Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm a happy girl

I know the title is a little odd. Then I realised that I'm truely a happy girl in a way.

Lets see... Despite all the unhappy things that had happened before which are all short lived and died, and they are nothing to worry nor think about as all of it are the past. A person should always look forward to the future and learn things about life that the school doesn't teach you.

I have a wonderful happy family who are always 100% there for me through the thicks and thins. No doubt we are physically far apart from each other, I can feel their presence here through the support they give me here while I study my ass off. And of course, my mother's ever so often phone calls make me miss home even more.

I have a wide circle of friends.

My dearest BEST friends! Wanxin, Chewpeng and Cuilin. All from different group of people. But all knows me from the inside. Thank you for being there even when I'm in Australia and for listening to my nonsense.

My dearest girlfriends that I keep in touch with from my SCGS days. Namely Chewpeng, Chin Fee, Deborah and Stephenie. I treasure our friendship very much. I never forget my SCSG juniors from NCC which are too many to mention. And of course how can I ever forget my great pal Charmaine who is now a pastor, and letting me meet other great people like Su, Yvonne, Sean, Zi ying etc... And Jo Ann! Where the hell are you? :S

My junior college friends! They are always there if I call them. Hee... I so bad to only keep in touch with only the girls like Kaili, Tricia Tock, Felica, Doreen, Evon. The guys? Haha... I guess we will meet only when Shi hui is around. Don't really keep in touch with them. :S

My other NCC friends, most of whom I have lost in touch with. The closer ones are KFC who is happily attached to my junior Elaine and Eric. The rest? I don't know where are you now. :)

Friends I made and built during my polytechnic days. And the gang that we have foster through thick and thin and that when there's a class gathering, it's no doubt that the 4 girls including TYC will be there. No doubt about that. The girls, we're like a bit gang of sisters, especially Cuilin who's always listening to my crap on MSN even I'm so far away. I miss finding fashion and sitting down and talking about nothing with a nice cup of ice blended mocha from coffeebean. I definitely miss those KTC sessions!

My salsa friends! Who never fails to make life more exciting. People like PHELICIA! (my pinky babe!) Chin Fee(once again, now the salsa hot babe), Deborah (my primary school friend since god knows when. :D), Soong Fee (I don't know where to place you man... Salsa or SCGS? HAHAHA...), Eddie, Boon Cheong, Felicia, Clarence, Biaoda, Gary, Adeline and the salsa prince Luther! I miss those times where we will hang out even not during salsa times.

Sheesh, I guess my friends' list never ends.... Of course I have my friends from Uni! Janice, Liza, Huifen, Lauren... I don't really regard you as just my IE(Industrial Experience) project groupmates, but my friends! I hope you too regard me as one. I'm so happy to have Janice who is always there to be my listening ear. Want to let you know that I treasure our friendship a lot. Of course there's the Singapore gang, namely Tricia(hot babe too!), Eunice(Sweetie pie), Mel(Cool chick), Lawrence(Uncle), Raymond(THE MAN.. HAHAHA), Edwin(Eh... what? :D) and Jojo(Cutey!). One crazy bunch... too crazy to handle sometimes... and of course among us girls, there will always be the girly things... and Tricia with good hair tips for me! :D Erm, the Malaysian gang will include Jason, Alan, Dexter, Lawrence, Aaron, Raymond... erm, you know who you are... And of course Merry! My dear orientation group leader. Thank goodness you're there, if not I will be the only girl in the IT faculty during orientation. hehe...

My housemates? For making days not so lonely during my lonely days. :D Since Dearie left or Malaysia... :)00000000000000 My ex housemate Soumya! I miss our little girl's chat, watching tv together, cooking nonsense and listening to music and hanging out in each other's room. :D

And of course... The love of my life... Dearie.... There are always good times and not so good times. But I love you none-the-less. I'm happy that we found each other. It feels like as if it was destined. :) *muacks*

I'm sure I didn't mention everyone's names... Because there's simply too many of you! Yeah, you can complain to me... :) Oh... I realised some of my friends are repeated in another group of friends and most are girls! :D

To all who makes me a happy girl... *BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Wow. you sound like the alethea I knew again :)
- SgFren -

Alethea said...

I'm always here. Just that there are always days when I'm down. And perhaps I always like to blabber out those things. Just like everyone else, we have our down moments. Sometimes, I just think that I should linger too long on the downs and look at the brighter side so that life is much more worth living for.

I'm trying to love my life.