Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sick sick...

I have been sick since Friday already... Had a bad sore throat (as in when I swallow my saliva, it hurts) and felt cold and weak throughout my body. Mom, Janice and Dearie said that I was going to have a fever. Ok... Janice taught me a remedy, eat 2 oranges with some salt. Well, the fever didn't come, but the sore throat didn't go. And it continued throughout the weekend. But luckily it wasn't so bad on Sunday when my client came over for a meeting.

After the meeting, had a simple meal with Huifen and Liza. Liza brought vegetarian sausages. I prepared "chick kut teh", stir fry veggies with dried scallops, sausage omellete. Liza helped with the cooking while Huifen did the washing after that. So touched! They stayed till about 9pm talking about girls stuff. Nice... :D

Been talking to mom and Dearie everyday too. Miss all. Can't wait to go home soon.

Shit... Pls pray that I recover soon. Need to finish up the damn programming. Hai... Pulling it off for too long. :S

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