Saturday, September 03, 2005


I have always wonder what's death is like. Like some people say, it ends a lot of misery. I wonder if it would work for me too.

I'm just all alone in my big bed, in a big bed room, with all the wonderful memories.
Can't fall asleep. Loneliness fills up the empty spaces, and there are many empty spaces.
I'm being ignore and not heard.
So many friends surround me and I appreciate it.
Nothing can help me in how I'm feeling now.
Stress, hurt, upset, lost.

I just wanna sleep forever without any worries in this world.
The world is not fair even when you put in the best to achieve happiness and sometimes at the expense of your own.
I'm just so useless and lost.
I'm just low confidence and an ugly pig.
I often envy many who never got attached before or who found someone and are so happy with them despite whatever past.
Does the past counts in the present?
Yeah, I suppose to a great extend, no matter how much effort you put in.

All alone in Australia Melbourne.
I wanna go home.
Get a job.
And earn enough money.
Then die.

That's a good goal ahead. No worries about anything else except my family who loves me dearly.


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Alethea said...

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