Saturday, September 10, 2005

I apologise for not mentioning all

So basically, my friends' list is not what I wrote previously. As I said there are too many of you. Hehe... Anyway, this entry is for Joe, Jonathon and Keng Wei. They are my e-commerce groupmates as well. AND THEY ALWAYS BULLYING ME! Poor me... DEARIE... WHERE ARE YOU? :(

Haha... Ok, they are just a bunch of funny guys lah... which makes meeting for e-commerce a little not so tense and lazy. Haha... :P

I have been very curious about some topics these days. It's perhaps that I'm growing up bah. Maybe will post it up some day... hee... for now... I shall sit back and relax (yeah right), and work my ARSE off again.

Tennis and swimming tomorrow! Time for some fats burning sessions.

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