Thursday, September 08, 2005

Meeting up with an old friend.

Haha... Ok Marie, you're in my blog this time. :p

Anyway, I met up with Marie for lunch yesterday, after being attacked by the flu bug the day before. Marie's hug was so warm! Nice girly hugs. Hee...

We decided to go to Clayton for lunch since I was quite bored of Caulfield's food, and moreover I don't know Clayton well. Went to the campus cafe at one of the libraries, which I forgot the name. Haha... Sorry man, Clayton is just tooooo BIG for me. :P I had some grilled fish with chips while she had carbonara torqilla? Did I get that right? Hehe... Was simple but NICE. =)

Went over to her place after that to hang out for a while. Been a long time since we last met? Hmmm in Dec when we were back in Singapore? Hehe... Yeah... Was fun hanging out and gossiping about a certain someone whom I shall not name. Too... Hmmm I don't know what's the nice word to DESCRIBE that certain girl... Sheesh, that girl, whom I don't know and haven't met, is out of my world and I don't wish to be associate with her.

We talked about Marie's lessons on Tuesday at Caulfield and how she could stay over at my place overnight then she can go for her Wednesday lessons which is also in Caulfield. :D Company and more girly talks.

Before I left, Marie did a little henna for my on my right hand. Pretty indiany hand. :D Dearie was like, "How come like that one?" Hee... Don't worry my love, it's not permenant.

Hehe... I know my hand isn't exactly very beautiful or smooth, but yah, it's the pretty design you have to see yah? Sweet!

Couldn't stay long because I had to meet Janice. She need to scan somethings at my place. But also couldn't stay long, had to meet lecturer and I wanted to talk to Dearie over skype for a while before I go for my night class. Hee...

When I came back, Dearie and I chatted until he went out, and I fell asleep. I miss you Dearie. Always have. I love you. Counting down to the days we meet!


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