Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What did you do this Valentine?

Some dread it...
Some hate it...
Some simply LOVE it whether you're single or attached.

Before I start my studies in Melbourne, I used to go out with my best friend Wanxin and celebrate this special day together. We weren't attached then but nevertheless, we like that day a lot. We will have a meal together and buy flowers for each other and sometimes exchange presents. :D And I still keep those flowers till date. Of course the flowers have been dried. She did the same to those flowers as well. My other best friend Chewpeng, we will always exchange presents too. I never throw or give away things that are given to me. So, my collection of things has accumulated over the years.

Now that I have completed my studies and started work, it's a little more challenging to how we can keep these. Wanxin's working too. Chewpeng's studying. Chewpeng did asked for a date. And at that time I already had a date with the beautician to do something for my scars. :D OOps... We ought to meet soon. I miss those days. :D

Then my mother went to cancel it at the last minute to spend the dinner with me. :D So mother and daugther went out on a Valentine's dinner. :D We had pomfret steamboat. Was not that fantastic. We ordered a yam basket too but tasted like yucks. :S Maybe we ordered the wrong thing. :S

Before we left the steamboat restaurant, we met our neighbour with her son. :D Seems like the singles valentine were well spent with parents. Hehe... I love it.

The thing that made my day was an early morning msg from my dearest dearie. Went to the office with a happy feeling and later feeling SO SO So tired.... :S The programming for the day had kill some of my brain cells. :D You see, I'm a lousy programmer. Still learning. And so much more to learn.

Oh, one nice thing happened yesterday too. Left office half an hour later to see how my collegues start up the system, which I had a small part in, in my boss' laptop. Was a nice feeling. My boss said if the system is able to set up in his laptop, he would demo it in HK today to their potential client. Sounds good right? :D

Though Dearie couldn't spend Valentine with me on the actual day, he made up by coming over the weekend to spend a preValentine which I enjoyed very much. Had a simple dinner, walked around AMK, esplanade and East Coast. And later did what we enjoyed most... Watching a movie at home together. Hee...

Oh well, better get back to work. ;)

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