Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am now not torlerant to snacks/tea

I have discovered a weird truth.

Ever since I started my "healthy" lifestyle, by eatting healthy and exercising, I am now NOT able to snack at all. The consequence? A VERY BAD STOMACH PAIN which feels like gallstone. :( I don't even know now if I'm having that.

It started with Sat, had a little light black glutinuos rice dessert (Oh Ju) with very little coconut at 4pm. Then at night, I suffered a stomach pain. It wasn't too bad as I took po chai pills. The same thing happened on Sunday, I had an indian donut, the pain came back again at night. :( Took po chai pills and everything was back to normal.

Monday. Nothing happened because I didn't snack. Tuesday. I started to have stomach pain after having some gummies at 2pm. :( Too stress started to eat a little, then pain. :( The pain got worse at night. Didn't subsize until I sleep. :(

Why why why? Am I really not able to enjoy what I use to like to eat? :( So sad. The only good thing is that I will eat less rubbish. :(

To tell you the truth, I'm scared... Really scared... :(

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