Friday, February 03, 2006


Right, I haven't been updating for sometime now. Just in case some of you are wondering where I am now, I'm right now in my office in Singapore. Yes, I found a job and it is my 3rd day of work here. I'm doing programming... As if I'm not sick of it in uni and poly days. Haha.. Anyway, it's a job, so just take it lar! hehehe I might do marketing after sometime of programming. See how things goes first.

Anyway, currently, my dearie is in Singapore with his parents for the CNY holidays. We went out as a family for dinner on Wednesday and yesterday. Couldn't join them in the day because of work. :S Malaysia has he whole week off. So lucky right? :( Anyway, I will be gong up to KL tonight and will be back on Sunday night.

So... here's just a short update lar. I'm really sleepy now. :P

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