Sunday, August 13, 2006

My very late birthday present

As promised... A nice whole entry for this and with pictures! My dear Wanxin gave me a.......... TADA!

Wanxin with my birthday present!

Well, she got one for herself too! A cat version. Ha! What's new about her? hehe... Cat woman. ;)

Well, you know cats and dogs don't match. They will fight! I was just trying to stop them from fighting further.. Oh well, I guess the owners got to take control. ;)

Ok, so we, the owners of our "pets", decided to make PEACE. ;) Just the two of us.

Oh, and this picture is taken for me to practice smiling without showing my teeth while I'm haivng braces. Haha.. Not that bad right? ;)

Haha.. okiez, adios for now! ;)

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