Sunday, September 18, 2005

University Friends/Friends from Melbourne

Ok, why I chose to write about them first? That's because it's the Mid Autumn Festival and I have been invited to events organised by my friends here for 3 consecutive days. And in appreciation, I will write about them.

Friday, I was invited by Raymond to attend their celebration by OCF (Overseas Chiristian Fellowship) group. There were many people who attended. Back to the gang, who made living in Melbourne so fun... Too fun that I have to control myself. Haa... To a certain extend, disappoint them for some events too due to my heavy school work. But they are understanding people, always there for support. Oh, and they are, Raymond, Tricia, Mel, Eunice, Jojo, Siong Yin, Edwin, Yih Hong Liying (Yih Hong's sister)(don't really know them well. OH well..) Lawrence and Tutty(new friend). These are the Singapore gang. Thanx guys!

From OCF, I also got to know Clement and Elaine! Elaine is like a big sister to me. Hee... Very chatty.

Saturday, met up with the Singapore gang again for Melbourne Showground. Gees, the entrance fee increased from last year, $8 to $15! Oh well, the rides were cheaper. From $8-10 to $5-6? So, I guess it's ok lah... Hmmm....

Oh, and I attended another event organise by my good buddy's, Janice, temple. Also in celebration of the Mid Autumn festival. It was nice, peaceful and traditional. There was a mini play about the festival. A little comical though. Very funny. And for the first time in a year, I ate the BEST MUAH CHEE. Yummy. I only had one piece lah. hehe... Trying to lose weight mah... And during these 2 days, I only ate 1/4 of a mooncake. Sighz... I want the snow skin one. Anyone wanna send me some? :( But no yolk please. hehehe... *hint hint*

There are other people who made uni life a little more interesting. Like Joe, Jonathon, and Kengwei.. My e-commerce group mates. Interesting people lah. Know them yourself. :D

Also, there are the people I know during Orientation. Like Nink (where are you?), KC (a very cheery girl...), Raymond, Alan, Jason, Dexter, Joe(once again), Aaron, Merry, Jonathon(another Jonathon), Cipta, Aleem. From here, there's Alan, Jason, Dexter and Lawrence (another Lawrence) who became Dearie's IE groupmates.

My IE group mates! Liza, Huifen, Lauren. They are a fun batch. But we're just too stressed at the moment with the stupid project.

Then there is my dear Erandhi. My partner during one of my subjects. Very hardworking girl!

During network technology, I also got to know Richard. A guy who signed on with the army. Sheesh...

And my ITPM groupmates! Erin, Jean, Maya, and Janice(once again!). Enjoyed doing the projects together and hanging out! Haha... Girls power! :D :p

From Janice I also know Eric, her partner for web technology.

My housemates, both the old and the new. Soumya! Ika! Nanta! Shazie! Lili! Elsie! Aaron(another Aaron) hehe... They made my life much more not so lonely when I'm at home. Having girls talk especially with Soumya. hee.. And the new housemates, Renping and Cindy. Again making the house not so lonely too. And haha.. they got a really naughty little puppy, Heidi! I think if you're a regular reader for my blog, you would have seen her. Hee... Oh, Heidi grew already. Fat already. haha From Cindy I got to know Adele and her sister too! :)

And of course I leave the best for the last. My DEARIE... My DEARIE BABY. My housemate, my world, my best friend, my world, my everything! Eh, I think I've said enough. Before I make anyone have goosebumps. hehe...

Love you guys!

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