Thursday, September 28, 2006

15 Sept- MOS night with colleagues

Heee... This entry is very the late... But never the less, I guess it's a little worth mentioning. Had a good time with my colleagues, but I didn't like MOS that much. The music and crowd not exactly to my liking.

Anyway, we were playing with their camera phones and as usual, I stole the pictures from Chiawling with permission. Hehehehe. As you can see, the pictures are more or less modified to her blog. I don't have the pictures lar, so no choice but to copy. :D

I thought I look quite... Good here? I don't know if she touched it up or it's just me. :P:P:P:P:P

This is the group of us who went. Clockwise: Ramon, Chiawling, Me, and Andri(Whose face is cut off)

Estee joined us later that day. But I already left when they took this second picture. :P For those who know me long enough, I'm not a night person. :D hehehehe...
Left to right: Chiawling, Estee, Andri and Ramon.

Maybe I'll go to Clarke Quay again another day. Got a lot of good restaurants there. Heee...

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