Monday, August 07, 2006


It has been sometime since I last blog. So I shall now get my lazy ass and start updating. haha.. :P

Sometime ago, about last month lar, not too long ago, I finally received my very late birthday present from my dearest best friend in my heart Wanxin. A very cute personal alarm which don't look like a personal alarm. It looks like a stuffed doggie key chain! Haha.. I will post the photo up when I'm home and not lazy. ;)

And yes! I finally took off for 2 fruitful days after my long awaited comfimation of my job. So congrats to me. ;)

I spent the 2 days celebrating my Dear's birthday! Happy birthday my Dearest. I hope you like all the presents! We spent such good quality time hunting for best deals for the present. haha.. Oh well, I enjoyed the time spent together. We then spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday on our way to Langkawi with Dearest and his family! Family outing huh. Hee.. I think I shall write on the next post or something. Am getting alittle lazy at the moment! lolz...........

Oh yah, those of you going to KL and might be interested in a goooooooooooooood massage or spa like treatment, head down to The Curve and look for the shop "Urban Retreat". It's going to be open somewhere in October! Recommended by me won't go wrong one. ;)


Lemon Grass Princess said...

ahhh! u finally talked abt my birthday present!!!!!!!

but why a short paragraph onli??? wat happened to the entry dedicated to my bdae present!!!!! sad!!!!!

nvm, i will kick mimi to vent my fustrations! Haha!!!!!

Alethea said...

hehe... It's just a short post about updates mar. Wait for me to post the cute pics. haha.. ;)