Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stress. very stress

I haven't been having time for myself. Everywhere around me is stress from all walks of life and relationships. Stress everywhere.

I wish I can a lot of money and go shoppng(retail therapy), tour(scenic onces), or move out and stay on my own.

But at the same time I cannot do it because of all whom I care so much. Sighz........ I'm always wondering, asking myself, what have I done to deserve this.

Everyone likes to nag, scold, critisize, but never like to listen properly to what I have to say. :(

Thursday, December 07, 2006

GovernmentWare 2006

As some of you may know that I was involved with an exhibition at Suntec called the Government Ware 2006 from the 21 Nov to 23 Nov. Basically it was about systems that the government use for security and other security systems. It was really quite a good experience knowing about the so many products available in the market. Good eye opener.

Before that, I went shopping with Chiawling. She was kind enough to bring me to Bugis and showed me the place where she bought some really nice blazers, nice enough for both work and play!

Here are the pictures!

Left: Our team (L to R: Ben, Me, Ramon)

Left: Peiling, a chio bu and me.
Left: Joris and Me

Left: Ramon and Joris
Of course we did our work. :P