Monday, August 15, 2005

Portuguese Egg Tarts Anyone?

It was one fine Sunday. And I was just packing up the room while Dearie surf the Internet as usual. Then he stumble upon a website showing you how to make various food and was so excited about eating egg tarts.

I too got excited and said we shall make it "today". So we went to the supermarket and got the thigns that we need to make the tarts.

Bought the muffin tray, eggs, cream cheese. Paid for it and immediately went home to start work.

First, we made the egg filling. It is made up of 1.5 cup of full cream milk, 4 eggs, half cup of coarse sugar, all beat up and well mixed.

The filling Posted by Picasa

The crust is made up of 1.5 cups of plain flour, 250 grams of butter, 3/4 stick of Philly cream cheese. Do the rub-in method and make it into a dough. Divided it equally into 12 small balls and put them into the muffin tray and use your fingers to make the crust shape.

The crust Posted by Picasa

Then it's time to fill up the tarts!

Dearie filling up the crust Posted by Picasa

Finally the work is complete...

Work completed Posted by Picasa

Time to bake the tarts!!! Yummy....

Into the oven Posted by Picasa

Bake the tarts at 190 degree celcius until cook like what we have here! Tada!~

Fresh from the oven Posted by Picasa

Let the egg tarts cool down and the filling will subside.

Onto the plate Posted by Picasa

It was the best egg tarts ever. Haha... Coz it was made with love. :P

The normal egg tarts may be next! Hehe...


valkylie said...

looks absolutely tasty!!

Anonymous said...

You have given a detailed explanation with many pics. Love it. will try this one day.