brought out his mini "pit" to serve us our steak there and then on the spot! How cool is that!! On the spot, they will asked how we like our steak to be done and it's done there and then! Fresh... I like it... Something different from the norm...

These salt and pepper are specially done by Lawry's to compliment whatever food we had. We were recommended the pepper to be added into the soup for the extra "punch" but I am allergic to pepper. So I didn't try. Try it the next time and let me know!

One big Happy Family with a Very Happy GIRL... Yes STILL GIRL OK! :D

My mini birthday cake by Lawry's. ^^

Desert's for Mom and Dad. Very nice hazelnut chocolate!

Beautiful toilets are important for pampered girls like me. HAHA... ;)

Highlight of the day! My birthday present from my precious finaciee... A pair of Brillant Rose Diamond earrings from Soo Kee...
I'm totally touched.

A very tired Birthday Girl... One year older... Hopefully it means one year wiser too! *winks*

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