Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm home

Right, I haven't been blogging for a long time. In summary of what I have been doing. 18 Dec night, touched down in Singapore with my family. Met up with Phelicia and Wanxin before I left for KL on the 22 Dec morning. Went up with Chewpeng and had the train ride together with her sister Chew Ting.

Spent hot and romantic Christmas in Penang with him, spend most of my time with his family all in different shopping malls. Hee... And no I didn't shop a lot. Firstly, I didn't bring a lot of money, so bought a pair of shoes for new year and his mom gave me 2 tops as gifts.

Spend New Year's eve with his friends at his friend's new house. I would say it's a nice clean gathering lar. Not something very weird. I like it. Came back on 3 Jan and attend Kam's wedding, who is now in honey moon at Cairns, on the 4th.

The first thing I did when I came home was to pack my house. It's in a mess. To make things worse, my brother had crashed the computer system. Seems like cannot really fix the problem. Sighz.. My computers just won't listen to what I what it to do. So sian sian sian... :(

My house has no furnitures now. I'm almost done with my room. Can start meeting up with more friends. hee...

Have to send my resume to companies soon also. NO money! Sad..................

Anyway, the up side is DEARie is coming to Singapore! I'm happy happy happy! haha... :P

Ok lar, I want to wash up and watch TV. Will try to blog soon.

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