Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jog jog jog

Thurs jog, Friday jog...

Saturday: in KL! hehehe... I had a sinful weekend! I had soft shell crab for lunch, marmite crab and salted egg crab for dinner! YUMMY!!! Thanx DEAR. I feel so fat. :P

Sunday: Had ban mian for breakfast... YUMMY! Went up to Genting and went to the Mushroom farm. Rain, so stayed in the hotel a while and watched movie. :D So funny, coz we brought our own DVD and DVD player to watch movie. :P Genting Theme Park was packed! Gees... So we didn't go and play. Had a really good dinner at Gohtong Jaya. Had prawn mee cooked in Malaysian style, fish and veggies. So YUMMY again! :D At night, we to the Indoor Arcade. Wanted to go to the Indoor Theme Park for the Labour Day Promotion, only RM12 per entry after midnight, but I was too tired. :P

Monday: Morning, woke up and got dressed and we went for breakfast at the hotel. Nothing much left. Prefered the Ban MIAN. Hehe... :P Anyway, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park and wanted to take 2 roller coaster rides, but I suddenly felt like a chicken. Dare not sit. :S So ended up playing the Gold Cart. Hehe.. Very fun! Slowest racer around. :P

Had lunch at Mushroom farm before we headed for home where I got to pack and get ready to leave Malaysia. :( Watched one last movie at home before I left. Sad...

Tues: Morning-Jog for 30 mins then worked then collect my stuff in the evening.

Wed: Morning jog 30 mins. then work and went for a talk.

Thurs: Morning jog for 30 mins. Now working. Tonight got class. :D

That's all from me!

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