Sunday, October 09, 2005

Everyone is marrying!

I'm sitting here in a boring room,
It's just another sunny Sunday morning,
I'm wasting my time I got nothing to do,
I'm hanging around, I'm waiting for you,
But nothing ever happens,
And I wonder...

Haha... Ok, enough of half lyrics of Lemon tree. Gees, such an old song. :p The fact I have a lot to do, it's just early in the day... Just have to solve the server problem.

Right right, back to the topic. I was reading Xiaxue's blog and she mentioned that she attended a wedding. Hmmm... In June, my best cousin got married... Last month, my housemate's best friend got married and the bride is only 23. Hmmm... This Nov, another of my cousin is getting married. Coming January, my poly buddy (yes Kam Kam, I'm refering to you...), is getting married. Gees... Haha... Is this year for a year of marriage? Hee... Oh and Luther and Adeline are engaged! No date set for the bells yet. Hee... Wow wow...

I'm just so excited for everyone! So sad I couldn't attend my both cousins' wedding. Kam! don't worry, I'll attend yours with my other half. :D Luther and Adeline too. That is if I am not furthering my studies during your big day! :D Am still seriously thinking about it. Too lazy to further at the moment. No money too. :S

I just want to congratulate all! Excited and happy... Ah... I don't know why I'm blogging... Just so happen lah. hee... :p


Anonymous said...

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[m@r!e] said...

Hey!!! Forget about Xiaxue lah. She's no feminist. Bet she doesn't know the different feminist schools of thoughts. I mean, she might think that she is one. But well, she's not qualified lah. She's just a pompous ass bitch! Hee~ As you can see, I don't like her! LoL~

Read blinkymummy's blog or Rockson's blog. Rockson's one is funny. Blinkymummy's one is more personal to a certain extend lah. =) Hee!~