Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sattahip 31 Oct to 10 Nov

Wooooooooooooo Been a longgggggggggg time since I last blog. I shall start with writing about my Thailand trip. As most of you know that I went to Thailand to work. Basically my colleagues and I went to Sattahip, a shipping dock to implement an RFID system there. It was ok working there, but not the weather. It was scotching HOT!!! I shall now let the pictures speak for themselves. :D

That's me outside the container. And no I wasn't trying to look cool, but the Sun is terrible! Look at the next pic!

See the heat? I'm burning there. See that well defined shadow? BLEAH.. HOT

Well, the only good thing was that we had good lunches and dinners everyday! Drooling already? :D Well, this is just part of it. :P

My cosy bed... Not the best but sleepable. :D

And this is the view of my room for 2 weeks. :)

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