Thursday, September 01, 2005

28 August 2005

Our first year anniversary. Spent the afternoon doing sweet nothing and crapping. Went for a nice and luxurious dinner at Crown, Sante's buffet. Walked around boring, peaceful and quiet Melbourne. Seeing youngsters roaming the streets scares me. Decided to go home and make egg tarts for one last time before he depart for Malaysia on Monday night.

Was funning making the egg tarts again. This time we made the crust thinner and made more fillings. Turned out nice and sweet made with lots of love. Simple lovely things make us happy. Who says a romantic candle light dinner is a must?

29 August

Well, I had stupid lessons which lasted the WHOLE DAY. That makes me have less time with Dearie. Ate out for dinner Made sweet things for each other and spending quality time.

30 August

Dearie went for interview at Arrow on Swantson. I think it went not too bad, except that Dearie was nervous. Got asked to go for a second interview.

Had a cheap $3.90 crispy chicken rice. Went around city to buy gifts for Dear's friend back home. Dearie bought me a Penguin soft toy for me to hug to sleep. And in return I bought him a box of Darrell Lee chocolates.

Rented a Nissan Pulsar to drive Dear to the airport later. Picked Jason up, drove around Carnegie because of Jason, burn more petrol... BLEAH... Went home to pack dear's things. Then pack the stuff into the car. Went for dinner at Derby Thai. I had chilli fried rice while dearie had fried rice.

Went home to rest... Dearie and I spent the last half hour together. And I cried. BLEAH... Picked Maya up and Dearie drove to the airport.

At the airport, Jason secretly took our photo. Ok, then later we pose for a picture. Then he took a picture with Maya.

Had a little time before it was time for him to go in. We just hugged, he told me not to cry, be strong, 3 months will pass very fast and we will meet again to go for holiday together. Tell me how not to cry? Eyes were already fast filling up with tears.

Then it was finally for Dear to go to the plane. Eyes were filled with tears and stupid Jason told me not to cry. Suddenly when the door shut behind dearie, I just wanted to pour all out, then Maya patted me on the back. Suddenly, I remembered I had to drive home. Stopped myself from crying.

Maya said she wanted to eat something since she haven't had dinner. Went to McDonalds to try the new Cajun McNuggets. Maya said that it was not bad. Spicy. Hmmm... I didn't have the mood to eat.

Drove Maya home. Then drove home to an empty house. Got into my big empty room and my eyes started to pour like rain. Tried to hug all the soft toys to sleep but none is nice compared to the real thing. Suddenly felt pain in the stomach, took the po chai pills Dearie left behind. And slept.

31 August

My first day without Dearie. So lonely. Poured again. So used to seeing him sleeping beside me and still sleeping. Woke up and see all the soft toys sleeping. Tidied the bed. Bathed... Then suddenly my phone rang! Dearie called! So happy to hear him. Time of call about 9.20am. He arrived safely in Malaysia and was on his way home. Reception was bad. Had to hang up. Took the car out, return library books. Went to Carnegie to buy fruits and veggies and some chicken and fish.

Came home, had lunch, then went out to return the car. After returning the car. Took the train home. Sat at our favourite seat. Sighz... The feeling is so different. Loneliness, no warmth, no hugs. Sighz...

Reached home and had to go to uni for meeting. Then went for lessons. Then went for meeting again. Then suddenly had this painful feeling in my stomach. Must be the Derby Thai food. Had the same feeling the night before after eating it.

Came home. Mom called. chatted for 1 hour plus. Then I had my simple dinner. Then took the po chai pills again. Then called Dearie. Webcam with his family. hee... Showed the bed, the room and the soft toys.


Not much happening yet I suppose. Cleared the recycled stuff from the kitchen. Empty the rubbish, pushed out the bins for collection tomorrow. Chatting with Dearie, web camming now. Ate egg tart for breakfast. Having herbal chicken soup for lunch and dinner. Then programming for the rest of the day I guess.

Dearie... I miss you every single milliseconds.

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