Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Unlike my other friends, I'm not really good at blogging... So... straight to the point. I did... Lasik.

Yeah, did the surgery on Sat. 28 July 2007. I went to The Lasik Surgery Clinic at Paragon. I must say that not that the service is 100% good, but at least, the girls are quite friendly, looks young and pretty but not bimbotic. *Thank goodness* I would say I'm quite satisfied with the whole thing there, except for the waiting time, it's TERRIBLE... Because it's SO popular, that it's such a crowded clinic.

First I did the suitability test which was totally FOC. They just did a few machines to test my eyes for degree, astig degree, thickness of cornea etc... And duh, they found me suitable. Oh, for those who want to do, you can probably go to them to do, since the suitability test is free. Yah, and I learnt that not everyone can do lasik. Your cornea must be thick enough to continue going for evaluation and then surgery.

Then duh again, I went for my evaluation test on the 26 July 2007. Well, they did the same test as they did for me during the suitability test but in more detail. Do Do Do... Wait wait wait, then I got to see the doctor. My Surgeon is Dr Marc Tay. Very nice, charming man, spoke softly and gentlemanly. Haha.. After see the test results and looking at my eyes under the microscope, he recommended me either to do Standard Lasik or WaveFront Lasik. Basically, I have a little astig(1.25 on each eye), so Wavefront was a better choice. But if I'm not too fussy about my astig, I could just go for standard. But of course being me, I want the best, I went for Wavefront. Evaluation took 3.5 hours waiting pls evaluation.

So, 28 July was the day. I went nervously to the theatre with my mom. Yeah, mom spend all these time with me through the lasik procedures and waitings. The theatre was cold. The nurses did warn me about the theatre being cold, so I did bring a jacket and wore jeans. They still clothed me in their sugical disposable clothes. And I had a cotton cap on to keep my hair away from my face. I really didn't like the waiting at all. I still had to wait for another 30 mins before my surgery. Imagine, I'm already in the theatre, already nervous, and they still made me wait. For what? Just for them to confirm that everything's OK.

So, in the theatre with Dr Marc Tay. I just sit on the chair, and they adjusted the chair to make me lie down in a comfortable position. First the had this plastic things to stick my eye lashes up, which at the same time stop my eyes from closing. And at that time, I thought he was going to pull my lashes out. Ha. :P Next, he put another plastic cover over my eyes to keep the other area of the eye dry and cutting a hole for the laser to laser my eyes. Next he applied this surgical equipment that holds on to my eye ball. It helped to prevent my eyes from rolling too much. Sounds scary huh? I was scared lar, esp the part where the thing was holding my eye ball, but it wasn't painful. Just a little uncomfy which I told myself to relax...

Next, the surgery. Mr Tay did let me listen to what the laser sound was going to be like. It's like just tapping sound. Nothing much. Then came the real thing. They applied numming eye drops on my eyes, and told me to stare at a red blinking light which I did... Then I went blind for a few seconds together with a buzzing sound, then my vision totally went BLUR. Then the next thing I know, I heard the tapping sound, which was the laser sound. Slowly, my vision could see the blinking red light clearer. I was excited, but scared. :P I was like a stone, didn't dare to move or blink. It lasted only a few seconds. Then Dr Tay told me that the laser was done and he was going to wash my eyes. Then during that moment, I felt that my eyes were swimming. Haha... Funny feeling. I don't know how he did it, but I remember seeing some cotton on my eye. Oh well, then I saw my cornea flipping back! haha... Yeah, then he covered my eye with a zero degree contact lens to protect the cornea that was cut for the laser. That's for the right eye... Then he did the same thing to the left eye... Haha.. duhz...

The whole package included the medical starter kit which consist of the anti biotic eye drops, one box of refresh eye drops, 2 eye shields and an instruction sheet for the medications and list of things you can and cannot do after the surgery. And I cannot wash my hair for the first 2 days. But mom say don't wash hair. Cannot say no to mom, so no gym for me the whole week. Went to Jean Yip yesterday to get my hair washed by the students. Only $5! oh well...

I think I've wrote enough for now. :D