Thursday, February 09, 2006

I shall just leave the title blank. Don't know what title to put also.

I'm just feeling depressed today. Seems like whatever I do is NEVER right or make my parents happy. In a way, I'm feeling useless and stupid.

At work, I feel so DARN dumb. :( Seems like I'm a very slow programmer compared to the other programmer in the team.

Seems like I didn't regain any confidence at all over these years. The fear of losing and failing is still there. :(

On the bright side, Dearie is coming over this weekend to spend an early valentine. Well, that's my happy thoughts and something that makes me feel good.


jelly said...

gan ba teh =p tjun tjun got miss me or not ? wakakaka eppy cny and valentine kisses wit u and tjun tjun wakaka

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