Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekends are too short!

Woke up quite early on Sat to get my salad done and all. Went to ChinaTown market which is now relocated to beside Outram MRT with my mom. We did some marketing, bought 30 prawn wantons, 30 "siew mai"s (all for my brother's chalet), fish and I forget what. Hahaha.. :P The weather is so hot! Like an oven. Geeeeeeeeeees.... Mom tapaoed some fish porridge and yam cake for lunch.

Afternoon met up with Wanxin and we just walked aimlessly around Bugis. Haha... So many things, so many nice things, but I can't wear them. Still too fat, though I'm told I've lost some weight. Sighz. Sad. Will work harder! Haha... :P Oh, I bought a pinkish-red top. Wanxin thought was really nice on me, then when I showed my parents, they had no comments. So sad. haha... :P

Sunday was another like busy day leh. Sighz. Woke up quite late, all my meals were pushed back by like 4 hours! Haha... Went out with my parents to Toa Payoh(as usual), then go see cars... Hohoho... Like no nice cars leh, maybe I'm still dreaming of my BMW. Hahahahahaha.... Anyway, we popped by Parkway to buy my Manilulur body scrub from Indonesian Jamu Shop. Sells all Indonesian stuff. The scrub is so cheap! 3 tubs for $10! It's on promotion. But even when not on promotion, it's only like $5 per tub. Yet to try it out!

Evening met up with Chewpeng. Went to NTUC, supposed to buy chocolate chip cookie ingredients, we ended up buying the ready mix. Haha.. so lazy us. :P Was not too bad lar. The first few trays were too soft and chewy that it's all broken. The second one, double chocolate chip, looks nice and good. I haven't tried them. :P Will tell you later lar. Hahahaha...

OH! Yesterday marks the end of my detox program. The results? Very much more radiant skin and 3 KG lost! WOO HOO! Hahaha... Oh well.................. Time to maintain and lose more weight to wear nicer clothes! HA!

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