Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry, I misunderstood.
I'm sorry for being so petty.
I'm sorry for trying to be too perfect and become overly stressed.
I'm sorry... Forgive me.


Anonymous said...

why you torture yourself so?
I really cannot understand!

Where did that cheery, confident, and exceptionally sweet girl/ senior/ friend/ salsa chick go?

We all love you, is just you.. dont love yourself enough to realise that you're... uumm, wasting your efforts on wrong.. people? maybe?

That aside, I'd really like to share your burdun, just as your friend. Allow me that chance, at least?

Fifi said...

Cheer up. I'm behind you although I dunno wad happened.

Need someone to talk to just call ok. Or you want meet me also can. After all I just work next door to your house.

Want go chalet? 2-4 June. Just 2-3 close friends only de. Go there get away from everything. I make Clarence entertain you... :-)

Alethea said...

anonymous: Work been quite stressed, then I ended up misunderstanding simple things around me which ends up in quarrels. Oh well... I don't know who you are too. Friends will always be friends. :)

Felicia: Thanx... but my dad's coming home that weekend and we got a lot to catch up. ;) thanx for the offer! We have yet to go for coffee!