Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weekend was good

I know it's a little late to update about the weekend. But I guess it's better late than never.

Well, Saturday was really a hectic day. Well, not really hectic lar... Woke up at 9am, and went for a swim from 9.10am till 9.50am. Hopefully some calories were burnt. Had a light brunch and waited for dad to view houses starting from 2pm. Had a little hoo haa during this time... Eye sores etc...

Dad liked a place at Balmoral and I personally feel that it's an exclusive residential area but not exactly to my liking because the MRT is still not within walking distance. Have to take a bus down to Orchard. :( So... Anyway, the places that we saw were all around the area. The price is quite a rocket and I felt that it was not worth. It's not near market nor MRT. Finish viewing at almost 4++++pm.

Went home to rest and talk to someone special. Going to KL this Friday. :D Don't say again. :P Anyway, I met my dear JC sisters, Kaili, Doreen and Yana. We had dinner together at Breeks. Food was not too bad. Had individual presents from Yana to make it a sisterly necklance. :D And had present from Doreen, belated Xmas. *faints* :D Walked around AMK, bought girly stuff. Was so nice meeting them again. :D

Sunday was a more hectic day. Though woke up at 9am, was not enough for the marketing at 9.30am till almost 10.20am to view another house at 10.30am and went to look at other house. Love the concept of an apartment at Lincoln Road, but was too small and too expensive. :(

Attend a meeting with my parents, and continued the journey to looking at house again in the evening. BIG PLACE, but hell loads of renovation to do if we were to move in. :( No perfect place. Sad...

Ah... that's the weekend lar...

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