Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm certain that I've some talent.

I may not be the queen of salsa, but I am certainly is one in the eyes of my classmates in Uni and Poly. I feel quite sure if I were to continue, I will certainly be part of the hot people around. You know, I've stopped. And you know why.

Am now moving on to a new hobby with my girlfriends shopping and chatting and doing all the girls' stuff that guy's ain't suppose to know. And I know certainly that I have some talent in it. Am approached for some tips and advice before. Perhaps the girls think that I have some sense in colours and knowing what's best for our own pocket.

But... I don't know why I always seems so wrong for myself. I don't know what's best for myself. I always land up myself into the kind of things I LAST hope for. All I hope for is to improve myself and making myself looking like one of those beautiful people you see on the streets. I know I am not one... YET. But I'm moving towards that goal.

It would be easier for me now to support myself because I'm so blessed with beautiful and caring people around me. Got myself a good job. Dolling up and improving shouldn't be too difficult.

Yet I feel like I'm suffering. My eyes continuously feels sore, my heart feels that I will never achieve what I'm hoping for. My mind tells me that it's silly to feel that way, but how can you tell my heart not to feel that way?

I need to rest...

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Anonymous said...

my heart feels for you. you do have talent. pls do not lose yourself for others ok