Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is the wrong with Singapore MAN?

First we had this Las Vegas KTV boss shot at his home in Serangoon then the recent 2 year old girl being killed by her own step father and threw her body at Aljunied Flyover and the latest a malay man got murdered at Henderson.

What is going on with these murderers? Don't they know the consequences? They know it's a crime and yet they do it. They try to run away, but come on, I think the Singapore police are not stupid. I'm quite glad to have such a justice force, they solve the case quite quickly and swiftly.

I feel so sad for the little 2 year old. So young and innocent, and have yet to experience more fun things at her age. And the KTV boss, shot when his wife and daughter in the house. How horrible is that? Sighz...

I believe that even the biggest problem that makes you feel like hurting something can be solved in a calm and diplomatic way. No need for violence. Hai... Going to continue my work now. ciaozzz

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