Sunday, August 07, 2005

Honey Baby's birthday!

Well, this entry is really quite LATE... But better late than never!

Celebrated baby's hatchday on Wednesday. Made the gingerbread man dough the night before because it requires to be set down before putting the dough in for baking!

Woke up quite late in the morning and had a really simple lunch and I sat down to make the gingerbread man. Haha, I dare not take the picture of the dough before it went to the oven. It sure looks ugly and not appetising. Hehe... Looked like a GHOST! Hahaha...

We went out for dinner after my night class with some of his good buddies, namely Alan, Jason and KengWei. Was Alan's birthday the day before. Oh well, celebrated together lah. :) Went to Link Control, a cafe along Swanson Street and met Henry and a Shanghainese guy(forgot the name) :P Had Hot Mocha and hot chocolate and let the boys catch up while I sat there like a little girl trying to breath between smokers. Yeah, if you guys know, I am allergic to smoke. :)

Anyway, back to the MAIN THING... I made a few Gingerbread Men... And it came out like this!

Gingerbread family! Posted by Picasa

Haha, I didn't intentionally make 2 big ones and 2 small ones. I made the one on the left first, followed by the one 2nd from the right. Felt that the first one was quite a disaster, so modified a little and out came the 2nd one.

The skinny boy, 2nd from the left was my 3rd gingerbread man. A little too skinny according to Dearie. The last one, on the right, is suppose to be gingerbread devil... But dearie, and even Cuilin thought that it looked more like Gingerbread bear. BLEAH... ok, at least I tried... I gave up making shapes and started to make cookies with the rest of the dough. :)

Fresh from the Oven! Posted by Picasa

Putting the buttons in Posted by Picasa

And hey! It takes some skills to put in the buttons before the cookies becomes nice and crunchy!

Nicely Done! Posted by Picasa

Hungry anyone??? hehehe....

Into the box for crispiness! Yummy... Posted by Picasa

Yeah... I still got the cookies left. So fresh, so nice... wah hahahaha... Who cares if it's out of shape? It's DELICIOUS. Oh, the Gingerbread family is still intact. Cannot bear to "kill them" hehe... :P

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yingyi said...

hey alethea! pheli's sister here! i saw your pictures of the gingerbread man on your blog and i couldnt resist telling you how yummy they look i wish i could pluck one out of the monitor! hahahahhaa. (: