Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Anyway in for a hakka song? hehe... http://www.mzmap.net/music/Player.Asp?MusicID=524&Url=200571974612561.mp3

This morning was a really terrible morning. I woke up twice because of stomach pains. First at 2am, coughing and wanting to vomit badly. Couldn't sleep and was lying on the bed in a crouching position like a tiger. This time, I knew it was not gastric because I already taken my gastric pill after dinner after feeling something weird in the stomach area. Didn't want to take any more medicines. Went to the toilet and tried to puke. Squat at the WC, almost fell in the toilet. Almost wanted to sleep at the toilet too. Until I couldn't take it anymore, Dearie gave me a bottle of "Po Chai" Pills. Felt a little better and fell asleep.

But the pain came back at 5.40am! This time, I was in really great pain. Went to the toilet again to puke, nothing came out. Went back to the room, took the plastic bag, and started to vomit a little. Took the po chai pills again. Slept until... Dearie left for school.

Lets just say I got a weak stomach. Prone to gastric, stomach pains etc...

Had sushi for lunch. According to Mommy, bad choice. Sushi rice was cold. Not so good for stomach. To think that it was not oily. Hai! BLeah... Bumbed into Mel and Eunice. Felt so good to see them. But couldn't talk much, had to catch the bus. Accompanied Dearie to Clayton to check out the migration agent recommended by his client, but could only make an appointment. Oh well...

Rained in the afternoon. Best for naps. And SHIT... Programming not completed. HAI... I hate my life this semester.

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chinfee said...

aye.. take care... doesnt sound good at all!