Friday, March 02, 2007

Check this out

My dear musically inclined friends

An old friend from Uni sent me this web page...

Pls let me know if anyone can play the scores. I would very much like to learn how you play this piece and how it sound like... hee...

Thank you!

Oh, this friend also sent me another webby to check out... looks quite nicely interesting too. :D


IZ Reloaded said...

From IZ Reloaded:

I know it's only March but I'm already beginning to compile a list of things I want to receive from Santa Claus. The first on my list is Stefan Didak's home office desktop! I think I've just had an orgasm.

-- Thanks!

Stefan Didak said...

If the pictures of my home office have that effect on people maybe I should consider adding a registration panel that requires a credit card to enter and see the images. :-)