Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I should stop

Writing sad stuff... There's so much more happy stuff. Sighz... The past 2 weekends, he drove all the way down just to keep me company and to join JC friends, poly friends, my pastor friend and her gang on different occasion.

I made a good buddy happy yesterday. Pheli babe had a slight new change on her blog and she's so happy. I feel so happy too. :) That makes me feel like revamping my boring blog site too. :D

Hmm, the reason I'm jogging, yeah... partly because I want to lose some weight, but not working lar. Don't know why... But also because I will more energetic at work. If I don't jog in the morning, I feel very very tired and sleepy. So.. Yah, it's sort of a kick start to a good day.

Just so happened that I was having a bad time at work... And I want to learn so many things. I isolate myself for a while but I couldn't so I vented out frustration on innocent people. It took some time before realising it. But damage is done, everything's fine now.

Wonder why they say life is full of ups and downs? That's why lar... BLEAH

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